Social media strategies


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Social media strategies

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIESSocial Media Strategies Establishing a Presence By Anthony D. Gordon
  2. 2. Social media has changed the way we communicate, now we socialnetwork! Social media sites offer the ability to engage with people in waysthat traditional message boards never could facilitate. If you are new tosocial networking at media sites, here are some of the strategies people areimplementing today to generate income through these important resources:Lets begin with Twitter. If you havent engaged in social networking, this issimply the easiest of all the current popular sites. Just take a few minutes toregister.Fill out your Twitter profile. It will help you build credibility more quicklyand give you the appearance of being a permanent participant. Post a fewlinks. They can be to the articles you have posted around the Internet thattrack back to your web site, as well as to pages on your site.Now its time to do some searches. Use keywords to find other Twitter usersthat may be potential clients. Use the follow feature to create a connection.Follow everyone who follows you. It can bring you in contact with otherswho follow them and possibly increase your follower base.Post something daily. Even a short comment with a link will do nicely. Themore you post, the better chance you have of expanding your Twitternetwork. Vary the posts. Don’t simply copy something you posted before.Mix it up, or your posts will look more like spam. Ask questions as well asmake comments in your tweets. It will possibly stimulate some cross poststhat lead to promoting your web site.Respond to any private messages. They could lead to a sale. Have fun withthe site. Once you get the hang of Twitter, you may be surprised at howmany contacts you can make, and how they increase your site traffic.Social Media Strategies Page 2
  3. 3. Now let’s set up a LinkedIn profile. Be as precise in what you do and whatyou sell as possible. Add a picture to your profile. LinkedIn users rangefrom small business owners to freelancers to corporate executives. All ofthem like to see who they are doing business with. Include backgroundinformation that will generate hits. This is your life. You never know whatwill lead to a connection.Search LinkedIn. Find other people that you have some sort of connectionwith, such as a high school, college, or past employer. As part of anothersearch, use keywords that have to do with the type of products you offer.You may come across people who work with companies or in fields thatcould use what you have to sell.Always respond to queries or messages you receive from other LinkedInmembers, even if they are general queries. They may pass your web siteaddress on to other people if the two of you get along. Check out otherprofiles for ideas on how to present yourself. You may come acrosssomething that would work very well and increase your visibility. Updateyour data from time to time. If your LinkedIn profile appears active, it willdraw more attention.Post a link to your LinkedIn profile on Twitter. It will help increase yourLinkedIn network as well as your Twitter followers. Devote a few minuteseach day on LinkedIn, actively looking for new contacts. People sign upevery day, so there is always potential there. Set up a Facebook account.Spend some time getting to know the various features on the site.Create your Facebook profile. Include the same data as on your LinkedInprofile, including links back to your web site. Search for other FacebookSocial Media Strategies Page 3
  4. 4. members to connect with. Look by location, school, workplace, or any othercriteria you can imagine. Make friends. Send friends requests as well asapprove any that come your way.Check out the groups. Search by subject to find groups devoted to subjectsthat have some relevance to your product offerings. Participate in thegroups. Post a message at least once or twice a week. It will increase yourvisibility.Post links on your wall. These can be to promotional articles you havewritten, or to pages on your web site. Upload pictures. They draw interestand will make people look at your postings more often. Make comments onyour wall. Others can see them and offer comments.Comment on remarks your friends make. The interaction makes it morelikely for them to look at your links, or to recommend them to someoneelse. Sign up for a MySpace account. Make sure your screen name isrelevant to the products you sell. Use keywords in your profile that will helpyou show up in searches.Use the blog feature. Write something a couple times each week. Includelinks to your promotional articles, web site, and anywhere else you have anonline presence.Build your MySpace network. Look for other users who might benefit fromyour products and try to become connected to them. Comment on otherMySpace blogs. It will increase your visibility. Upload pictures and createalbums. Use shots of you with your products, etc. Change your MySpaceskins now and then. It will keep your page interesting.Social Media Strategies Page 4
  5. 5. Cross promote your MySpace page and your Twitter page to look forMySpace clubs to join. It will help more people find you and increase yournetwork.Establish a You-Tube account. Launch your first video. Keep it short andsweet, but use it to promote some aspect of your product line. If you sellmultiple products, make a short introductory video on each one. Follow upwith situational videos that show someone solving a problem with the useof your products.Promote your videos at Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. At the same time,find other videos that are relevant to your business and make comments onthem. Others will do the same for you, helping to drive up the page rank onyour video promotions. Add new videos regularly. Something new will keeppeople coming back for more.Vary the formats for your You-Tube videos. Some can be serious, somecomedic, some a mixture of both. Retire videos that seem to do nothing orelicit negative responses. Develop new ones using the comments youreceive, good and bad. Compare your videos to others promoting similarproducts. You might pick up a few ideas of how to make your presentationsmore popular.Social Media Strategies Page 5
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