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TRENTINO: Synergies between provincial government, RPOs, enterprises, education and societal actors
Long-term vision with multi-annual research programmes

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  1. 1. Research in Trentino
  2. 2. BRUSSELS TRENTINO: an autonomous, cohesive and competitive community Trentino’s special Statute of Autonomy – in effect since 1948 – grants the Autonomous Province direct legislative, administrative and financial jurisdiction in fundamental areas, including education, health, industrial policy, transport, the University and tourism.
  3. 3. Success factors Synergies between provincial government, RPOs, enterprises, education and societal actors Long-term vision with multi-annual research programmes Investments
  4. 4. HIGH QUALITY SCHOOLS Humanities and Technical Schools For training more specialised students and high level technicians # TOP ranking in OCSE MATH: Trentino 524 vs Italy 485 (average) SCIENCE: Trentino 533 vs Italy 494 (average) READING: Trentino 521 vs Italy 490 (average) Strong Investments in FOREIGN Languages 38 billion in 2014/2020 For creating a trilingual Trentino (Italian, English, German) # TOP ranking University 10 departments 4 centres 15 doctoral schools 621 professors and researchers Over 16,000 students Bruno Kessler Foundation 2 hubs 7 research centers Over 400 researchers Edmund Mach Foundation 1000 students 5 departments 200 researchers Museum of Science - MUSE 46 researchers PUBLIC INVESTMENT IN PRIVATE RESEARCH Private-Public Partnership High investments in R&D, with collaboration among Enterprises and Research Institutions Smart Specialisation Focus Investments focus on 4 areas of specialisation: Mechatronics, Quality of Life, Green and Clean and Agrifood Technological transfer HUB to promote and enhance research results and innovation HIGH QUALITY RESEARCH CENTERS AND UNIVERSITY RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE HUB
  5. 5. Governance of the research and innovation system Strumenti di finanziamento Multi-annual research programme A factive collaboration between local actors, where the Province coordinates and supports It ensures a coordinated scheduling for the initiatives carried out in R&I, identifying objectives, guidelines, priorities and assessment criteria. Strategic dimensions: Interconnection with the world of production and spin-offs International openess and interregional, national and European collaboration Synergies, excellence and creation of a critical mass Social innovation Enhancement of human capital and talents Bond between research, innovation and education Improvement-oriented assessment
  6. 6. Governance of the research and innovation system Strumenti di finanziamento Framework agreements with: University of Trento Bruno Kessler Foundation Edmund Mach Foundation Public funds: – Open calls (Provincial Law no. 14 of 2 August 2005), – Company incentives (Provincial Law of 13 December 1999 no. 6)
  7. 7. The Trentino higher education and research landscape 4115 R&D personnel (FTE) 1.78% GDP 1.38 % GDP Italy 1 University 2 Foundations Over 30 public and private RPOs, joint laboratories 7,6 per 1,000 inhabitants Italy 4,3 335 ML EURO R&D expenditure
  8. 8. 4 priorities development areas
  9. 9. Key actors
  10. 10. Recently set up, HIT- Hub Innovazione Trentino is the consortium established by Trentino Sviluppo, the University of Trento and the Kessler and Mach Foundations to encourage the transfer of technology, innovation and the development of new entrepreneurialism in research.
  11. 11. Main research fields Genomics Neuroscience Food and agriculture Cultural disciplines Humanities studies Environmental science Key enabling technologies - ICT Biotechnology Material science Nanotechnology Theoretical and spatial physics Social science
  12. 12. Environment Climate Energy Renewable sources Technologies for sustainable production Enviromentally friendly technologies UniTrento Muse Ivalsa FEM FBK Agrifood Agriculture & environmental security Nutrigenomics Biotechnology Food quality Nutrition Human Technopole Smart Cities communities Intelligent Trasport e-governance Mass Cloud Computing Cyber Security Big Data UniTrento FBK FEM EIT Digital COSBI Main fields of competence UniTrento FBK FEM EIT Digital COSBI Tourism Cultural Heritage UniTrento FBK MUSE
  13. 13. Mechatronics Smart factory Mix of technologies and ICT Precision mechanics UniTrento FBK Health Active and healthy aging Wellness and sport Neuroscience Technologies for living environments Protontherapy UniTrento FBK FEM TIFPA/INFN Social science and Humanities FBK & UniTrento ICT nanotechnology and nano sciences micro and nano electronics advanced materials photonics biotechnology and genomics telecommunications artificial intelligence UniTrento FBK FEM MUSE HIT EIT Digital Main fields of competence Cross-cutting fields
  14. 14. Research in Trentino