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Changing Role of National Librarian: Use of latest technologies by Syed Ghyour Hussain


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Changing Role of National Librarian: Use of latest technologies by Syed Ghyour Hussain

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Changing Role of National Librarian: Use of latest technologies by Syed Ghyour Hussain

  1. 1. Presenter Syed Ghyour Hussain Director, National Library of Pakistan Email. Tele: + 92 51 9202549 | Fax: + 92 51 9221375 | Cell: + 92 333 5342939 CHANGING ROLE OF NATIONAL LIBRARIAN: Use of latest Technologies
  2. 2. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost ONE CAN TAKE ONLY ONE ROAD National Library of Pakistan
  3. 3. ❖Depository Law ❖Identification of published literary heritage ❖Procurement of Literary Heritage ❖Recording of Heritage ❖Acknowledgments to the depositors ❖Technical processing ❖Maintenance of collections ❖Safety of collections ❖Provision of Access to collections NATIONAL LIBRARIAN: CUSTODIAN OF NATIONAL LITERARY HERITAGE National Library of Pakistan
  4. 4. ❖Record creation for Pakistan National Bibliography ❖Compilation of Bibliography ❖Proof reading/editing ❖Indexing/ Index Translationum, ❖Allied Jobs ❖Printing Process/Book, CDs and Online versions ❖Bills processing/payments ❖Distribution of Pakistan National Bibliography ❖Subject Bibliographies etc. NATIONAL LIBRARIAN :BIBLIOGRAPHIC CONTROL National Library of Pakistan
  5. 5. ❖International cooperation ❖MOUs procedures and process ❖Nomination for International courses ❖International Delegations ❖Representation on International Forums ❖International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions (IFLA) Affairs ❖International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Affairs ❖Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL) Affairs ❖National Libraries of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Affairs ❖UNESCO, ISESCO ,ADB,ILO,IRCICA etc. NATIONAL LIBRARIAN : INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS National Library of Pakistan
  6. 6. ❖Briefings to Standing committees ❖Questions & Answers ❖Cut Motions ❖Joint Exhibitions ❖Provision of Resources for the Parliament ❖Support in Research Activities ❖Reports on Policy Provisions ❖Resource sharing with other Government Departments NATIONAL LIBRARIAN AND PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIR National Library of Pakistan
  7. 7. ❖Preparation of feasibility reports ❖Preparation of PC-I,II,III and IV ❖Defence at the level of appropriate forums ❖PPRA Rules ❖System of Financial Control and Budgeting ❖NIS & MTDF, Cash/Work Plans ❖Release of Funds ❖Preparation of specifications ❖Tender Documents: Technical/Financial ❖Advertisements ❖ BOQs NATIONAL LIBRARIAN: PROJECT MANAGEMENT National Library of Pakistan
  8. 8. ❖Counseling on policy matters ❖Counseling on curricula and syllabus ❖Counseling on Service Structure ❖Counseling on recruitment rules ❖Counseling on Audit observations ❖Counseling on Write off reading material ❖Counseling on amendments in relevant laws /Rules ❖Representation on various committees ❖Services for organization of Libraries ❖Counseling on Library Software ❖Counseling on Digitalization ❖Counseling on ISBN matters ❖Capacity Building & human resource Development ❖To assist FPSC ,PPSC and other similar forums NATIONAL LIBRARIAN: EXPERT COUNSELING National Library of Pakistan
  9. 9. ❖Creation of New posts ❖Recruitment process ❖Supervision of conduct of staff ❖Resolution of employee related issues, promotions(DPC,DSB,CSB), honoraria ❖Disciplinary proceeding ❖Court proceedings ❖Budget preparation ❖Budget implementation ❖Re-appropriations of Accounts ❖Appropriation of Accounts ❖Supplementary Grants ❖Utilization of budget ❖Surrender of Funds ❖DAC/PAC ❖Economic survey NATIONAL LIBRARIAN: ESTABLISHMENT RESPONSIBILITIES National Library of Pakistan
  10. 10. NATIONAL LIBRARIAN: ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES ❖Planning and futuristic thinking ❖Readers Affairs ❖Technical services Affairs ❖Collection Development and maintenance Affairs ❖Coordination with National and International Agencies, ❖Coordination with National and International professional organizations ❖Distribution of books ❖Event Management ❖To ensure regularity and punctuality ❖Supervision of work of staff and officers ❖Smooth provision of utility services ❖Maintenance of Building and premises ❖Maintenance of clean environment National Library of Pakistan
  11. 11. National Library of Pakistan ❖LIS Professional Knowledge and skills ❖Managerial Skills ❖Communication skills ❖Negotiations skills ❖Knowledge of Budget Classification ❖Speech Writing and speaking power ❖Dispute Resolution skill ❖Time Management skills ❖Stress Management skills ❖Emotional Management Skills ❖Human Resource Development skills ❖Knowledge of Contract Laws/Rules ❖Drafting Skills ❖Copyright Laws and Conventions ❖To keep abreast with Changing standards ❖Project Management skills NATIONAL LIBRARIAN: ESSENTIAL SKILLS
  12. 12. National Library of Pakistan NATIONAL LIBRARIAN: IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ❖Digitalization ❖Preservation of Digital Publications/Harvesting ❖National Bibliographic Database ❖Web Publishing ❖Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) ❖Electronic Delivery of Documents ❖Web based services ❖Union catalogue /Union Lists ❖Metasearch Engine /Crawlers ❖Use of Books Security System/Vigilance appliances ❖Joint Venture of Digital Libraries ❖Maintenance of software and hardware ❖Maintenance of LAN/internet ❖License Agreement
  13. 13. National Library of Pakistan NATIONAL LIBRARIAN : IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ❖Non Commercial databases ❖Online publications ❖Publishers websites ❖Bibliographic tools and standards ❖Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES) ❖ICT knowledge and skill ❖Online Searching and surfing techniques ❖Social Media and networking ❖Resource sharing and remote services ❖Preservation and conservation technologies
  14. 14. National Library of Pakistan