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Documents of Freedom: Establishing Policies That Protect Intellectual Freedom


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Documents of Freedom: Establishing Policies That Protect Intellectual Freedom

  1. 1. The Documents of Freedom:Establishing Policies That Protect Intellectual Freedom Ohio Library Council Intellectual Freedom Committee OLC Convention and Expo Friday, October 28, 2011 Amy Switzer Shaker Heights Public Library Jeff Regensburger Worthington Libraries
  2. 2. What is intellectual freedom? Seek and receiveEvery individual’s information from right all points of viewFree access to all Applies to all expressions of areas of library ideas service
  3. 3. What policies are we talking about?Internet and computer useCollection developmentMeeting roomsDisplay of community informationPatron privacy and confidentialityInquiries from law enforcement
  4. 4. Why are they important?Rationale for Instruct how Authority andthe librarys to handle accountability position situationsChecks and Ensure equity Educate staff balances of access and patrons
  5. 5. Internet and Computer Use Policies Reasonable • Time, place, and manner restrictions • Obscene No unlawful • Child pornography purposes • “Harmful to minors” • Other illegal things Privacy of users • Protect confidentiality Everyone is responsible for • Parents/guardians responsible for minorswhat they access
  6. 6. Collection Development/Selection Policies • Service Policy Consider • Collection Specifications • Current Selection Needs • Goals for Acquiring Material • Responsibility Include • Criteria • Selection Procedures • Reconsideration of Material
  7. 7. Requests for Reconsideration Why do I • Consistency for both patrons and staff • Resolve misunderstandingsneed a formal • Reduce incidents of conflict process? • Protect the library from litigationWhat should • Written complaint form • Review processbe included? • Notify governing body about complaint
  8. 8. Patron Privacy and ConfidentialityIt’s the law! ORC §149.432Covers a record in any form that is maintained bythe library and contains info that :•Is required to be eligible to use the library or borrow materials.•Identifies someone as having requested material/info on a specific subject.
  9. 9. When can we release information? To With subpoena,To the individual parents/guardians search warrant, or of minor children court order Law enforcement Library officer - public administrative safety in exigent purposes circumstances
  10. 10. What about our internal process?How What ID is required for adults? For children?informationwill be What about over the phone?released? What about lost/stolen cards?What about Staff access customer information as permitted by lawstaffaccess? Staff who are customers are entitled to confidentiality
  11. 11. Inquiries from Law Enforcement September 11th Section 215 of and the USA the Patriot Act Patriot Act The Ohio Library Code of Revised Code Ethics 149.432
  12. 12. How do I prepare for a visit from law enforcement?Create a privacy policyHave a written procedure for staffMake sure staff and Board know the procedure and the lawDont create unnecessary recordsDont save records that arent essential to the operation of the libraryBe aware of information on public view
  13. 13. Law enforcement has arrived – what do I do?In advance: During a visit:•Decide who will •Ask for handle these identification Foreign requests •Refer the official Intelligence•Backup plan for to the library Next steps Surveillance Act removal of director equipment •Is there a court (FISA) order? (Subpoena? Search warrant?)
  14. 14. Meeting Room PoliciesExplain scope and Be purpose of the Be inclusive viewpoint/content meeting room neutral Apply the same You can have standard to all some rules
  15. 15. Displays of Community Information and Exhibit SpaceExplain scope and purposeBe inclusiveBe viewpoint/content neutralCover free newspapers, periodicals, & voter or campaign info
  16. 16. Conclusion, Questions, and ContactsAmy Switzer, Shaker Heights Public Library • aswitzer@shakerlibrary.orgJeff Regensburger, Worthington Libraries • jregensb@worthingtonlibraries.orgOnline • Twitter: •
  17. 17. Resources and Sample Policies (OLC) (ALA) (Wisconsin) (Webjunction) State)
  18. 18. Handoutsare online.