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Senate of Pakistan Library by Ms. Shagufta Shoukat


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Senate of Pakistan Library by Ms. Shagufta Shoukat

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Senate of Pakistan Library by Ms. Shagufta Shoukat

  1. 1. LIBRARY
  2. 2. Reference and Reading Room
  3. 3. Reference and Reading Room
  4. 4. Reference and Reading Room
  5. 5. Reference and Reading Room
  6. 6. Main Library
  7. 7. Main Library
  8. 8. Main Library
  9. 9. Main Library
  10. 10. Main Library
  11. 11. Role of Parliament Legislation: making laws to constitute country’s legal framework. Representation: collecting, aggregating and expressing the concerns, opinions and preferences of citizens Oversight: reviews, monitors and oversees including implementation of policy and legislation on behalf of citizens
  12. 12. Library ➢ Senate Library was established in July 1973 in a small room with initial purchase of ten books. ➢ The composition and function of the Library Committee were defined for the first time under the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Senate 1988.
  13. 13. Mission ➢ To serve the users by providing them with quality resources, services and gateways to information.
  14. 14. Collection Most of the collection in the library is of parliamentary interest that includes: ➢books on law and jurisprudence, political science, economics, ethics, religion, history, public administration, international relations, ➢debates of different Parliaments, ➢Parliamentary Committee reports, gazettes, volumes of local newspapers etc. Today the library has collection of about 20,000 volumes of books.
  15. 15. LAW SECTION Updated and amended law books Members are also being facilitated by subscribing to an online law library which provides access to all case laws and statutes from, ➢PLD, PLJ, SCMR, YLR, PTD, PCrLJ, PLC, CLC, MLD. (hard copies of these law journals are also subscribed) ➢ (
  16. 16. Causes of Transformation Re-engineering of libraries is mainly due to: ➢Save time and serve 24/7 ➢Information explosion ➢Increased Research and Development ➢Variation in readers’ demands ➢Limited budget ➢Application of ICT technology in every field ➢Free information resources
  17. 17. Components of Transformation Development of following components transformed the library system ➢Computer and Communication Technology ➢Library Automation ➢Networking with other libraries ➢Bar code and smart card technology ➢Internet technology ➢Social networking e.g. blogs, facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc
  18. 18. Functions of Library Staff ➢ To automate the library ➢ To provide OPAC service with networking facility and help in resource sharing ➢ To develop library website to get information by giving links to different resources ➢ To provide easy access to archived information ➢ To learn the skills to maintain the database and generate different reports.
  19. 19. To cope up with the emerging trends, we need to move ahead by attaining equilibrium between traditional ways and technological advancements. Thank you