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Evaluation 1


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Evaluation 1

  1. 1. Evaluation our Film Poster
  2. 3. Film Title Actors names Taglines Production Logo Release Date Dark image Of the Antagonist Reviews credits
  3. 4. To promote and market our movie, a film poster promoting the film had to be made. Film posters are part of digital strategy and can be seen on buses, phone boxes, news papers; anywhere where it can be seen by people but mainly our target audience. The typography on the poster will attract people, the tagline ‘How far would you go to discover the truth’ will engage people and will have them wondering. This is part of marketing and will make them go and watch it in the cinema. The image on the poster is very dark highlighting that the genre of the film is horror. The typography such as the title also adheres to the genre as it looks as if it has been scratched out. The tagline also adheres to the theme of investigation.
  4. 5. Evaluation of our magazine
  5. 7. Masthead, The word scream Automatically makes you think horror. The horror is shown Throughout, keeping The genre consistent. The main image is of our Antagonist. The film title which Is written in the Asylum Font shows consistency. The rhetorical questions Shows consistency of Our theme.
  6. 8. Another way of marketing our film is through a movie magazine. The front cover of the film features our antagonist. The audience will have seen her face around from the trailer and the film poster. Unlike the film poster, they are shown a full lighting image of her. The name of the magazine is ‘Scream’ and the word ‘Horror’ is written through-out this reassures the audience that this is a horror magazine and that the Asylum is a horror film. Also the questions match the tagline on the poster which is also consistent throughout the trailer, poster and magazine.