Yeast air balloon


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Yeast air balloon

  1. 1. Necessary equipment:1 packet of yeast 1 cup very warm water 2 tablespoons sugar
  2. 2. a large (rubber) balloon a small, clear, plastic bottle
  4. 4. Put the packet of dried yeast Add 1 cup very warm water into the clear plastic bottle to the bottle so that the bottle is about 1/4 filled
  5. 5. Add 5 teaspoons of sugar Place the balloon over theto the bottle and swirl the mouth of the bottle so taht bottle around it’s fully coverd and there are no leaks
  6. 6. Place the bottle with the balloon on it on a warmwindowsill or place it into a large bowl of warm water
  7. 7. After several minutes, you’ll notice the balloon standingupright. If you don’t see anything happen, keep waiting.
  8. 8. CONCLUSION:A very similar process happens as bread rises. Carbon dioxide from yeast fills bubbles in the dough. That gas makes the bread rise.
  9. 9. Made by: Patrycja & Wiktoria