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Select Sys Services


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Network Consulting and Web Design

Published in: Technology
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Select Sys Services

  1. 1. SelectSys LLC
  2. 2. Empower your business with powerful IT systems to work more efficiently so you can stay focused on your core business Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  3. 3. Work to understand your business and be your Trusted Advisor Ensure Operational Simplicity for your business Implement reliable solutions proven by industry leading vendors Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  4. 4. Web Design ◦ Websites for most business needs Network Consulting and Services ◦ Mobility, Security, Unified Communications Managed IT Services ◦ Proactive Monitoring Network Assessment & Maintenance ◦ Evaluation of existing network design and recommendations based on Cisco best practices ◦ Proactive Problem Resolution ◦ Change Control Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  5. 5. y Our Mobility Solutions: Make you more productive Reduce your cost of operation i Ensure ease of expansion Allow secure Guest Access Allow work to move with your employees y py Push productivity past the desktop Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  6. 6. , p Reduce Cost, Improve Productivity Improve Collaboration Ensure better Customer Services Provide world-class operation for your business S h d l your FREE D Schedule Demo today! Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  7. 7. Take the network with yyou when you travel Secure your infrastructure and assets Secure your customer’s transactions Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  8. 8. Enable you to focus on your core business Proactive monitoring of your network and systems y Proactive Network and System Upgrade Increase level of support without additional staff Reduce cost of operation M k your IT b d bl Make budget more stable and predictable Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  9. 9. 8x5 or 24x7 Real-time Director remote monitoring 1 2 3 100 Using Cisco Monitoring Partner Office Director Technology SSL Proactive alert SSL notifications Comprehensive Reporting Support for all IP Agent Agent d ld devices including IP Phones San Antonio Austin Bryan Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  10. 10. Network Design Validation EoL Evaluation of Cisco Devices Configurations Evaluation Includes general security evaluation Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  11. 11. Assistance with: Configuration changes (i.e routing, security, etc) ◦ New Hardware installations ◦ Migrations ◦ Software Upgrades ◦ Does not include reactive resolution and bug fixes ◦ Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  12. 12. WebLite ◦ Domain registration, template design, email, forms, etc WebPro ◦ SEO, Blog, PayPal payment system, Google search, online Ads, Web Analytics, etc y Website Assessment ◦ Evaluation of content, style, etc.. Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  13. 13. y Visit us Email us: Call us: 512-356-9033 Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC
  14. 14. Copyright (c) 2008 SelectSys LLC