Introduction of android and iPhone application development company


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Mobile pundit is offshore iPhone development company offers more than 200 apps for the entire major platform. Company give the best free mobile applications or paid mobile phone applications by their experts iPhone and android application developers.

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Introduction of android and iPhone application development company

  1. 1. Welcome to
  2. 2. Overview of mobile pundits iPhone iPad and android applicationsMobile pundits is a leading iPhone and android application developmentcompany offers more than 200 application for the customers . By leveraging indianbased offshore iPhone application development and best mobile testing capabilitieshelp to client high quality product while significantly reducing the cost of theproduct.
  3. 3. Introduction of iPhone,iPad & android application development• iPhone /iPad apps• Android apps• Blackberry apps• Phone Gap apps• Featured apps
  4. 4. iPhone and iPad application developmentThe client wants to develop an application that has web and iPhone parts to it. Itallows the nurses to upload the soft copy of the order from a doctor to the web. Onceuploaded the order is available to the doctor via his iPhone. He can review or approvethe order.This Is Green is the ultimate green guide to be healthy, save you money, and live aneco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. Every day, you make choices about the kinds ofproducts you use in your home, whether you are buying a light bulb, putting newflooring in your home, or purchasing toys for your kids. This Is Green can help youmake informed choices.
  5. 5. iGuide: Jackson Hole is an interactive travel guide and local directory app. Discover JacksonHole in the palm of your hand. Find restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc. Use the mappingfunction to locate and get directions instantly.Using your iPhone/iPod, you can now visualize furniture and other home-design items,as they would look in your living room - without the hassle of running aroundshowrooms, trying to imagine the end result.
  6. 6. Android application developmentThis app allows you to instantly search and share highly targeted jobs from topemployers anytime, from anywhere! Designed to meet and exceed your needs as yousearch for your next great job on the go, this app will ensure that you are up-to-datewith the latest job opportunities in your area of interest. Download the app to startsearching jobs instantly.First Down Mobile app provides customers the ability to order food and beverages totheir seat during sporting events. Never miss another play and avoid long concessionlines during the game!
  7. 7. The Past Life Illuminator allows you to shed some light on the person you used to be.Download the Past Life Illuminator now and uncover the cosmic secrets that will helpyou determine your destiny. Simply open the app, enter your first name and date ofbirth, then let the Eye of Providence work its ancient magic. In a matter of seconds yourpast life will be displayed in all its mystic glory."eMail Mania is amazing! I LOVE IT!" - Jill"GET THIS APP! I use it for my business to send multiple pictures/videos to clients!" - DCPlumbing
  8. 8. Blackberry application developmentThe client wants to develop iPhone application that will primary offer user to savegeographic notes. The application will offer user to take notes about geographiclocations. The note may contain following.This is an application to assist medical professionals to track and log their procedures. Itis perfect for the professional on the run who want to keep track of their procedures.This is well suited for students to attendings.
  9. 9. Want to tag car images with GPS location; here is an application that would allow userto track number of cars of particular make/model in some vicinity. The app supercarspotter let users to capture photos by using iPhone camera or select photo from iPhonealbum. The user would be able to select make and model of cars. And, not only this, theuser can also upload the images to server.Marquee Me is a simple and elegant application that allows you to write and display amessage on your iPhone or iPod Touch screen.Simply type in the phrase or phone number you want to display, select your font, colorand size and the message will animate across the screen.
  10. 10. Phone Gap application developmentencuentra Me is an application that allows you track your vehicle very easily, using adevice that requires no installation. You can now locate and follow the movements ofyour family or coworkers.The My Lineage App is specifically designed to provide better customer service andsupport to existing and new customers. Everything you can do through login to youronline account you can now do through the My Lineage App.
  11. 11. Mobile Service is an operations management software to help you manage yourmobile workers. Stay connected with your employees and capture data in real-time.Workers can access their maintenance route and track time for payroll and accurateservice history. The free TouchPoint-Business survey app comes with a 30-day free trial of the companion SurveyManager web-application. The hosted SurveyManager is where you manage all aspects of your survey design, reporting analytics and device management tasks. Beyond the free 30-day trial period, you will need a paid subscription to an active SurveyManager account to continue using the mobile app.
  12. 12. Featured applicationMTS GO! provides arrival time information for the San Diego Metropolitan TransitSystem’s bus and Trolley routes. After downloading the app, simply enter the five-digitstop number into the app and the next arrivals will be sent to you automaticallyFind and Archive My Property (F.A.M.P) is an iPhone and iPad 2 app that finds, recordsand stores information about your belongings. If you have assets that need to be keptsafe, this app does the job by maintaining a record of your valuables and importantdocuments.
  13. 13. PAYware Mobile from VeriFone is a complete payment solution that provides smallbusinesses with a simple and secure way to process credit card transactions fromwherever their business happens.MOBILE OMT for the SPINE is a powerful clinical reference and teaching tool for anystudent, clinician or educator involved in the practice or the teaching ofmanipulative/manual therapy for musculoskeletal disorders. A comprehensive mobilecompanion providing manipulative techniques for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbarspine presented in the context of best current evidence for use in treating spinedisorders
  14. 14. Thanks For more info visit: