The Balearic Islands,experience the Mediterranean
Beach of Es Trenc, Mallorca
The Balearic                  5    Imagine the Mediterranean,         23   Ibiza,                       a human-size world...
sun and beachCala Tortuga, Menorca
natureCampos, MallorcaImagine the Mediterranean. A human-sizeworld. A place where life goes by slowly,and time fills up wi...
nauticalMirador de Ses Ànimes viewpoint, Mallorca         Estany des Peix, Formenteraof the most complete, consolidated ra...
cultureDalt Vila, Ibizawooded areas, stretches of dunes, islets, salt    cathedrals of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza,       ...
Flowering almond trees
sceneryValldemossaIt is an island, but one as varied as a continent.Mallorca constitutes a kind of mosaic that isdifficult...
Chapel of Sant Pere,Mallorca Cathedral                            Patio of Palma                                  Palma   ...
meetingsMallorca Cathedral                                          by the Mallorcan artist Miquel Barceló.              l...
meetings and congresses here, takingadvantage of the good communications, therange of hotels, and the beautiful surroundin...
all kind of bluesCala Sa Nau
visited on organized trips that leave from thesouth of the island. Other places of naturalinterest are the wetland of Albu...
golf                       The scenery of the north coast, of Valldemossa                           or Deià, looks like so...
Cala Macarelleta
reserveMenorcan countrysideMenorca is an island with a great personality.Very different to the rest of the Balearics. Aspe...
Cavalleria lighthouse                          Torralba d’en Salord                                               reaching...
archaeologyMaó                     Diocesan museum                        own character and personality, Maó, the         ...
At the other tip of the island, Ciutadella is thewesternmost town, the historical capital untilthe 18th century. It is fam...
tradition                        Menorca is an ideal island for all kinds of                                 water sports ...
Cala Saladeta
heritageBalàfia                                              Parade ground, Dalt VilaIbiza has myth. It is one of the most...
Hippy market                       Pla de Corona                                   The Ibizan countryside has the coquetry...
sunsetSunset in Ses Salines                                            An unclassifiable place where peasants,           A...
Bicycle de ComtePlatgestouring                                                                                         Wat...
calmPlatges des Comte beaches
Strait of s’Espalmador
turquoisesCamino de Sa Pujada                                                  Formentera,What are the rules of paradise? ...
“Peix Sec”, dried fish                               Sea bed                                                     Robinson ...
paradiseBarbaria lighthouse                                             cuisine, the wine, form part of that internal    I...
Menorca   Ibiza          Formentera
OIT Peguera*                                  OIT Port dAlcúdia - Passeig Marítim           OIT Porto Cristo*             ...
MENORCA                                     IBIZA                                       ...
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The Balearic Islands, experience the mediterranean


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The Balearic Islands, experience the mediterranean

  1. 1. The Balearic Islands,experience the Mediterranean
  2. 2. Beach of Es Trenc, Mallorca
  3. 3. The Balearic 5 Imagine the Mediterranean, 23 Ibiza, a human-size world magic and myth 9 Mallorca, 29 Formentera, Islands, always something new to discover the colours of paradise 17 Menorca, 32 Geographical map and tourist informationexperience the nature at its purestMediterranean
  4. 4. sun and beachCala Tortuga, Menorca
  5. 5. natureCampos, MallorcaImagine the Mediterranean. A human-sizeworld. A place where life goes by slowly,and time fills up with contents: the Imagine the Mediterranean.sunlight, the sea water, the mountains. Awelcoming culture, where nobody feelsforeign. Imagine the Mediterranean. Imaginethe Balearic Islands.The Balearics hold a repertoire ofMediterranean sensations inside them.To begin with, their scenery. Coves,mountains, woods that reach down to the sea A human-size world.shore, rocky promontories, gullies andtorrents, plains with villages and crops,hidden beauty spots, broad beaches. TheBalearics offer all this and much more.Because at the same time they constitute one 5
  6. 6. nauticalMirador de Ses Ànimes viewpoint, Mallorca Estany des Peix, Formenteraof the most complete, consolidated ranges of Islands is comprised of four islands which organic sediments such as shells or conches,tourist options on offer in Europe. are alike and different at the same time. Each ground by the action of the water.With services, modern, up-to-date one with its own personality: Mallorca, The range of beaches is extremely wide:infrastructures, sports facilities for nautical Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Their extensive stretches of sand, enclosed coves,activities and golf, natural parks, specially- location, in the centre of the Western rocks, nooks hidden away between cliffs.designed centres for meetings and Mediterranean, blesses them with a mild With the great advantage that one can findcongresses, bicycle touring routes, a varied climate. Neither too hot during the summer both beaches with the full range of services,range of gastronomy, and a good months, nor terribly cold when winter comes. close to towns, and unspoilt coves. Far fromcommunications system. everything. Where the experience of bathingIt is a concept of tourism that is both The most famous facet of the Balearics is is still absolute.traditional and contemporary at the same their beaches. One of the more striking However, the Balearics are not just abouttime. Keeping to the old ways, but characteristics of them is the softness and beaches. The islands’ variety of landscapescomplementing them with more up-to-date colour of the sand, which contrasts with the give rise to many itineraries: hiking, bicyclecriteria. Including respect for the blues and greens of the sea. This quality can tourism, excursions on horseback, boat trips,environment and sustainability. be explained by the fact that since there are mountain and beach trails. From the big no rivers on the islands, there is hardly any ravines, impressive sceneries in stone, toThe autonomous region of the Balearic mineral content. The sand is formed by mountains, placid agricultural plains,6
  7. 7. cultureDalt Vila, Ibizawooded areas, stretches of dunes, islets, salt cathedrals of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, confectionery... A repertoire of flavours tomarshes and wetlands. with Gothic and Baroque elements. The complete a range of gastronomy that swingsVillages and towns make up yet another stately mansions of Palma or Ciutadella. To from the most traditional, ancient dishes, tochapter. The Balearics have had a difficult all this heritage we should add numerous include international tastes, modernity.history of isolation and threats. During the modern art museums, art galleries, musical16th century they were the frontier between and theatrical activities. Balearic society is Experiencing the Balearics is a way oftwo worlds at war: the Christian and the open and cosmopolitan, but at the same time enjoying the Mediterranean. Not just itsIslamic cultures. This explains the defence has managed to maintain its traditional scenery, but above all as an interiortowers, the great walls that protect the towns, identity. The fairs, markets, crafts and experience of calm, beauty and plenitude.and the fact that traditionally, the centres of folklore are very much alive, forcefullypopulation were inland. transmitting their centuries-old message.Culture is yet another attraction. From the Thus the islands offer an invitation to theimpressive prehistoric constructions of senses. Balearic products have that same seal:Mallorca and Menorca, to the rich Phoenician authenticity and tradition. The “ensaimada”and Punic legacy of Ibiza or the megalithic and “sobrasada”, common to all four islands,sepulchre of Ca na Costa in Formentera. The the wines, the oil, the cheeses, the 7
  8. 8. Flowering almond trees
  9. 9. sceneryValldemossaIt is an island, but one as varied as a continent.Mallorca constitutes a kind of mosaic that isdifficult to sum up. It offers everything, from Mallorca, always something newthe grandeur of unchanged landscapes to thecommodity of beachfront hotels, from themountain chapels or the prehistoricmonuments to the leisure, shopping or cultural to discovercentres. From the silence of the countryside tothe nightlife zones.Everyone can choose the Mallorca theyprefer. With the advantage that the island iseasy to move around in, with no longdistances and good road infrastructures.The largest of the Balearics invented one ofthe first tourism formulae, back in the ‘60s.A placid, accessible sea, beaches, villages and 9
  10. 10. Chapel of Sant Pere,Mallorca Cathedral Patio of Palma Palma towns with well-proportioned beauty, a without doubt its Gothic cathedral. When relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. Above all, a you enter it, its huge interior space takes pleasant, tranquil way of life. The you by surprise. It is the temple of light. It counterpoint to the hustle and bustle and seems like a play on the vertical lights that crowds of big cities. From those early days rise up from the earth towards the sky – the right up to the present, Mallorca has been a candles, the altarpieces, the columns – and leading destination. those that come down to the earth from the sky, like the colours projected through the An amiable, Palma, the capital, concentrates many enormous rose windows. tranquil way of life attractions. Firstly, the old town, still and engrossed in itself. Alleyways that run The cathedral represents an enclosure for between palaces with large patios, churches dialogue between man and spirit. and convents. The experience of life in the old town has barely changed in centuries. Mallorca Cathedral is also a history lesson, Chiaroscuros, a monumental feel, the sound from the Middle Ages to our times, every era of footsteps and bells. has left the very best of itself there. This is The greatest symbol of Mallorca’s heritage is the case of the spectacular chapel conceived10
  11. 11. meetingsMallorca Cathedral by the Mallorcan artist Miquel Barceló. leather goods, fashion, footwear, artworks, A daring, contemporary touch that contrasts furniture and decoration, fabrics. It is an with the ancient solemnity of Gothic. invitation to window shop and stroll, complemented by the terraces and cafés That Palma of the Cathedral, the Lonja, dotted all around the city. Balearic products Bellver Castle, the Baroque patios, coexists occupy pride of place amongst these alongside the contemporary town. A purchases. The “ensaimada” is still cosmopolitan capital with a complete range manufactured as it was centuries ago, as are A cosmopolitan, active, of services. Active, multi-coloured, modern. Mallorcan oil, which has its own special multi-coloured and modern capital. The range of cultural activities is extensive: characteristics in terms of taste and texture, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, bookshops. the cheeses, the wine, and cold meat And it is a culture that is living, participative, products like “sobrasada”. highly Mediterranean. Palma is a human-size city. No wonder The centre of Palma is also extremely people from all over the world have chosen it attractive in terms of shopping. Here one can as their place of residence. Many companies acquire anything, ranging from crafts to and professionals hold their business 11
  12. 12. meetings and congresses here, takingadvantage of the good communications, therange of hotels, and the beautiful surroundings.Let us leave Palma now. Because to speak ofMallorca, is to speak above all of its beaches.Its 550 km. of coastline enable one todiscover a huge variety of scenery. The largetourist-oriented beaches, with the most up-to-date services, are found in places like Playade Palma, SArenal, Palmanova, Magaluf,Santa Ponça or the Bay of Alcúdia. In thesouth or Migjorn we find the long belts ofsand of Sa Ràpita and Es Trenc, a dunelandscape with luminous waters. Where thecontrast between white and bright blue isspectacular indeed. The coast is also animportant incentive for yachting. Themarinas and regattas like the Copa del Reyare proof of just how important this activity ison the island.Those who prefer more family-oriented, Cala Agullaquieter beaches have a long list to choosefrom: from the coves of the west like SantElm to those in the east or the north-east, likethose found in the Artà and Capdepera area.And finally, we have the remote coves, whichyou have to walk to. Authentic scenic jewelsfound above all in the mountainous areas,like the Sierra de Tramuntana, the Formentorpeninsula or the Llevant natural park.In accordance with the new tourism criteria,which include environmental protectionvalues, Mallorca has protected areas. Themost important one is without doubt themaritime-terrestrial national park of theCabrera archipelago, located off the south ofthe island. It is a refuge that has beenpreserved absolutely intact, and can be Cala Llombards12
  13. 13. all kind of bluesCala Sa Nau
  14. 14. visited on organized trips that leave from thesouth of the island. Other places of naturalinterest are the wetland of Albufera deMallorca, in Muro; the Llevant natural parkin the Artà mountains; the islet of SaDragonera or the coves of the Mondragó area.These protected zones allow one to followextremely interesting routes.The Tramuntana mountain range also hasdifferent hiking circuits. The scenery here isbreathtaking – valleys, rocky precipices,cliffs, high-mountain landscapes that contrastwith the line of the sea as a horizon. Thereare refuges from where one can coverdifferent routes.Another important aspect is the golf courses.Mallorca has 24 facilities for practising thissport which is so closely linked to thescenery, and which has contributed tocreating a different image of the island.Mallorca is also a leading enclave in culturaltourism. This is probably due to its romanticcharacter. Alcanada Golf14
  15. 15. golf The scenery of the north coast, of Valldemossa or Deià, looks like something from a nineteenth-century engraving. Grandiose nature corresponding to the most exalted states of mind. This is where the stories of Chopin, George Sand, the Archduke Ludwig Salvator or Robert Graves are kept alive. Music, painting and literature have always found a source of inspiration in this island. To get to know Mallorca, one must also enjoy its gastronomy. Both in Palma and in any other town, there are restaurants where one can try typical dishes like "ses sopes", "llom amb col" or "frit de matances". Discovering Mallorca therefore offers an extensive range of experiences. The list of possibilities is so long that you can visit the island several times and your trip will be different every time. Never the same. There will always be a new Mallorca to discover. In spite of being well-known by all, in spite of being so famous all over the world, it is a region that holds secrets for anyone who wishes to seek them out. Everyone will find a tailor-made experience. And end up thinking of Mallorca as a large home, a place limited in geography, but infinite in the manner of experiencing it. Son Marroig, Deià 15
  16. 16. Cala Macarelleta
  17. 17. reserveMenorcan countrysideMenorca is an island with a great personality.Very different to the rest of the Balearics. Aspecial place where the scenery, the history, Menorca, nature at its purestthe traditions and the lifestyle combine in aunique world. In 1993 UNESCO awarded itthe status of Biosphere Reserve, inrecognition of its natural and cultural values.The nucleus of the reserve is the ParqueNatural de s’Albufera des Grau, in the north-east of the island.Menorcan geography is characterised by aplain configuration, with low elevations. Asweet, undulating relief. In its northern region,the earth looks dark and slatey. In the south,on the other hand, the torrents have openedup deep ravines in the calcareous rock. On 17
  18. 18. Cavalleria lighthouse Torralba d’en Salord reaching the sea these water courses form exaggeration, an open-air museum. Its perfect coves. The nearest thing to the ideal archaeological heritage is amongst the most beach, a sheltering semicircle of woods and important in the Mediterranean. Monuments cliffs, a valley behind, and in front, the clear like the Naveta des Tudons or the walled horizon, the sky and the sea. prehistoric villages of Torre d’en Galmés and Trepucó are very famous indeed. As well as And as though the landscape in itself were their historic interest, they offer a unique Its archaeological heritage not magical enough, the whole island possess sensation. The experience of their majesty, of is one of the most important a great unity of scale. The "llocs" or country their telluric force. As though the stone of the in the Mediterranean houses, painted white, dominate the constructions vibrated with the scenery. perspective of woods, pasture lands, and Menorca also contains a wealth of museums, many stone walls. The hills are never too from the Museum of Menorca in Maó to the high. The promontories and inlets trace out a Municipal Museum in Ciutadella, and welcoming, picturesque image. The sky including the Ecomuseu del Cap de seems immense and the colours alive. Cavalleria, in the north of the island. The range of monuments in Menorca is Whilst each and every one of the villages on exceptional. It has been called, without the island has its charm and maintains its18
  19. 19. archaeologyMaó Diocesan museum own character and personality, Maó, the Maó has a highly-prized shopping centre and capital, deserves a special mention. It jewellery industry. The town boasts above all dominates a natural port in the shape of a clothes and footwear shops, a leisure zone in fjord five kilometres long. It is perched up Baixamar, a historic centre with buildings on a clifftop, white, with beautiful, well- like the church of Santa María or the convent proportioned buildings, the port lying at its of Carme, bookshops, restaurants. And a feet. It has a Nordic air about it in its privileged view of the port. No wonder then cleanliness, its rationality, contrasting with that it is a meeting point for sailors. The Open-air museum the Mediterranean nature of the marine safety and breadth of its port have made it a backdrop, the whiteness, the squares and privileged mooring-place since antiquity. sloping streets. The memory of British rule During the summer season, numerous vessels in the 18th century is another singular still enjoy its conditions. element, evident above all in the architecture, in decorative elements, the traditional gin that is made in accordance with an 18th-century formula, and some words in local expressions. 19
  20. 20. At the other tip of the island, Ciutadella is thewesternmost town, the historical capital untilthe 18th century. It is famous for the fiestas ofSant Joan, a festival in which nobody feelsstrange and which lends great character to thetown, when its streets become an apotheosis ofmusic, people, unbridled cordiality andhorses, the latter playing precisely the starringrole, both in the traditional fiestas of all thevillages and in everyday life, making up anintrinsic part of Menorcan life and culture.Strolling around Ciutadella means relivingmany sensations from the past. The streets ofthe historic centre are narrow and runbetween the great palaces of the island’snobility.The stately character is present in thehonorary staircases, the large windows, thecoats of arms. They are combined with thepopular element of the arcades, housingmany shops selling typical products, clothesor footwear.The port of Ciutadella is extremely typical.Opening up amidst stone walls and privatehomes, it ends at the foot of the town hall andthe ancient wall. The rear of it is also a leisureand nightlife centre. Seen from afar, Ciutadellalooks like a storybook town.It rises up with its bell towers, its ancient townplanning, in the midst of a stony plain. Withthe sea as a backcloth. “Jaleo”, a typical part of the fiestas20
  21. 21. tradition Menorca is an ideal island for all kinds of water sports (sailing, surfing, diving, kayaks…), hiking, cycling or equestrian routes. With no hindrances in terms of orography, containing dazzling nooks at every turn. Travelling through Menorca, soaking up its colours, the wind, the humidity, the smell of salt, is something of an interior experience. The island has an old peripheral path, the "Camí de Cavalls", enabling one to encircle practically all the coastline, enjoying it in the most authentic way. The gastronomy is yet another of its strong points. The fame of its lobster casserole has spread all over the world. The same as the cheese with Mahón – Menorca Designation of Origin. The sensitivity of its flavours seems to correspond with that of its landscapes. Menorca is like a representation of our inner life. Which is why everyone who visits it recognises something of their own in it. They create a lifelong link with it. Port of Ciutadella 21
  22. 22. Cala Saladeta
  23. 23. heritageBalàfia Parade ground, Dalt VilaIbiza has myth. It is one of the most famousislands in the Mediterranean. When you see it,you understand why immediately. There can Ibiza, magic and mythbe few places in the world where one can findso many opposing things in such a smallspace. Ibiza has sacred landscapes, with somuch power and beauty that they have beenused thousands of times in books, records,postcards, paintings... Like the majestic islet ofEs Vedrà emerging from the waters. Coquettishwhite villages: Sant Joan de Labritja, SantaGertrudis de Fruitera, Sant Agustí des Vedrà,Santa Agnès de Corona... An old town that haspreserved its walls, its alleyways, itsviewpoints. Not in vain was Dalt Vila (thehistoric quarter of the capital) declared aWorld Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999. 23
  24. 24. Hippy market Pla de Corona The Ibizan countryside has the coquetry of a There is no spectacle equal to summer nights “naïf” painting. Red, spongy earth, isolated in the port of Ibiza, where a varied, houses and pure shapes. And in the indefinable assortment of people play the background those elevations that are so leading role in a kind of endless parade. characteristic of the island. Mountains with The variety of attires and human types, the rounded, feminine shapes. Woods, valleys, music, the street markets, look like something springs. from an Oriental scene. Very nearby, the macro-discotheques are the temple of that Ibiza, the island As though it were a derivation of that Ibizan night experience. of creativity dazzling nature, Ibiza is also the island of creativity, of artists. This is where ad-lib At the other extreme is the traditional, fashion was born in the ‘seventies, and ever ancestral Ibiza. This can be experienced in since it has been a paradigm in tendencies the big, rambling houses of Dalt Vila, in the and fashion. Architects, writers, painters, fishermen’s cottages of the Marina quarter. photographers... They have all been dazzled But above all, in the countryside. by its magic. Naturally to speak of Ibiza is to Since the villages are very dispersed, the speak of leisure, and sophistication, too. centre was traditionally always the bar-shop.24
  25. 25. sunsetSunset in Ses Salines An unclassifiable place where peasants, Alongside it stands monumental Ibiza. artists and foreign residents meet up. All The island was a rich Punic enclave, a united by a love of this island, of the commercial emporium. The Phoenician and extraordinary harmony its scenery emanates. Punic legacy has been declared World That harsh, telluric sentiment is also Heritage, with examples such as the village of translated into the island’s gastronomy, in Sa Caleta and the necropolis of Puig des dishes like "sofrit pagès" or "burrida de Molins. They contain some precious pieces, ratjada" (made using skate). full of mystery, of Greek and Oriental Places you have influences. The legacy of a civilisation of to see to believe That traditional Ibiza is very present in the craftsmen, traders and sailors which took crafts and the folklore. Anyone who has seen Ibizan products all over the Mediterranean. an Ibizan dance will never forget it. It gives Coastal Ibiza has places one has to see to off an air of authenticity and of centuries-old believe. Like the Ses Salines area. Where with antiquity. The same as the protocols of every sunset, the mirror-like surfaces of the human relations, extremely warm and ponds fill up with gentle colours, blues, generous. Not in vain has this region always oranges, yellows, greens, whites. welcomed all kinds of travellers. A spectacle indeed. 25
  26. 26. Bicycle de ComtePlatgestouring Water sportsSome Ibizan beaches also form part of the centre founded in 1992 and located just seven The myth of Ibiza is based on beauty, sun,myth. Who has not heard of Cala Comte, Es kilometres from the island’s capital, halfway authenticity, sun, history.Cavallet or Benirràs? With very light sand, between the towns of Jesús and Santa Eulària.with islets on the horizon that look like Golf de Ibiza is the only golf club on thesomething from a film set. The sea bed is so Balearics with a 27-hole in posidonia meadows it has also beendeclared World Heritage. There are good facilities for yachting tourism, which is why the island is the venue for aParadoxically, the myth and that weight of legendary regatta: La Ruta de la Sal. Ibiza is ahistory have not prevented Ibiza from being a paradise for all lovers of diving and othervery modern place at the same time. Vila, the water sports, such as sea, is a town with a full range of services,well-communicated, offering numerous Routes have been prepared for hiking andcultural activities. It has an active bicycle touring. The mountain bike or roadcommercial sector, centres for business bike Tours of Ibiza are consolidated sportingmeetings and congresses. events on the islands, with repercussionsIbiza has a golf course, a social and sports outside of it.26
  27. 27. calmPlatges des Comte beaches
  28. 28. Strait of s’Espalmador
  29. 29. turquoisesCamino de Sa Pujada Formentera,What are the rules of paradise? We all knowthem. Above all, an enclosed place:preferably an island. A landscape that fills upthe senses, that invites one to happiness. An the colours of paradiseuncongested, welcoming human distribution.And a geography that looks like it issomething from the map in a novel, with itsmagical points, its mysteries. And this isexactly what we find in Formentera.Many people travel halfway around the worldin search of those hidden paradises, whenthey have Formentera so close at hand.Nowhere else can you find those radiantwaters, of such a bright green or blue thatthey seem lit up inside. Tongues of soft, warmsand, like that of Illetes, where yourfootprints in the sand look like those of a 29
  30. 30. “Peix Sec”, dried fish Sea bed Robinson Crusoe. Or the sandstone of the sky is so big, the dusks so slow, there is no cliffs of Racó de sa Pujada, twisted into hurry, you touch the materials – the sand, the authentic sculptures of nature. stone, the water – and you feel like becoming an artist. You savour every moment. You feel Formentera is a treasure map island. It has like you have found your place in the world. several seas and several skies if we count the horizon of the east, of the west, and those of its Formentera is an exceptional place in which two inland pools. There, the island appears to to enjoy the sea. From the beach of Migjorn to An exceptional place reflect itself. Like a land of legend. The the sensational strips of sand of Illetes. Sailing, in which to enjoy the sea promontories of La Mola and Cap de Barbaria bathing, diving, all pleasures within reach of appear in the distance. anyone. As though it were united to that They are worlds within another world. sensorial concept, the island’s gastronomy adds another point of interest. If travelling is a state of the spirit, Formentera Dining on “peix sec” salad at the sea shore, in offers a real journey. As soon as you cross the any of the island’s restaurants, seeing the straits by boat, you enter another dimension. lights of Ibiza in the distance. Feeling When we land in the port of La Savina, it is as everything is close at hand, that there is no though something had changed inside us. The need to rush. The taste of the fish or seafood30
  31. 31. paradiseBarbaria lighthouse cuisine, the wine, form part of that internal It is an island for exploring little by little. By image of the island. bike, on the different inland routes. Or walking along the cobbled path that climbs up Like a good paradise, Formentera has its the cliffs of La Mola. To buy the hippy-style mysteries. Monuments such as the megalithic craft products in Sant Francesc, visit the craft sepulchre of Ca na Costa, the lighthouse of La market in La Mola, listen to a concert on a full- Mola, the caves in the cliffs, the near-lunar moon night. extension of Barbaria, the salt flats, the A place where time memories of the hippy era. They are all When the traveller is long gone, he or she will hardly seems to pass historical suggestions that enable you to remember above all the colours of paradise. dream of a place where time hardly seems to The turquoise of the water, the ochre of the pass, where everything is circular. stone, the blue of the sky, the beam of light from the lighthouse sweeping across the darkness. And miss Formentera as one feels the nostalgia of something one has experienced very profoundly. 31
  33. 33. Menorca Ibiza Formentera
  34. 34. OIT Peguera* OIT Port dAlcúdia - Passeig Marítim OIT Porto Cristo* Ratolí, 1. 07160 Calvià Passeig Marítim, s/n. 07400 Alcúdia Moll, s/n. 07680 Manacor Tel: 971 687 083 - Fax: 971 685 468 Tel: 971 547 257 - Fax: 971 547 257 Tel: 971 815 103 OIT Santa Ponça OIT Platja de Muro* OIT sIllot Puig de Galatzó, s/n. 07180 Calvià Av. SAlbufera, 33. 07440 Muro Sipions, s/n. 07680 Manacor Tel: 971 691 712 - Fax: 971 694 137 Tel: 971 891 013 - Fax: 971 894 000 Tel: 971 812 118 OIT Andratx* OIT Can Picafort OIT Cala FerreraMALLORCA Av. de la Cúria (Ajuntament). 07150 Andratx Plaça Gabriel Roca, 6. 07458 Santa Margalida Av. Cala d’Or, 4. 07669 Felanitx Tel: 971 628 019 - Fax: 971 628 019 Tel: 971 850 310 - Fax: 971 851 836 Tel: 971 659 760 - Fax: 971 659 OIT Port d’Andratx OIT Artà* OIT Portocolom*OIT MALLORCA (CdM)* Av. Mateo Bosch (Edifici de la Llonja). Costa i Llobera, 7. 07570 Artà Av. Cala Marçal, 15. 07670 FelanitxPlaça de la Reina, 2. 07012 Palma 07157 Andratx Tel: 971 836 981 - Fax: 971 836 981 Tel: 971 826 084 - Fax: 971 825 762Tel: 971 173 990 - Fax: 971 173 994 Tel: 971 671 300 OIT Capdepera* OIT Cala dOr*OIT AEROPORT (CdM)* OIT Sant Elm Es Pla den Cosset, 2. 07580 Capdepera Perico Pomar, 10. 07660 SantanyíAeroport, Palma. 07000 Av. Jaume I, 28. 07159 Andratx Tel: 971 556 479 - Fax: 971 556 479 Tel: 971 657 463 - Fax: 971 648 029Tel: 971 789 556 - Fax: 971 789 267 Tel: 971 239 205 OIT Cala Ratjada - Capdepera* OIT Colònia de Sant Jordi*OIT PORT - Moll de Paraires - (CdM)* OITCamp de Mar Vía Mallorca. 36. 07590 Capdepera Gabriel Roca, s/n. 07638 Ses SalinesEstació Marítima nº 2. 07012 Palma Av. de la Platja. 07160 Andratx Tel: 971 819467 - Fax: 971 565 256 Tel: 971 656 073 - Fax: 971 656 447Tel: 608 173 307 ext.68044 OIT Valldemossa* OIT Cala Bona OIT sArenalOIT Palma* Av. de Palma, 7. 07170 Valldemossa Passeig del Moll, s/n. 07559 Son Servera Terral , 23. 07600 LlucmajorPasseig del Born, 27. 07001 Palma Tel: 971 612 019 - Fax: 972 612 019 Tel: 971 813 912 Tel: 971 669 162 - Fax: 971 662672Tel: 902 102 365 - Fax: 902 102 365 OIT Port de Sóller OIT Son Servera*OIT Palma Rentadors* Canonge Oliver, 10. 07108 Sóller Plaça Abeurador, 3. 07550 Son Servera * Open 365 days a yearAv. Argentina, 1. 07013 Palma Tel: 971 633 042 - Fax: 971633 042 Tel: 971 567 002 ext.1035Tel: 902 102 365 - Fax: 902 102 365 OIT Sóller* OIT Cala Millor*OIT Palma* Pça. Espanya,15. 07100 Sóller Passeig Marítim s/n. 07560 Son ServeraParc de les Estacions, 07002 Palma Tel: 971 638 008 - Fax: 971 638 009 Tel: 971 585 864 - Fax: 971 585 864Tel: 902 102 365 - Fax: 902 102 365 OIT Cala Sant Vicenç OIT Cala Millor*OIT Platja de Palma* Plaça Cala Sant Vicenç. 07469 Pollença Badia de Llevant, 2. 07560 Sant LlorençPlaça Meravelles, s/n. 07610 Palma Tel: 971 533 264 - Fax:971 866 746 Tel: 971 585 409Tel: 902 102 365 OIT Pollença* OIT Sa ComaPalma Virtual* Sant Domingo, 17. 07460 Pollença Av. Les Palmeres, s/n. 07687 Sant LlorençTel: 902 102 365 - Fax: 902 102 365 Tel: 971 535 077 - Fax: 971 531 154 Tel: 971 810 892OIT Illetes OIT Port de Pollença* OIT sIllotPasseig de Illetes, 4. 07181 Calvià Passeig Saralegui, s/n. 07470 Pollença Llevant, 7. 07687 Sant LlorençTel: 971 402 739- Fax: 971 402 739 Tel: 971 865 467 - Fax: 971 866 746 Tel: 971 810 699OIT Magaluf (Central)* OIT Alcúdia* OIT Cales de MallorcaAv. Pere Vaquer Ramis, 1. 07181 Calvià Major, 17. 07400 Alcúdia Passeig de Manacor. 07689 ManacorTel: 971 131 126 - Fax: 971 131 188 Tel: 971 897 113 - Fax: 971 548401 Tel: 971 834 144 - Fax: 971 849 105OIT Palmanova* OIT Port d’Alcúdia - Ciutat Blanca OIT Manacor*Passeig de la Mar, 13. 07181 Calvià Ctra. Artà, 68. 07400 Alcúdia Plaça Ramón Llull s/n. 07500 ManacorTel: 971 682 365 - Fax: 971 682 365 Tel:971 892 615 - Fax: 971 892 615 Tel: 971 847 24134
  35. 35. MENORCA IBIZA www.formentera.esOIT de Ciutadella - Ciutadella de Menorca Vara de Rey Oficina de información turísticaFundació Destí Menorca Passeig Vara de Rey, 1. 07800 Ibiza de La SavinaPlaça Catedral, 5. 07760 Ciutadella Tel. 971 301 900 C/ de Calpe s/nTel: 971 382 693 Teléfono: 971 32 20 57Fax: 971 382 667 Puerto Fax: 971 32 28 25Email: Antoni Riquer, 2. 07800 Ibiza e-mail: Tel. 971 191 951 Oficina de información turísticaOIT Fornells - Es Mercadal Aeropuerto de San Francisco JavierFundació Destí Menorca Tel. 971 809 118 Plaza de la Constitución s/nCasa des Contramestre, C/ des Forn s/n. e-mail: turismo@formentera.es07748 Fornells La CúriaTel: 971 376 437 Plaça Catedral, s/n. 07800 Ibiza Oficina de información turística de Es PujolsEmail: Tel. 971 399 232 Calle Espalmador, esquina Avenida e-mail: FigueretesOIT Aeropuerto de Maó Passeig de les Pitiüses, s/n. 07800 IbizaFundació Destí MenorcaTerminal dArribades Aeroport de Menorca Parc de la PauCtra. Sant Climent, s/n. 07700 Maó Isidor Macabich, s/n. 07800 IbizaTel.: 971 356 435Fax: 971 157 322 Sant Passeig de ses Fonts, s/ 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany Tel. 971 343 363OIT Maó Centre - MaóFundació Destí Menorca Santa Eulària des Riu Published by: ATB, Agència de Turisme de les Illes Balears (Balearic Tourism Agency), Conselleria de Turisme i TreballPlaça Explanada s/n. 07702 Maó Marià Riquer Wallis, 4. (Regional Tourism and Labour Minister), Govern de les IllesTel: 971 363 790 / 902 929 015 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu Balears (Government of the Balearic Islands) Tel. 971 330 728 Coordinated by: ATB publicity Santa Eulària des Riu Contributors: Fundación Mallorca Turismo, Fundació DestíOIT Port de Maó - Fundació Destí Menorca Passeig de s’Alamera. Menorca, Fundación para la promoción turística de Ibiza,Moll de Llevant, 2. 07701 Maó 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu Consell Insular de FormenteraTel: 971 355 952 Concept, design and layout: dcp3.esFax: 971 352 674 Cala Playa Cala Llonga Photos: © Mateu Bennàssar, Jaume Capellà, Jordi Escandell, Eduardo Miralles, Javi Saguillo, Manu San Félix, Carles Raurich, Vicent Marí, Klaus Siepmann, Agustí Torres. ATB photo archive, Es Canar Fundació Destí Menorca, Fundación para la Promoción Turística Playa Es Canar de Ibiza (Foundation for the Tourist Promotion of Ibiza). Cover photo: Ses Illetes, Formentera Texts: © Carlos Garrido Printing: Gráficas Planisi Legal deposit: PM - 0000 - 2010 Edition: September 2010 Printed on Creator Star paper Help us to improve our next edititon of this brochure by sending your recommendations to: Thank you. 35
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