The Future of Mobile and Location-Based Marketing


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My presentation from Webcom 2012 on The Future of Location-Based Marketing.

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  • Take a look at how an African tech startup has helped communities in informal areas use GPS technology on their mobile devices to get and share formal street adresses
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  • Austin-based Gowalla launched in 2009 and have quickly picked up steam. While they have about 1/5 they users of foursquare, their stunning venue icons and virtual goods have kept them top of mind for many businesses like Disney.
  • The Future of Mobile and Location-Based Marketing

    1. 1. The Future of Mobile and Location Based Marketing May 16, 20121
    2. 2. The mobile phone is becoming the “first screen” for a majority of internet users There are more people own this earth that own mobile phones than toothbrushes. -Bill McDermott Co-CEO, SAP2 @aaronstrout
    3. 3. This Mobile Thing is Big! 42% of mobile 5.9 billion phones in mobile the U.S. are subscribers smartphones (87%) 1.2 billion worldwide Mobile web users 8 trillion text messages Google sent in 2011 makes $2.5B in annual mobile ad revenue3 @aaronstrout
    4. 4. Use of Geo-Social and Location-Based Services is on the Rise *Pew Internet, Kathryn Zickhur, May 11, 20124 @aaronstrout4
    5. 5. Research and Insights Relationship Before Purchase Source: The Mobile Movement Study, Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT , Apr 20115 @aaronstrout
    6. 6. Mobile activity is growing by leaps and bounds Mobile is Opening New • 60% of Time Spent on Smartphones is New Activity for Content Doors Mobile Users Mobile Internet Googles10% of allsearches have risenmobile • mobile Internet activity is via a 500% Access is Hugefrom 2008 to 2010 Mobile/Desktop Search • Desktop search is complemented by, not cannibalized by are Complementary mobile which spikes during lunch, evenings & weekends Mobile-Optimized Sites • Mobile-optimized web sites get 74% better Increase Conversion conversion rates • Mobile commerce in should reach $119 billion by 2015 mCommerce is Viable according to ABI Research Location Based Services • According to a survey by Microsoft, 60% of those surveyed (LBS) Are Growing know what a LBS is. 24% have used an LBS6 @aaronstrout
    7. 7. Some Mobile Best Practices
    8. 8. Best Practices: Take advantage of mobile devices native features  Leverage features like:  GPS  Cameras,  Sharing  Music LIKE THIS 8 @aaronstrout
    9. 9. Best Practices: Allow for Commerce but optimize for Pre-Commerce  Customers should be able to buy through their mobile device  But more than likely will be researching and sharing9 @aaronstrout
    10. 10. Best Practices: Leverage customers’ desire to check-in and share  Local is the new “black.” Connect using a location based service10 @aaronstrout
    11. 11. Speaking of Sharing…
    12. 12. Social Media is Huge … but you knew that already 900 million 225 million 100 million 90 million12 @aaronstrout
    13. 13. Survey Says… In August of 2011, 53% of all respondents to a JiWire survey said they were willing to share location on a mobile device in exchange for relevant content JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report: Q2 201113 @aaronstrout
    14. 14. A Few Examples
    15. 15. Smart Use of Geofencing and Location-Based Text Messaging Subway has partnered with O2’s location based texting service “You Are Here,” to introduce scannable discount vouchers.15 @aaronstrout1
    16. 16. American Express Tackles the Last Frontier… Small Business with My Offers American Express introduced My Offers, a mobile deals platform that recommends and ranks merchant offers based on a consumers spending history and location. My Offers leverages American Express Smart Offer technology, which connects shoppers and merchants across the Facebook, Twitter and foursquare platforms.16 @aaronstrout1
    17. 17. Using Non-terrestrial “Location” - Shazam and GetGlue for Oxygen/NBC • Connected viewers to to once they “Shazamed” the “hot spots” in the show. • Delivered special scenes from Glee each week but that followed the linear flow of the show. • Great response from audience. Drove more digital interactions. • NBC is on 3rd show using GetGlue where fans can earn exclusive stickers weekly for checking In to our shows. • The Glee Project was the #8 most checked into show of the summer and Bad Girls Club season 7 just passed the 100k check-in mark.17 @aaronstrout
    18. 18. What Does the Future Hold?
    19. 19. The Future of Mobile and Location is Ambient (Think Wifi)19 @aaronstrout1
    20. 20. The Future is Better Deals/Loyalty (Think Tasti Dlite) • Experiential • Loyalty Based • Educational • Fun • Non-transactional20 @aaronstrout2
    21. 21. The Future is More Precise (Think Geofencing)21 @aaronstrout2
    22. 22. The Future is Mobile Payments (Think NFC)22 @aaronstrout2
    23. 23. Key Take Aways
    24. 24. Key Take Aways The Introduction – increasingly, your customers’ first experience with you starts on a mobile device The Captive Audience – mobile search during coffee, lunch & television complements desktop search Your Website – remember to support customers’ purchase intent with the right info when they visit your site When They Buy – most purchases still happen offline but mobile is becoming critical to the buying process The New Loyalty – customers want to connect, share and engage with your brand via location based services24 @aaronstrout
    25. 25. THANK YOU!  Aaron Strout, WCG Head of location-based marketing    @aaronstrout RESOURCES: @aaronstrout