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Shakespeare in love resume

  1. 1. Shakespeare in Love Shakespeare in Love is a romantic comedyfilm directed by John Madden and comedyfilm written byMarc Norman and Tom Stoppard. The mainactors are Joseph Fiennes Marc as William Shakespeareand Gwyneth Paltrow as Viola de Lesseps.The film is and also a historical drama becausethe plot is based upon a famous person (WilliamShakespeare) and a particular place and time (theoutskirts of London during the Elizabethanperiod). Thus, the film will show you important aspects to better understand the creation of R Romeo and Juliet. You will see the streets of London, the sanitary conditions of the time, theclothes and the lifestyles rich and poor peoplehad. You will even meet peoplehad. Queen Elizabeth I. Moreover, you will see the typical Elizabethanplayhouse and in fact, you should pay attentionto the different parts, the materials it was madeof, the audience and the casting and rehearsal of the actors, bearing in mind that women were not allowed to act and men did their parts. When the film begins, young William Shakespeare is suffering from writer’s block and is unable to finish his play. He begins auditions for Romeo and gives the part to aboy, Thomas Kent, who can perform really well. Thomas is in fact boy, young Viola deLesseps, who wants to act but must disguise herself as a Lesseps, man to fulfill her dream. After Shakespeare discovers her true identity, they begin a passionate love affair that must besecret because Shakespeare besecret is a married actor and playwright and Viola’s father hasarranged her arried
  2. 2. wedding to Lord Wessex, an aristocrat. Viola becomes Shakespeare’s inspiration and the idea of forbidden love is central in the play.However, they discover that there is a woman rehearsing and the theatre is closed.Viola must get married and the company of actors moves to another playhouse. The play is performed on Viola’s wedding day, Shakespeare playing Romeo and a disguised boy playing Juliet. But the boy has problems with his voice and can’t speak. In the end, Viola appears on the stage and performs a perfect Juliet.In spite of their love, they must part because Viola must accompany her husband to America. However, Shakespeare immortalizes character of his new play, Twelfth Night. her by making her themain