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The Evolution Of Web Design


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Do you know the Evolution Process behind today's Websites or their Designing methods? There was a long history behind it. Want to know the history of website design - visit this document. More more details you can call me - +919830528683

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The Evolution Of Web Design

  1. 1. 1st Mark-up Language launched to code basics ofan website.
  2. 2. Table based web designs gave more informationbut it was quite difficult to develop and complex aswell.
  3. 3. The World Wide Web Consortium - W3C was founded byTim Berners-Lee in October, 1994. It is the organization setup to control and maintain international standards on theweb (standards referring to programming and mark-uplanguages and syntax)
  4. 4. Flash and JavaScript introduces for fast andmore interactive websites
  5. 5. Faster loading CSS websites come into marketalong with the PHP Websites which areDynamic in nature.
  6. 6. CSS introduces new features andfunctions. Web2.0 introduces useroriented websites which are easilymaintained by the users, such as –WordPress, Weebly, andmany more.
  7. 7. Mobile web sites are gradually coming to the web industry. Manybrand company have created their Mobile Sites and Mobile Apps.
  8. 8. HTML-5 comes in tothe business. HTML-5websites are accessibleacross different devicesand provide enrichedmedia experiences.
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