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Tips for Elder Friendly Home by At Home Medicare Services


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Tips for having an elder friendly home. Learn how to arrange furniture, the kind of fittings in the bathroom, personal wear, how to decorate your room, air and ventilation and how to prevent accidents.

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Tips for Elder Friendly Home by At Home Medicare Services

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Elder friendly home• Entrance must have double doors. The outer door must have a grill to see/collect paper; letters.• Beware of courier with a big parcel that compels you to open the door. Insist on the security guard to be present.• Never open the door unless you know the person.• Lock must be put in between the 2 doors when you are out.• A door alarm at the entrance/to call the neighbor in emergency.• Never allow any one to photograph your house.
  3. 3. Furniture Arrangement• Table—adjust height if needed. Must not be very low or high . Height elevators may be used• Chairs sofas must be of comfortable height. The handles must be about 4 ins. In front of the edge of the chair for easy leverage.• No obstruction for free movement while walking e.g. toys,chappals,carpets etc.• Do not change the position of furniture often.
  4. 4. • Skid proof floor.Bathroom • Western type toilet .proper height ;adjust if required • Hand clasps • Door of the bathroom must open outwards. • Taps—not dripping, easily handled knobs . • Cabinet must contain all daily used items .e.g. Tooth paste/brush/,soap/napkin/ towel etc. • Mirror –adequate height.
  5. 5. Personal wear• Clothes -Large button • Foot wear must . holes fit properly with a firm grasp of foot.• Cotton material. • No high heels.• No trailing clothes. • Not readily slip out.
  6. 6. ROOM• Lighting—night lamp • Telephone handy with list• Dual switches for putting of emergency Nos. e.g.. on and off the light at 2 Doc;friends,chemist; ends of the relations.grocer;veg room/staircase.. vendor; elders help line• Floor light as in the etc theaters. • Medicines taking daily• Remote control for fan, • Alarm with neighbors. light, ac.TV etc • Alarm with local police• Large door handles .• Skid proof floor; not marble.
  7. 7. Air & ventilation• East west flow of air with adequate ventilation• Use of mosquito nets.
  8. 8. Anticipate disabilities & prevent accidents• Visual—encourage use of glasses and a magnifying glass.• Maintain balance--use of walking stick, with a proper height & firm base hold the helping hand.• Hearing—use of hearing aid• Proper fitting dentures.
  9. 9. Elder citizens home• Must be comfortable.• Accident free.• Free from worries• Pleasure to live in.• They will be on top of the world with a rainbow round their shoulder