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AAS Imagine '09: Sustainable Development Powered by Social Innovation and Space Exploration by Evan Thomas

  1. Developing Another World Evan Thomas, Ph.D. Sustainable development powered by social innovation and space exploration
  2. Engineers Without Borders-USA Johnson Space Center Chapter NASA Engineers, Scientists, Educators, Astronauts volunteer with retirees, university and high school students to Assess, Design, Implement and Monitor Sustainable Development projects in Rwanda and Mexico With a vision to improving equity in the world and developing synergies between life on Earth and living in Space.
  3. Bring Your Own Water Treatment System Unfinished cistern from other NGO project Prototype CAD design Completed BYOW-II at Mugonero Orphanage, August 2007
  4. UN Millennium Development Goals NASA technical needs Food and Poverty Education Equality Health Disease Mortality Sustainability Life Support Global Partnerships New Technologies Inadequate food supply Unsafe food supply Lack of income sources Access to education Empowerment Unsanitary conditions Respiratory disease Lack of access to primary care Malnutrition Infectious disease HRP – Inadequate Nutrition HRP – Impaired Performance due to reduced muscle mass, strength, endurance HRP – Reduced Physical Capability due to reduced aerobic capacity HRP – Inadequate Food System HRP – Behavioral Health and Performance ETDP – Environmental Control and Life Support – clothing/fabric cleaning (ELS-16) STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – Multiple projects (JSC, ISS, CxP, SSP, HRP) ETDP – Environmental Control and Life Support – partial gravity water recovery (ELS-3) ETDP – Protection Systems – dust control (DM-2) ETDP – Environmental Control and Life Support – trace contaminants, dust filtration, post-fire cleanup/monitoring, particulates (ELS-10,11,14,15,AEMC-1,4,6,7,8) HRP – Bone fracture, invertebral disc damage, renal stone formation, cardiac rhythm problems HRP – Inability to treat ill or injured crewmember HRP – Accelerated Osteoporosis, Accelerated Effects of Dust Exposure HRP – Adverse Health Event due to ineffectiveness of medication HRP – Accelerated Health Effects due to alteration in immune response or alteration in host-microorganism interactions ETDP – Structures, Materials and Mechanisms – durability, repair, habitats (SMM-6, AH-1) ETDP – Protection Systems – PV array dust mitigation (DM-4) ETDP – Energy Storage and Power Systems – energy storage. batteries, fuel cells, power mgmt (ES-1,3,4,6) ETDP – Environmental Control and Life Support – water recovery, biocide, water quality monitoring, waste treatment, clothing, (ELS-3,5,7,8,12,13,16, AEMC-3,5, AWT-1) ETDP – Robotics, Operations and Supportability – field/self repair, free-form manufacturing, (SUP-1,4,5) ETDP – Avionics and Software – training support technologies (AFO-3) ETDP – Integrated Systems Health Management – decision support tools (ISHM-4) ETDP – Communications and Navigation – wireless network, high bandwidth communications (CN-1, HBC-1) HRP – Errors due to Inadequate Information HRP – Errors due to poor task design Unsustainable technology solutions Inadequate infrastructure or resources Lack of safe drinking water and sanitation Lack of knowledge sharing Lack of training Lack of distribution
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