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Capstone Module 7 Ass 2 Presentation


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Disconnection Between a Woman\'s Genital and Subjective Arousal

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Capstone Module 7 Ass 2 Presentation

  1. 1.  Genital arousal occurs without mentally acknowledging the engorged state  Genital and/or Subjective arousal is not realized or is ignored
  2. 2.  Suppression of sexuality  Genital lubrication is a method to fundamentally protect from injury  Conflict concerning double standards  Every day stress
  3. 3.  Emotions-positive & negative-compile sexual excitement  Psychological & emotionally desiring sexual stimuli coupled with positive emotional, cognitive feedback creates a “turned on” state
  4. 4.  Increase of blood flow with vaginal lubrication as a result of vaginal engorgement  VPA reflects changes in vaginal engorgement with each heartbeat  Occurs during the presence of sexually erotic stimuli
  5. 5.  Subjective: conduct self-reports rating erotic stimuli based on scales  Genital: viewing sexual stimuli, vaginal photoplethysmograph measured un- engorged & engorged tissues  Sexual stimuli contained non-erotic & erotic films & pictures
  6. 6.  Physical arousal present with self-reports indicating no arousal  Increase in genital arousal to chimpanzee coitus; self-report of no arousal  Subjective self-reports stating aroused states to male-female acts  Genitally, however, more aroused by female-female erotica
  7. 7.  Contributing factor in disconnection between aroused states  Cortisol is released in stressful situations  Higher cortisol levels lower sexual functioning  No correlation between cortisol levels & genital arousal
  8. 8.  Disconnection does occur  Displays a fluidity of arousal in levels of sexual acts vs. preferred gender thus generating conflict  Stress negatively influences subjective arousal
  9. 9.  One can manipulate a negative sexual situation into a positive sexual experience  A lack of subjective arousal? Retrain the thought process into a sexually exciting phenomenon!  Unconscious conditioning of genital response is possible
  10. 10.  Will women desire to change their states of arousal to a more enhanced sexual experience?  With the transformation of thought and mentality, do women desire to renovate their subjective arousal in accordance to their genital arousal?