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#ATC20214 Gender Diversity, Inspiring Change


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Building on this years’ International Women’s Day theme of Inspiring Change, Kelly Quirk, Chief Executive Officer, Harrier Human Capital, presented on gender diversity across the global and Australian landscapes, focusing on the need for change and the need for positive, progressive strategies to engage, recruit and retain women in leadership and business.

You can see a graphic facilitation of this session on pinterest here

Photos from the conference can be found here

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#ATC20214 Gender Diversity, Inspiring Change

  1. 1. Gender Diversity, Inspiring Change Presented by Kelly Quirk & Rabia Siddique
  3. 3. 1 BILLION WOMEN are anticipated to enter the WORKFORCE In the next 10 YEARS 552 MILLION WOMEN joined the GLOBAL WORKFORCE 1980-2008
  4. 4. 40% 40% of global workforce are WOMEN 5%of Fortune 500 CEOs are WOMEN 5% FORTUNE 500
  5. 5. WOMEN IN 2014
  6. 6. 60%Globally 60% OF ALL DEGREES conferred are TO WOMEN TWO THIRDS of the world’s 880 MILLION illiterate adults are WOMEN Girls make up more than 70%of the 125 MILLION CHILDREN who don’t have access to schooling
  7. 7. Of all 34 OECD countries, Australia has the HIGHEST ATTAINMENT rate for women in TERTIARY EDUCATION. Despite this, Australia has the SECOND LOWEST participation of WOMEN IN SENIOR LEADERSHIP roles in the workforce, behind only Japan.
  8. 8. SOUTH AFRICA4 MINUTES...THAT’S HOWOFTEN A WOMANIS RAPED INTHIS COUNTRY. Shockingly women are 3 TIMES more likely to be raped than get an education.
  9. 9. 82%of female employees surveyed consider diversity, equality and workforce inclusion MORE IMPORTANT than financial remuneration
  10. 10. 53% of women believe employers rarely MEET EXPECTATIONS in terms of DIVERSITY Companies TALK THE TALK but Executive Leaders rarely WALK THE WALK
  11. 11. AUSTRALIA… Women are on average paid 17%LESSthan men The average gender pay gap between full time employees is 32% Financial Services 30% Healthcare 26% Professional Services 21% Resource and Mining
  12. 12. AMERICAARIZONA STATE IS SEEKING TO DENY FEMALE EMPLOYEES THE RIGHT TO BIRTH CONTROL via their corporate health insurance policy for ethical reasons
  13. 13. A study of Fortune 500 businesses showed... 1% INCREASE in GENDER DIVERSITY resulted in a 3% INCREASE in SALES REVENUE
  14. 14. 47% higher RETURN ON EQUITY & 55% increase in EBIT Fortune 500 companies with FEMALE executive committee representation in the top quartile achieved 47% higher RETURN ON EQUITY & 55% increase in EBIT
  15. 15. 3%of ASX200 chairs & 2% of CEOs are female 15.8%of ASX 200 board positions were held by women 25%of companies do not have a woman on their board
  16. 16. including 68% of new cars & 51% of consumer electronics to name just a few… 66% of computers Women in Australia make 83% of all consumer purchases and control $20 trillion dollars globally of consumer spend
  17. 17. Kelly Quirk Chief Executive Officer Harrier Human Capital
  18. 18. International Women's Day - Inspiring Change
  19. 19. “What I am absolutely confident of is it will be easier for the next female leader and the woman after that and the woman after that. And for that I'm proud.” Julia Gillard 27th Prime Minister of Australia
  20. 20. Rabia Siddique Criminal & Human Rights Lawyer West Australian Police
  21. 21. “Be the change that you want in this world” Mahatma Gandhi
  22. 22. Gender Diversity Inhibitors to progress
  23. 23. Inhibitors to progress •  Prevailing leadership style within executive and middle management teams •  Corporate culture •  Diversity in leadership behaviours & communication •  Lack of awareness by executive leaders of barriers to success •  Unconscious bias Source: McKinsey Analysis (2003). Transformational, Transactional and Laissez-Faire Leadership Styles
  24. 24. Inhibitors to progress •  Anywhere, anytime performance model •  Self confidence and belief •  Sufficient time for change and transformation agenda •  Poor implementation and long-term sustainability of diversity strategy •  No glass ceiling but a leaky pipeline…
  25. 25. The leaky pipeline, stage by stage Source: McKinsey (2012).Woman Matter: Making the breakthrough
  26. 26. Gender Diversity Strategies for success
  27. 27. Strategies for Success •  Shareholders •  Target v quotas •  CEO commitment to inclusion culture •  Corporate culture •  Role models •  Collective enablers •  Flexible working •  Regular communications •  Entry level hiring Corporate Ecosystem
  28. 28. The Business Case Performance Benefits Enhanced & broader leadership style and skills Access to wider talent pool Improved staff retention Increased efficiency & productivity Strategic Benefits More appropriate reflection of consumer decision maker Heightened community engagement Business sustainability A signal of a better company VALUETOCUSTOMERS TIME Financial Benefits Increased return on equity Increases EBIT Lower negative gearing Improved corporate governance Reduced risk profile
  29. 29. “The leadership quality we are all born with in life is a back bone, it’s only through humility that we develop the wish and funny bone to complement it” Oscar Wilde
  30. 30. ?
  31. 31. Thank you