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St lucy’s day_in_sweden2


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St lucy’s day_in_sweden2

  1. 1. St Lucy’s day in Sweden
  2. 2. Who was Saint Lucy? Saint Lucy, or Santa Lucia was a young girl who lived in about 300 CE. She was killed by Roman soldiers about fifteen hundred years ago for refusing to give up her religion. She brought food in a time of famine, hundreds of years ago. Now she is associated with both light in the darkness and sight
  3. 3. St Lucy photo
  4. 4. This day is celebrated in Sweden ...but also in other countries, such as Italy and France. It’s celebrated on the shortest and darkest day of the year (December 13 th) In many villages in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark, the Festival of Santa Lucia is a national holiday.
  5. 5. What do they do to celebrate?AT HOME... The oldest girl in the family dresses up in white robes tied with a red sash and wears a wreath with candles. Sisters wear wreaths and belts of  tinsel, and brothers may wear hats with stars on them. They bring coffee and buns to the family
  6. 6. OUTSIDE… There are processions in Sweden. The girls and boys bring cakes and coffee to homes, hospitals, factories, and offices. They sing songs in choirs. Because Saint Lucia was an Italian, her day is also celebrated in Italy. There people honor her day with bonfires and parades
  7. 7. Some photographs