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Trentino research system feb 2016


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The Trentino research and development system

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Trentino research system feb 2016

  1. 1. Aggiornamento ottobre 2016 PUBLIC RESEARCH INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH The Trentino higher education and research system
  2. 2. RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE HUB HIGH QUALITY SCHOOLS Humanities and Technical Schools For training more specialised students and high level technicians # TOP ranking in OCSE MATH: Trentino 524 vs Italy 485 (average) SCIENCE: Trentino 533 vs Italy 494 (average) READING: Trentino 521 vs Italy 490 (average) Strong Investments in FOREIGN Languages 38 billion in 2014/2020 For creating a trilingual Trentino (Italian, English, German) # TOP ranking University 10 departments 3 centres 15 doctoral schools 586 professors and researchers Bruno Kessler Foundation 2 hubs 7 research centers Over 400 researchers Edmund Mach Foundation 1000 students 5 departments 200 researchers Museum of Natural Science - MUSE 46 researchers PUBLIC INVESTMENT IN PRIVATE RESEARCH Private-Public Partnership High investments in R&D, with collaboration among Enterprises and Research Institutions Smart Specialisation Focus Investments focus on 4 areas of specialisation: Mechatronics, Quality of Life, Green and Clean and Agrifood Technological transfer HUB to promote and enhance research results and innovation HIGH QUALITY RESEARCH CENTERS AND UNIVERSITY
  3. 3. Mechatronics Agrifood Tourism, Culture, Sport and Free Time Smart Cities and Communities Health and Wellbeing Quality of Life Green & Clean Green Clean Fotonics Advanced Manifacturing Advanced Materials Micro nano-elett. ICT Leading KET Nanotech. Industrial Biotechnologies Landscape preservation Medium Low Technology in Trentino High Where is Trentino investing? 4 areas of Smart Specialisation Strategy
  4. 4. Investments in Research & Development in Trentino PUBLICR&D INVESTMENTS Source: ISPAT 2013 PERCENTAGE OF GDP 0,96% PERSONNEL 7,2 per 1000 capital PRIVATE PERCENTAGE OF GDP 0,83% PERSONNEL 2,9 per 1000 capital Trentino and Italian Regions: Investments in R&D as a percentage of GDP * Percentage of GDP Trentino 1,84% * Italy 1,29% * UE27 2,11% Target UE2020 3% Investments in R&S in Italy and in Europe * Source: ISPAT 2013 * Source:ISTAT 2011 Investments in Research & Development in Trentino Trentino is one of the Italian Region that is more investing in R&D
  5. 5. EU research and development funding: Statistics & Results of Seventh Framework Programme (2007/2013) ICT: 143 projects, over 50,5 M€ ERC: 17 grants, over 20 M€ Marie Curie (Mobility for Researchers): 44 grants, over 14,5 M€ FP7-ICT ERC PEOPLE-MARIE CURIE 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 TRENTINO ITALY EUROPE Source: APRE, “Smart Specialisation Strategy”: una prospettiva quantitativa della partecipazione regionale nei programmi R&I (7PQ ) Trentino, Italy and Europe: performance in FP7 (€/inhabitants)
  6. 6. FP7-ICT FP7-HEALTH FP7-FOOD FP7-ENV. FP7-ENERGYFP7-TRANSPORT FP7SECURITY 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 TRENTINO ITALY Source: APRE, “Smart Specialisation Strategy” (SSS3): una prospettiva quantitativa della partecipazione regionale nei programmi R&I (7PQ) Programme # project M€ ICT 143 50,5 HEALTH 15 5,8 FOOD 9 1,9 ENVIRON. 9 1,7 TRANSPORT 7 1,5 ENERGY 4 1,6 SECURITY 1 0,7 Performance in FP7 per area (number of projects and budget) EU research and development funding: Statistics & Results of Seventh Framework Programme (2007/2013) Trentino & Italy: Performance in FP7 per area (€/inhabitant)
  7. 7. Map of the Research in Trentino Entrepreneurial, training and knowledge center 590 professors and researchers Edmund Mach Foundation Agricultural and Environmental Pole 200 researchers/technicians Bruno Kessler Foundation ICT Pole, Materials, Human sectors over 400 researchers Natural Science 46 researchers EIT ICT Labs 50 researchers Center for neuroscience and cognitive systems
  8. 8. The Trentino Research System: field of Research Environment Biotechnology ICT Space Materials Neuroscience Mechatronics - Sustainable production Technologies - Tecnologies for Environmental management - Nutrigenomics - Biotechnologies - Food Quality and Nutrition - Human Tecnopole - Smart Cities and Communitie - Health - Big Data - Cyber Security - Physic of Proton - Astrophysics - Raw Materials - Materials Sceince - Mix of Technology and ICT - Precision Mechanics University of Trento        Bruno Kessler Foundation   Edmund Mach Foundation   MUSE  IIT  EIT ICT LAB/ KIC  COSBI  CIBIO  CNR-IPBC  IVALSA  TIFPA/INFN 
  9. 9. University of TrentoUniversity of Trento Top 200 in the world (THE - Times Higher Education Rankings 2015-2016) # 10 in Italy (QS World University Ranking 2015-2016) # 2 in Italy (mid-size) (CENSIS 2015-2016) (SOLE 24 ORE) # 1 in scientific production of medium universities # 1, 2 and 3 for 7 Departments ANVUR 2013 (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the University system) RANKING PEOPLE PROFESSORS AND RESEARCHERS: 586 STUDENTS about 17.000 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS about 10% (2014-2015) FOREIGN IMPACT ON TOTAL STAFF 23% PROJECTS ERC: 20 Horizon 2020: 24 FP7: 116 AREAS 10 DEPARTMENTS: Economics and Management Civil, environmental and mechanical engineering Industrial engineering Information engineering and computer science Physics Law Humanities Mathematics Psychology and Cognitive Science Sociology and Social Research 3 STUDY AND CENTERS: CIBIO – Centre for Integrative Biology CIMeC – Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences School of International Studies C3A Inter-Department Center-agriculture -foods -environment INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES BILATERAL AGREEMENTS: 88 INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS: 6 ERASMUS+ AGREEMENTS: 289 ITPAR: India-Trento programme for advancement of research TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER 5 Spin-Off concluded recognition period (since 2007) 9 spin-off active KNOWTRANSFER a dedicated magazine
  10. 10. Bruno Kessler Foundation PEOPLE RESEARCHERS: 414 (71% of staff) PHD STUDENTS 21% FOREIGN IMPACT ON TOTAL STAFF 23% 75 R&D Project with local businnes (2.8 M€) 67 R&D Project with national businnes (1.8 M€) 27 R&D Project with international businnes (1.1 M€) 20 innovative firms started-up Territorial Lab local experimentation by defining and testing directly the needs of stakeholders TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER PROJECTS AREAS ICT Cognitive Computing Complex Data Analytics Adaptive, Reliable, Secure System MATERIALS AND MICROSYSTEM Functional Materials Imager & Radiation sensos Microsystems Integrated Systems HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCE Italian-German Historical Studies Religious Studies Evaluation of Public Policies NUCLEAR PHYSICS European centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and related area MATHEMATICS International Centre for mathematics research AGENCY: 80 PUBLIC 25 PRIVATE 53 Backlog at 1/1/2016 6.500.000 €
  11. 11. Edmund Mach Foundation AREA TRASVERSAL DOMAINS ICT Biotechnology and Genomics PEOPLE STUDENTS 1.000 RESEARCHERS: 200 PHD STUDENTS >50 TEACHERS more than 100 TECHNICIANS more than 150 90 Experts operating in the region >8.000 agricultural companies supported 600 companies using FEM' services 30.000 samples analyzed every year 1.000 technical news to farmers TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER PROJECTS 37 of which 21 financed by the EU 4 H2020, 9 FB7 active at March 2016 AREA RESEARCH PRIORITIES Agri-food, sustainable agriculture & safety Environment, Climate, Energy and Renewable Resources Health #1 Chemistry #1 Agriculture #4 Biology (ANVUR 2013) RANKING Among Italian Institution
  12. 12. MUSE: Museum of Natural Science Number of collaboration of Research staff of MUSE (2014-2015) Number of Research Project (2014/15) 10 20 AREAS Macroarea Biodiversity and Ecology Macroarea Earth Sciences and Lanscape STAFF RESEARCHERS: 39 (2015) Research and teaching activities (2014-2015)
  13. 13. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 0 20.000.000 40.000.000 60.000.000 80.000.000 100.000.000 120.000.000 140.000.000 FBK FEM MUSE UNITN 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Totale 2009/2015 FBK 28.336.557 31.250.000 33.420.000 34.570.306 34.756.000 32.488.000 32.188.000 227.008.863 FEM 42.313.240 45.376.987 47.151.576 46.038.600 44.598.000 41.909.000 41.070.000 308.457.403 MUSE 1.900.000 1.900.000 1.900.000 1.980.000 2.620.000 2.500.000 0 12.800.000 UNITN 38.338.000 108.795.200 126.521.339 125.539.694 115.476.694 111.837.694 117.181.700 743.690.321 Investments in Public Research: per Institution (2009-2015) Multiannual Startegy for Research is defined in collaboration with scientific and economic community. Autonomous Province of Trento define specific Agreements with the main Research Institution, in order to steer and support (but not managing) the system. LONG-TERM STRATEGY FOR RESEARCH
  14. 14. The recently created Hub innovazione Trentino-HIT is a non-profit corporate consortium with limited liability, whose partners are University of Trento, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Edmund Mach Foundation and Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. and whose assets will be contributed by the Autonomous Province of Trento and by the stakeholders themselves. MISSION The main scope is to promote and enhance research results and innovation of the Trentino system in order to foster local business development. It includes innovation catalyzing and technology transfer activities, as well as scouting of innovation opportunities, at national, European and international level, for its stakeholders and, indirectly, for the territory of the Autonomous Province of Trento, within the smart specialization thematic fields. HIT will also bring the experience in dealing with the European Institute of Technology's best practices in "education to business", such as training in innovation and in the exploitation side, entrepreneurial training experience on how to start and run a business and raise capital, access to international mentors.
  15. 15. European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Funds “Knowledge and Innovation Communities” (KICs) ● First official call and selection of 3 KICs: Climate, EIT Digital, InnoEnergy (fully operational in October 2010) ● Second round of KICs in 2014 (Health, Raw Materials) EU instrument for promoting innovation in Europe KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Communities) ● Highly integrated, creative and excellence-driven autonomous partnerships; ● Internationally distributed but thematically convergent partners; ● KICs are organized like pan-European enterprises addressing a long- term horizon of 7-15 years and acting as an innovation role model for Europe Mission of the EIT KICs: 1. Addressing key societal challenges 2. Fostering world-class innovation hot spots through Co-location Centres 3. Turning ideas into business creation through entrepreneurship 4. Shaping excellent, multi-disciplinary programmes of education for innovation Berlin Budapest Eindhoven Helsinki London M adrid Paris Stockholm Trento 0,00 2,00 4,00 6,00 8,00 10,00 12,00 EIT funding (2015) 10,75 Ml Euro Distribution of EIT Funding per Node (2015)
  16. 16. t Trento CLCMilano Satellite EIT Digital in Italy The Italian node clusters leading ICT players in Italy. Through the active participation of its core and affiliated partners EIT Digital Italy plays a strong role in the Italian ICT arena. The core partners are Engineering, Telecom Italia and Hub Innovazione Trentino. INNOVATION FOCUS: - Trento ICT for Quality of Life, Smart Spaces, Future Cloud, Privacy, Security and Trust - Milano Future Urban Life and Mobility, Future Networking Solutions, Cyber Physical Systems Trento’s Co-Location Centre represents a physical space to aggregate activities of: ● Companies ● Researchers ● Entrepreneurs (es. Start-up) ● Students 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Evolution of EIT Digital Funding (Ml Euro) ACADEMIC: Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, CNR-National Research Council, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. INDUSTRIAL: CEFRIEL, CFR (FIAT Research Centre), Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione, Poste Italiane, Reply and ST Microelectronics Physical locations: Trento CO-Location Centre Milano Satellite AFFILIATE PARTNERS
  17. 17. Co-Located Partners Trentino Ecosystem Trento CLC Co-Located Companies 9 EIT Digital in Italy : Co-located Ecosystem in Trentino
  18. 18. Assessorato Università, Ricerca, Politiche Giovanili e Pari Opportunità Dipartimento della Conoscenza We make Research for a better quality of life Vers. Feb. 2017