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Rob Greeno - The Value of CRM Software


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Asyma E3 Conference

Published in: Business, Technology
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Rob Greeno - The Value of CRM Software

  1. 1. The Value of CRM Software: How did I livewithout this stuff?Rob Greeno BSc (BusAdmin)
  2. 2. Agenda• What is Customer Relation Management (CRM)?• CRM Facts• Why is CRM so important?• Alternative CRM systems and the right fit for your organization – Four main determining factors – Simple to Complex – Integration Capabilities• Demonstration – Live – Overview• Keys to Success• Is CRM right for you?• Questions?
  3. 3. What is Customer Relation Management (CRM)?Strategic – At a strategic level CRM is seen as a core businessstrategy (Customer centric)Operational – At an operational level CRM is concerned withautomating parts of the organizationAnalytical – At an analytical level CRM is focused uponexploitation of customer data to drive more highly focusedsales and marketing
  4. 4. CRM Facts• The Facts – As many as 85% of companies that buy CRM software to automate sales efforts do not pick the right tools because they fail to define business objectives or develop processes for meeting objectives. Gartner analyst Robert DeSisto – Typical business loses 10 to 30% of its customers per year (Net promoter – customer satisfaction) Frederick Reichheld, The Loyalty Effect – Increasing customer retention just 5% can increase profits by 25 to 95% Bain & Company – Patronage by loyal customers yields 65% of typical business volume American Management Association
  5. 5. Additional FactsMore CRM Benefits. Benchmark studies reveal that CRMapplications account for:• Revenue increases of up to 41% per sales person• Decreased sales cycles of over 24%• Lead conversion rate improvements of over 300%!• Customer Retention improvements of 27%• Decreased sales and marketing costs of 23%• Improved profit margins of over 2%
  6. 6. Why is CRM so important?• Data Entry (Centralized Database)• Customer Analysis• Customer Service• Prospect Tracking• Internal Communication & Tracking• Reporting• Full integration (CRM, Outlook, Accounting)
  7. 7. Alternative CRM SolutionsSage Accpac CRM, Entellium, Oncontact, Aplicor, Soffront, ADAPT Software,Avidian, Epicor, Goldmine, Kana, NetSuite, Microsoft CRM, Consonant CRM, Oracle,Parature, Pivotal, RightNow, Salesboom,, SAP, SalesLogix, SaratogaSystems, Siebel, SugarCRM, Surado, ACT!, amdocs, Appshore, Aprimo, Ardexus,Astea, Aurum, Chordiant, Commence CRM, CSG Systems, Dendrite, eGain,Enterprise Wizard, Everest, Infor, JD Edwards, LeGrand, Maximizer, NetOffice,Peoplesoft,, Salesnet, Visitar, Infusion Software, Dataforce CRM,BrainSell, Zoho, LeadMaster, VanillaSoft, Model Metrics, PipelineDeals, Tour deForce, Balgord Software Solutions, Landslide, C2CRM, CRMG, PhaseWare, CNP,24SevenOffice, Exact Software, Revelation, Majestic, TechExcel, Commence,ePartners, RunE2E, Stay-In-Front, Workbooks
  8. 8. Demonstration
  9. 9. OverviewWhat canCRM do foryou?
  10. 10. Overview: How will you and your business benefit?• Reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction• Efficient internal communication process and procedures• Create more selling time for your sales representatives• Accurate sales forecasts and no surprises• Higher lead conversion and more pipeline• Stronger pipeline for sales• Increase your marketing ROI• Integrated social media marketing• And much more!
  11. 11. CRM provides a full, 360 degree view of customer data• CRM provides real 360 degree visibility on customers across sales, marketing, customer service and accounts.• For each individual customer, users have instant access to areas such as: • Opportunities • Communications • Cases • Invoices
  12. 12. CRM provides for offline access and mobile access scenarios
  13. 13. CRM Self Service Portal’s allow customers to access CRM functionality over the web• CRM enables customers to securely access CRM functionality over-the-web through the product’s self-service functionality• Customers can log new support issues and can also review the status of their open cases• Where appropriate, customers can also access account details
  14. 14. Sage ERP & Connecting YourSage Suites Business Connecting Your Sales,On Demand Marketing & CustomerServices Service Teams3rd Party Connecting With Your CustomersApplications & Partners 17
  15. 15. Keys to SuccessAlign CRM programs with the business or organizationstrategy!! • Senior management buy in and commitment • Company needs to plan, set goals and provide appropriate feedback • Companies must understand the impact of organizational culture
  16. 16. Is CRM right for you?• Quantify the costs of each pain point – What is the cost if the problem is NOT solved? – What are the cost implications with not having process controls in place? – What are the benefits of having access to the correct information? – What is your return on your marketing dollars?• It Depends – Must determine return on investment (ROI).
  17. 17. Questions?We do more than measure value, we help create it.Our expertise in management, accounting and technology can help you grow a successful business. – Analyze & streamline business processes – Business improvement coaching – Customize business system design – Manage costs and enhance revenue – Technology enhancements • Software selection • Implementation and training • Ongoing support 220-4th Street South #200 10520-178th Street #1309 151 Country Village Rd NELethbridge AB T1J 4J7 Edmonton AB T5S 2J1 Calgary AB T3K 5X5Phone 403-328-8188 Phone 780-448-9895 Phone 403-807-8985Fax 403-381-8057 Fax 780-447-4960 Toll free 1-877-448-9895