Biblical images of the church


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Biblical images of the church

  1. 1. Biblical Images of the Church
  2. 2. Scriptural Images of the Church 1. Flock of Christ, the Good Shepherd, who lays down his life for his sheep 2. Vineyard of God- “I am the Vine and you are the branches” (Jn 15.5). 3. Temple of God, with Christ as the Cornerstone 4. Our Mother, the spotless spouse of the spotless lambNOTE: “since these images are drawn from specific concrete culture and times of the biblical people, they have to be carefully explained.”
  3. 3. Biblical Images of the Church byVatican II:A. People of GodB. Body of ChristC. Temple of the Holy SpiritD. Kingdom of God
  4. 4. A. PEOPLE OF GOD “God has willed to make men holy and save them, not merely as individuals without any mutual bonds, but by making them into a single people, a people which acknowledge Him in truth and serves him in holiness.” (LG 9) People of God is the most celebrated image of the Church.
  5. 5. A. PEOPLE OF GOD CHARACTERISTICS OF PEOPLE OF GOD: Cause is GOD Head is Christ Members are “those who believe in Christ” Condition is that of the dignity and freedom of the sons/daughters of God, in whose hearts the HS dwells as in a temple Law is Christ’s new commandment of love Mission is to be the salt of the earth, light of the world Destiny is the final kingdom of God
  6. 6. A. PEOPLE OF GOD The NEW TRIBE is going to establish the NEW and FINAL PEOPLE OF GOD. The NEW PEOPLE OF GOD is a priestly, prophetic, and kingly people” (PCP II 116-121).
  7. 7. B. BODY OF CHRIST “He who hears you, hears me. Ho who rejects you, rejects me” (Lk 10:16). “I assure you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” (Mt 25.40) Thus, the church is not just like a body, but IS the Body of Christ, really made one in him, in his “mystical” Body.
  8. 8. B. BODY OF CHRIST Christ’s body can refer to: a) PHYSICAL BODY of the Historical Jesus b) EUCHARISTIC BODY, making sacramentally present to us the Person of the Risen Christ c) MYSTICAL BODY, the Church
  9. 9. B. BODY OF CHRIST Read Romans 3.29-30 Read Romans 12.3-11 Within Christ’s body, the church, there is a great variety of members and functions (PCP II 91-94)
  10. 10. C. TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT  St Paul wrote: “You are the temple, and spirit of God dwells in you” (1 Cor. 3:16/ 1 Cor. 6.19-20)  Traditional teaching of the Church declares “As Christ is the Head of the church, so is the Holy Spirit its soul” (ND 852).
  11. 11. C.TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT The church is the creation of the Holy Spirit. It is the action of the Holy Spirit that creates the church. “Communio sanctorum… communio peccatur” –community of saint, community of sinner
  12. 12. D. KINGDOM OF GOD “The church is the initial BUDDING FORTH OF THE KINGDOM”. The KOG is the presentist-futurist reality.  Itis already here but not yet in full establishment. KOG is God’s ultimate rule which demands new attitudes and change of relationship.
  13. 13. D. KINGDOM OF GOD READ Mark 1.15 Scriptural Phrase Ask Question a. Time is fulfilled WHEN b. Kingdom of God WHAT c. Kingdom of God WHOSE d. Repent HOW 1 e. Believe HOW 2 f. Good News/Gospel Goal