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Astound Commerce: Four Actionable Insights from Our 2016 Holiday Research Report


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The holiday season is upon us. To satisfy savvy and demanding holiday shoppers, retailers must streamline both online and in-store experiences or risk losing customers now and in the future. To further understand this year’s holiday shopping trends, Astound Commerce surveyed more than 1,000 frequent online shoppers across multiple generations to learn what customers really want from retailers.

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Astound Commerce: Four Actionable Insights from Our 2016 Holiday Research Report

  1. 1. The face of retail is continuing to shift into a complex, multi-layered experience, and retailers that offer comprehensive digital capabilities with flexible fulfillment options and engaging in-store experiences are poised to grab a competitive share of consumer dollars. For more information, visit How do you use social media during the holiday season? Facebook Customer service Monitor trends Make purchases Watch product videos Make purchases Look at peer reviews Hunt for deals, share products Make purchases 69% Pinterest Youtube 75% 23% 26% 26%37%59% 59% While the in-store experience plays a crucial role in holiday sales, social media has become a key influencer when it comes to inspiration and product discovery. Social media matters The role of the sales associate Rarely interact with sales associates 55% Don’t want to interact at all 41% Would rather interact with technology than associates 55% Believe positive interactions with sales associates are an important factor in their likelihood to purchase 69% Shoppers are mixed in their sentiments toward sales associates. Brick-and-mortar is still the most substantial revenue driver for retailers, but data shows that consumer behavior while in store has changed, putting less emphasis on the sales associate and more on technology. Technology that assists shoppers in finding the exact location of a product within the physical store Notification via mobile phone that an item in your cart is available/in-stock when you arrive at the store Touch screens or kiosks that facilitate information gathering, allow for checkout or arrange for delivery In-store texts or push notifications while visiting the store to receive coupons or be alerted of promotions that are taking place Not ImportantDesirable How desirable would each of the following capabilities be this holiday season? 1 1 81% 19% 75% 25% 74% 26% 73% 27% In-store upgrades impress shoppers In the past year, what have retailers done to prompt you to purchase with them instead of Amazon? 22%Exclusive or unique products 23%Easier access to store inventory 29%On par or faster delivery times 46%Special offers or better promotions Better prices 65% Consumers can make choices beyond Amazon. Retailers must rise to the occasion as shoppers indicate that better prices and promotions along with competitive logistics matter. Being nimble throughout the season can secure greater market share despite the fact that 43% of shoppers report they will buy more than half of their holiday purchases on Amazon. 31% 23% Same day store delivery +8% 38% 29% Shop in-store last minute when delivery is unavailable online +9% 46% 36% Order on a mobile device +10% 41% 29% Go to stores for ideas +12% What will you do “more” of this holiday season? Millennials (25–34)Average While top influencers such as price and shipping costs have remained relatively consistent between seasons, consumers online shopping habits tend to shift during the holidays. The largest gaps between age groups suggest that millennials will order on mobile devices, use same day delivery, and shop last minute more than any other age group. Ironically, they will also embrace stores so readiness in all channels is optimal. Excellence across channels is imperative The Amazon factor 24% 19% Live chat +5% 40% 34% In-store pickup +6% 41% 34% Shipping deadline/cutoff dates +7% Same day delivery options 35% 27% +8% Which delivery options will cause you to make a purchase from a particular retailer? Millennials (25–34)Average With more than $200 billion in purchasing power, millennials will be a huge revenue driver for retailers this holiday season. Guaranteed on time delivery 62% Past experience with a retailer 64% Product in stock & ready to ship 67% Free shipping 68% Right price 79% Top 5 influences on selecting a retailer: Shopping influences suggest pricing and logistics paramount The holiday shopping season is the most profitable time of the year for retailers: As shoppers continue to move across channels to find the best fit for their gift giving needs and budget, it’s important for retailers to understand what drives customers to specific retailers, what behavior different consumer demographics exhibit, how consumers navigate online, and the role social media plays in the purchase process. Astound Commerce, a global digital commerce agency, surveyed over 1000 consumers to assess their attitudes and expected behavior this holiday season across digital and physical channels, and how they expect to use mobile devices and social media during their holiday shopping journey. Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping Consumer Wishes = Retailer Opportunities