Methods to set up android app development environment


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The Goal of mobilepundits in this slide is to give an information that how to set up Android app development environment to build a successful Android application. The intended audience for this information is beginner level developer with basic knowledge of Android app development environment.

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Methods to set up android app development environment

  1. 1. Methods to set up Android app development environment
  2. 2. Our Goal The goal of this guide is to give the information to beginners that how to set up Android development environment for creating successful applications. This guide also gives a proper source to installation of Android SDK and initial set up for allowing Android OS emulation. Readers of this guide grab the proper information of Android IDE.
  3. 3. Method Download an IDE Install eclipse Download and install java runtime environment (JRE) Download and install java development kit
  4. 4. Developers can use eclipse according to the requirement of operating system Source:
  5. 5. Download Integrated Development Environment An integrated development environment is a software application that offers various features to the programmers. An IDE consist of source code editor, build automation tool and debugger developers use this environment for making successful applications. Many developers download IDE such as Net beans and Eclipse.
  6. 6. Download and install java runtime environment (JRE) Source:
  7. 7. Download and install the Java Development Kit Source:
  8. 8. Install SDK Download and install Android development plug-in for eclipse Configure ADT Configure an AVD Congrats you have now set up the Android app development environment
  9. 9. Install SDK  Android SDK provide various modular packages that you can download separately using Android SDK manager.  The starter package include of software development kit and AVD manager. Developers use this tool for download according to the required features and component of Android app development environment.  Many Android developers download starter package which contains new and updated version of SDK for developing user friendly and avoiding complicated functions in apps.  Find and execute the SDK manager from .exe file  Click latest Android version and install packages
  10. 10. Download & Install ADT  Open eclipse  Select help  Click Add  In pop up window write ADT plug-in in the name field & enter the following url:  Click OK
  11. 11. Configure ADT Select windows preferences Select Android In Android location choose browse and choose directory where you want to place the Android SDK Click OK you have now configured ADT
  12. 12. Configure an AVD Next set up an AVD, so that you can emulate your tablet or Android phones with your computer hardware. This will allow you to test your Android program without any requirement of Android devices.
  13. 13. Congratulations you have now set up Android app development environment for successful Android app development
  14. 14. Thanks