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This presentation was created and given by Melissa Jordan, of BART, for the HyperArts social media event on Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. 1. Transit 2.0 at Melissa Jordan Senior Web Producer December 10, 2009
  2. 2. BART moves 340,000 riders a day...
  3. 3. ...who aren’t afraid to use new tools to share their experiences on BART. Note: does not condone puke and/or cocaine.
  4. 4. Our challenge: Harness new platforms to better serve and connect with our customers Maintain our reputation for safe, reliable public transportation How do we do it?
  5. 5. By being the most accurate, timely, reliable source of info
  6. 6. By having a real-time, interactive, user-focused website Website designed by Hot Studio:
  7. 7. By sharing our data with the developer community
  8. 8. By going where our customers are Real-time information on the platform of your choice: • Mobile website • Text message updates • Email updates • Twitter • Facebook • Third-party apps • RSS feeds • Posterous blog
  9. 9. By sharing what we see and hear on BART...
  10. 10. By connecting: Customers with each other to help build community Developers with data and customers in order to provide more high-quality products and services
  11. 11. What about ROI? Find sensible metrics • Website traffic: traffic increased after the redesign and the start of Web 2.0 and social cross-promotions • Fan interactions: For the week I was preparing this, the largest interacting group was 18-24 year olds, a segment we want to attract • Cost per web user: $0.08 per user session
  12. 12. Positive word-of-mouth loyalty is another measure of success.
  13. 13. Isn’t it hard to innovate in government? Yes
  14. 14. You have to be a gatekeeper Namdaemun Gate in Seoul, by Peter Garnhum via Flickr
  15. 15. Cupcaking?
  16. 16. Find workarounds.
  17. 17. But use good judgment. Image credit: @DrDuran via Twitter
  18. 18. And don’t fear a meme. Use it to your advantage... Image credit:
  19. 19. understanding the medium and using the right tone.
  20. 20. Next time you’re in the Bay Area, BART…and you’re there! By Melissa Jordan Senior Web Producer Cover & this image:
  21. 21. What have we done lately? Two highlights: Preparing for launch of full public API Partnering with Foursquare
  22. 22. Why an API? “Hello, I am in the process of developing an app that focuses on wheeled accessibility - both for folks with disabilities and those pushing strollers - and want to get I details on accessible stations, etc.” Woman pushing stroller, by heyitscatie via Flickr
  23. 23. Partnering with Foursquare Text dd Mashable
  24. 24. Connect with your audience... Image credit: @DrDuran via Twitter
  25. 25. Reach out to developers... Image credit: @DrDuran via Twitter
  26. 26. Amplify the awesome. Tilt-shift photo of Colma Station by @reign_fatlace via Twitter
  27. 27. Let’s talk! Questions? If we don’t get to yours, just email me at