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Clinic Workflow Diagram


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Lonestar Circle of Care patient flow diagram.

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Clinic Workflow Diagram

  1. 1. LSCC Adult Health and Wellness at Lake Aire Visit Workflow Patient Walk In Check In Demographic, Yes Med. History Financial Screening New Patient? Paperwork Yes Present Run Eligible Has Pay Stub No Financial No Programs or Valid Proof Assistance Web Form of Income? Options Uninsured, Financial Financial Situation Yes Counselor Counselor Needs Fin. Screening Yes Changed? Available? Calls Patient Assistance? Yes Paperwork Determine Waiting "Sliding Patient Decides No No No No Room Scale" To Continue Position Time for Yearly Screening? Yes Yes Examination Waiting Room M.A. Calls Patient Update Take Patient Ask Check M.A. Logs M.A. Prints M.A. Logs Patient to Vitals reason for Vitals Into Medication Out of Pharmacy Station visit NextGen List NextGen Information Patient to Exam Room Provider to Related Provider Exam Room Exam Documents Provider Logs Into Room Given to Paged NextGen Provider Provider Provider Provider Logs Out Gives References of NextGen Clinical Care NextGen Check Out No Cost, Covered by Assistance Program Provider Gives Patient Gives Place Lab Patient Able To Yes Schedule Patient Leaves Orders Listed Accept Results Page Results Page Pay For Labs Future on Results Payment to Patient To Check Out and Visit? Appointments Desk Page No, or Not Completely Payment Plan Document Michael Yao Agreement Payment Form Exception Altaf Prasla Mandi Taveechai