Elevator Pitch at AREA48


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How to Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch at AREA48

  1. 1. Brent Sebold ASU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group
  2. 2. ideation vetting ideas elevator pitches executive summaries
  3. 3. ideation and vetting exercise: the bug list. studentventures.asu.edu/ startup-bowl#resources
  4. 4. pitch your venture in two concise sentences. courtesy of our friend, dave bittner.
  5. 5. let’s craft yours now.
  6. 6. Company name sells this product/service to these users/payers who want these solutions/benefits. Unlike these competitors (or the status quo), we do this differently/better (our secret sauce).
  7. 7. let’s hear ‘em!
  8. 8. additional tools
  9. 9. additional tools – next step http://blog.guykawasaki.com