Ahmad Taleb's Marketing Class Name Card


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Asked to turn in a boring piece of paper with a bunch of word on it for a name card, I though I'd put my own twist on it.

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Ahmad Taleb's Marketing Class Name Card

  1. 1. In  one  of  my  marketing  classes  we   were  asked  to  turn  in:  
  2. 2. In  one  of  my  marketing  classes  we   were  asked  to  turn  in:   An  8.5  x  11  sheet  of  paper  
  3. 3. In  one  of  my  marketing  classes  we   were  asked  to  turn  in:   An  8.5  x  11  sheet  of  paper    with  our  picture    
  4. 4. In  one  of  my  marketing  classes  we   were  asked  to  turn  in:  Blablablablablabla   An  8.5  x  11  sheet  of  paper  Blablablablablabla    with  our  picture    Blablablablablabla  Blablablablablabla  Blablablablablabla  Blablablablablabla  &  a  short  paragraph  describing  our  career   ambitions,  our  likes  and  dislikes  and  2   industry’s  we  want  to  work  in  and  two   we’d  never  work  in.  
  5. 5. Personally  I  though  this  was  booooorrring!!!   so  instead  I  will  be  turning  in  the  following   slide  today  in  class.  
  6. 6. Personally  I  though  this  was  booooorrring!!!   so  instead  I  will  be  turning  in  the  following   slide  today  in  class.  Do  be  warned,  the  slide  is  probably  the  worst  example  of  every  principle  I  have  learned  from   reading  the  advice  and  work  of  Jesse  Desjardins,  Jon  Thomas  and  many  others.  But   its  not  a  presentation,  it’s  a  “name  card”   Copyright  (c)  <a  href=http://www.123rf.com>123RF  Stock  Photos</a>  
  7. 7. Ahmad Taleb What do I wa May 2012 aduate by? IS nt to do with ing to gr M yet, but I do my life? I m When am I pray oth marketing and want to be a know I want to control wh not 100% sure rs in b ! ble to love w at I do with With majo inspiring othe hat I do and know that I m it. I rs doing it ramen noodle even it if me for a while. ans living on figure), e by my as you can judg e presentations, s od (a lot of it y presenting tho ow, case ? Fo , actuall t right n outh What doWh at do I her presentations g craze ou g y I et computin s , coachin g all the f ? Gainingpu tting tog t he cloud model car k , Learnin ood that w I like, be eight from ngb oarding, b uilding good boo working w ing stuck hiking, lo sulting), read a they ith lazy (and con I m going to e rs when in a cub teammate ons competiti ling myself that lping oth icle and s, working brand, he e learning. judged an having my football, tel personal inu d control life ng to build my that I can cont than myse lf. led by so meone oth and tryi and failing so er need help Two indust ries I wan presenting t to work (Becoming in: k in even if I got Thomas) or as great a Public speaking and or to s Jesse De wouldn t w g that required me somewhere sjardins & ies that I Anythi n where yet in the tech JonT wo industr lots of money: though) industry (n ot too sure andpaid lots icle and insurance. si t in a cub I ve learne d alooot from a them! ahmadtaleb.tumblr.com ! Follow me on twitter @ataleb52 Ahmad Taleb on a PowerPoint Slide
  8. 8. Thanks  for  checking  out  my   “rebellious”  name  card.   Also,  don’t  forget  to  Check  out  Jesse  Desjardins  work  right  here  on   slideshare  or  at     Jessejardins.com  or  twitter  @  JESSEDEE   Check  out  Jon  Thomas’s  work  also  here  on   slideshare  or  at     Presentationadvisors.com  or  twitter   @Story_Jon