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M4 project


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Green Plates

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M4 project

  1. 1. Green Plates Andrew Strausberger “Plates That Save the Planet”
  2. 2. About Us • Green plates is a recycled plate company that is working to reduce the amount of regular paper plates used • All green plates are recyclable • Made of only recycled products • High quality plates
  3. 3. Partnership • The company of Green Plates is a somewhat specialized company that plans to stay relatively small. • Because of this, it will start out as partnership with myself and one of my environmentally conscious friend • My friend will focus on the marketing of the plates • I will focus on the research and development of the plates to make them 100% recyclable and as cost effective as possible
  4. 4. Real Estate • Listing: Bridge-Road-Roswell-GA-30075 • As a company that primarily ships the product, real estate location is based on convenience to get to • 800sq ft, • $20.25/sqft per year • $1,350 per month rent • $16,200 per year
  5. 5. Inputs Input Estimated Cost per year ($) Rent 16,200 Engineers to create design for plates 240,000 Workers to manage plate production 100,000 Equipment to manufacture the plates 300,000 Recycled materials to make plates 12,000 Total 668,200 • Money will come from my savings fund as well as my partner’s savings fund • We will have the savings after working several years in another job
  6. 6. Licenses and Fees •Fees include maintenance and unsatisfied customers •We will need insurance to cover the workers if they were to get injured. •We will pay income taxes
  7. 7. Demographics •We have no true focus in marketing •Anyone can help save the planet by using plates that result in less waste for our planet!
  8. 8. Market Structure • Monopolistic Competition-Our product would be protected by a patent, but firms can make their own product to compete • Competition- any industry that wants to produce plates that are more environmentally friendly than the original paper plate • Our plate is the most environmentally friendly with the best quality and no leakage
  9. 9. Business Card Green plates “Plates That Save the Planet” • Andrew Strausberger • 789-765-5568 • The most environmentally safe plates on the market!
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