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Usability and EHRs


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Health Information technology group project on how electronic health records could improve their usability issues.

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Usability and EHRs

  1. 1. Usability and EHRs adj. Capability of Being Used Altaf Prasla, Brenda Wilson, Mandi Taveechai, Michael Yao
  2. 2. Why Usability? "Practitioner's Take Away" Everyone says EHRs are possible, but it's not happening Lack of usability in EHRs is one reason Incorporating usability is hard in any system (which is why we have "Usability Professionals") EHR difficulty Skilled users: Physicians Complex Functionality: Clinical Decision Support Critical Tasks: Don't Kill the Patient
  3. 3. Who's Doing The Research? UPA: The Usability Professionals Association AHRQ hired two research organizations to evaluate how vendors integrate usability in their products and published a report in May 27, 2010. Other than the AHRQ report, there are not standards on design or monitoring usability of EHRs. Therefore research is primarily done by universities and consumers.
  4. 4. What Has Been Discovered Yildiz Technical University, Department of Communication Design
  5. 5. Further Benefits Clinical Decision Support that will actually work Split Second Decisions by Providers Heavy Burden of "Don't Kill the Patient" The Threat of Malpractice Lawsuits Address the challenge of empowering the clinician with benefits of HIT while not forcing them to think like a machine. Positive attitudes, less frustration for those using the EHR
  6. 6. Expansion and Opportunities Steal Ideas from Other Software EHRs being an "Over-glorified Microsoft Word" Internet Browsers Web Design Web Development methods for Interfaces Google Style Search (unified search boxes)
  7. 7. Office 2007 Interface
  8. 8. Office 2003 Style Interface
  9. 9. Google Chrome and Tabs
  10. 10. Conclusion If your program is not usable, then it won't be used properly EHRs are not meant to replace doctors. Meant to HELP doctors Future research needed: Usability for patients (PHRs and Portals) Cognitive support without cognitive Using an EHR shouldn't be like finding Waldo overload Standards on design
  11. 11. Works Cited John B. Smelcer, Hal Miller-Jacobs, Lyle Kantrovich. "Usability of Electronic Medical Records" http://www. html (2009) Tasa, Umut Burca, et al. "A case study on better iconographic design in electronic medical records' user interface." Informatics For Health & Social Care 33.2 (2008): 125-138.