Alexandria Network Overview


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Overview of the Alexandria Network for public libraries. Providing economic development by using libraries for coworking in communities.

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Alexandria Network Overview

  1. 1. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEThe Alexandria NetworkDemocratization of Entrepreneurism
  2. 2. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEAgenda• Introductions• What is the problem?• Why the Library?• Overview of Alexandria Network• Benefits• Conclusion
  3. 3. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEWhat is the problem?• SituationHundreds of inventors, problem solvers, potential entrepreneurs, micro andsmall businesses need assistance in advancing their ideas• ComplicationMinimal support structure for these innovators and ‘great little companies’(GLC) --- incubators, accelerators etc. target high potential startups (HPSU) only• QuestionHow do we utilize scarce resources to offer support to these potential jobcreators• Answer:Utilize the library with Alexandria Network and…
  4. 4. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEWhy the library?• Due to digitization modern library has been seeking to refine and redefinetheir role within the community• Libraries are still judged on circulation and ‘foot traffic’ - which has beendropping significantly• Digitization also means libraries have access to under utilized space• Libraries are geographically dispersed and embedded in nearly everycommunity - allowing a network effect to occur• Arizona has over 300 libraries• Scottsdale has 5• Trusted, neutral ground (Switzerland) and safety
  5. 5. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEFirst, a Library Perspective• What is our role within the community?Especially given the ubiquity of e-content, the ability to “Google it”, digitalization ofeverything feasible (i.e. books, entertainment)• How do we demonstrate tangible value to our community?• Library staff have limited access to specialized training to supportinnovation entrepreneur-oriented economy• Tight budgetsNeed for creative solutions that do not involve major renovations or capital outlays• Collaboration and sharing are the soul of a Library and the staffSharing best practices, peer mentoring, working together, etc.
  6. 6. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEWhy the Library?Hence the library….No other institution does a better job of reaching peopleCivic Center
  7. 7. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEBy utilizing the libraries (across the state) wecan create a network• The Alexandria network is named after the first great library, the Library atAlexandria which started in the 3rd century BC• The layout of the Alexandria library is actually copied by universities as it hadreading, meeting rooms and lecture halls• This and the libraries in antiquity that followed it were not just about books, inessence they were the first collaboration, gathering for scholars, co-workingspaces and knowledge hubs• People would gather in libraries to discuss, debate and tackle issues fromastronomy to mathematics to philosophy to anatomy• Historians now count these places as the first research institutions, predatingthe university by centuries• The Alexandria Network is designed to assist the modern library transition toits origin and deepening community involvement
  8. 8. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEHow?Alexandria Network - model• SPACE is foremost– Use examples of leading co-working/collaboration spaces and the ASUChangemaker Central layout as a starting point• Create EUREKA! Hubs in Scottsdale Public Library Civic Center– Co-working ‘light’– Place for entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors to network witheach other– Innovation knowledge locations– Access to pracademic learning modules– Access to exclusive online material– Physical layout includes white board and lean canvas material– Location for ASU mentors to be based or liaise with
  9. 9. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEExample: Co-Working SpaceWhite boardLean Canvas
  10. 10. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISE• Pracademic modules designed to develop theentrepreneurial mindset• Fundamentals of launching a new venture• Lean Launch Pad• Delivered by subject matter experts
  11. 11. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEHow?Alexandria Network - model• Operations– Identify ‘EUREKA champions’ in each library who will receive specialentrepreneurship and innovation trainings from ASU Venture Catalyst– Organize monthly panel sessions using online collaboration tools or even videoconference call, so that many can interact in different locations– ASU SkySong to provide programming– Make these ONLY accessible at the locations to ensure that people show up andmix, collaborate– Use the space as a ‘co-working light’ environment,– Run Entrepreneur Office Hours with ASU Venture Catalyst staff or mentors at theselocations
  12. 12. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEAnd by creating a space people cancollaborate we create other networks• Being an inventor, problem solver or entrepreneur is often a lonely task• The EUREKA hubs can act as places for people to share• Networking amongst individuals is an important part of the concept• Local library staff act as ‘champions’ by offering advice and support• ASU mentor network can be activated to provide some support• Online and digital assets from the library system and ASU can act as additionalinformation or programs
  13. 13. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEBenefits• Minimal costs - uses existing infrastructure and staff• Economic Development – identification of new startups• Who can enter the ecosystem - anyone• Scalable (SPL to scale out to other 4 branches if feasible)• Encourages entrepreneurship and networking• Reach remote and/or under served markets• Hassel free entrepreneurship – you chose when and where to go• Generates buzz @ the community level
  14. 14. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEAlexandria - ScottsdaleEureka Node
  15. 15. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISENext Steps• Begin and complete the pilot• Develop a quick start launch kit for additional Eurekanodes• In an organized fashion, roll out across AZ
  17. 17. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL ENTERPRISEThank youDemocratization of Entrepreneurism