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DevOps Spain 2019. David Cañadillas -Cloudbees


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Ponencia. Cloud native CI/CD pipelines

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DevOps Spain 2019. David Cañadillas -Cloudbees

  1. 1. Patrocina Colabora Organiza Cloud Native CI/CD pipelines David Cañadillas Orchestrating Kubernetes with Jenkins X
  2. 2. David Cañadillas EMEA Sr. Solutions Architect @ CloudBees “I love software tech and riding my Harley” First things first Who am I?
  3. 3. Continuously building software… Is that easy? DevOps challenges Scalability Flexibility Performance Easy to use Traceability
  4. 4. Kubernetes can be your mate for DevOps A Cloud Native approach for DevOps challenges Adopting de-facto standards ➔Container orchestration ➔Package deployment management ➔“API-fication” ➔Leveraging Infrastructure as Code ➔Cloud agnostic ...
  5. 5. But… Why Kubernetes? More than orchestrating containers Upscale and downscale clusters on demand, easily Scalability Easy APIs and tooling for infrastructure management Infrastructure abstraction Elastic clusters with easy configuration Velocity
  6. 6. But… Is Kubernetes so awesome? Yeah! I defined different pod templates to deploy all containers we need to build. Did you use the right context? Which namespaces? What about ingress? RBAC?... I don’t know man! I’m not a Kubernetes expert!
  7. 7. Thinking about automation Let’s also orchestrate Kubernetes through its abstraction power
  8. 8. CI/CD powered by Jenkins X Extends K8s with CRDs ● Environment ● Pipeline Activities ● Releases ● Users ● Teams CI/CD automation for Cloud Jenkins Cloud Native implementation Kubernetes only
  9. 9. “One CLI to rule them all” True automation comes first from a powerful cli tooling $ jx create cluster gke --prow=true $ jx get environments $ jx import --url $ jx get activity -f demo -w $ jx get build logs <github-org>/demo/master $ jx get applications ...
  10. 10. Embracing GitOps It’s true DevOps, so Continuous Delivery meets Cloud Native K8s environments Jenkins Git repos Promotion automation ➔Automated environment promotions ➔Infrastructure as Code ➔Git as source of truth App + preview chart Staging chart name + version Production chart name + version Promote Mergetomaster Preview Staging Production GitOps environments and promotion
  11. 11. Serverless experience Git events trigger creation of components Prow tide Jenkinsfile Jenkins orchestration for pipelines ➔Ephemeral masters and agents ➔Prow as event handler ➔Chatops ➔KNative builds ➔KNative templates
  12. 12. An Enterprise Jenkins X solution Extending the cli automation for the Enterprise CloudBees Core for Kubernetes CD CI/CD for Kubernetes: ● CRDs and Jenkins orchestration ● Build packs & Pod Templates ● Jenkins orchestration ● GitOps and K8s native ● SSO and security ● UI Management ● Jenkins X Enterprise support
  13. 13. Demo time! Let’s see it in action
  14. 14. Creating a cluster Get ready to develop in less 15 minutes
  15. 15. Demo effect? No problem, I have a video!
  16. 16. We’re building the WORLD’S FIRST end-to-end continuous software delivery system
  17. 17. Want to know more? Join our CloudBees Days We invite you to join us for a gathering of DevOps leaders, continuous delivery practitioners, Jenkins® users and innovation- focused developers for an informative and interactive full-day event. The CloudBees Days Madrid will be at the Eurostars Madrid Tower on 4th April. Register now using code CDMAD20% to get 20% off the full price.
  18. 18. Patrocina Colabora ¡Gracias!