Mobilepundits: A Total guide for cross platform mobile app development


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Cross platform mobile app development framework enable developers to write once, target all mobile platforms and reach billion users.See to know more about cross platform development features, limitations and tools.

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Mobilepundits: A Total guide for cross platform mobile app development

  1. 1. 1 2013 Mobilepundits Astoria Johnson [CROSS PLATFORM MOBILE DEVELOPMENT] This document is a complete guide of cross platform framework gives information about market share of top Smartphone vendor’s shipments, market share, features, limitations and number of cross platform tools.
  2. 2. Mobilepundits A complete guide of cross platform framework
  3. 3. Markets and share of top Smartphone vendors and shipments Introduction to cross platform framework: The Smartphone is one of the greatest inventions of this century and have one big hand to make our life easy. With the help of mobile phone people can communicate easily with their friends and family member easily now the uses of Smartphone is not limited over only here people can increase their business sales and also communicate easily with their clients in easy way with the help of mobile application. Mobile applications are now in trend for every man. Today Smartphone vendors are releases several mobile phones in regular basis in these way mobile app developers facing a many problems while they are going to develop mobile apps such as mobile OS, Platforms, Screen Sizes, Resolutions and many other factors are creating the challenges in the app development. Cross platform development framework is a good idea for developing mobile apps this framework totally obstacles the developers problem which they are facing in mobile application development. Cross platform app development framework offering developers that write code once and run it over different mobile operating systems. Developers can monetize apps in better way by using advantages of different tools that based on cross platform design and developing. Today Android and apple are two mobile operating system in that many clients want that having apps on these devices. The architecture of software stack and running hardware capabilities in the two operating systems pose the challenges to cross platform application development framework. Different tools that are based on this framework make easy to web developers turn itself into mobile app development with the using of HTML5 latest web technologies. This is one most usable technology that makes cross platform iOS app and Android apps development is easier. The App mobile SDK provides the interface for using cross platform development tool that developers can leverage to easily build HTML5 and Java script apps that run on multiple operating systems.
  4. 4. Features of cross platform framework: Many mobile app developers choosing this platform because it found with several features: Easy to use: According to the developers view cross platform framework is easy to use, features and process is easy for every mobile app developers even web developers because most of cross platform tool is based on web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JAVA Script. These technologies give a best environment to the developers even they have less knowledge about different operating system like Android, iOS, Windows, blackberry, Symbian etc. Code reusability: Cross platform framework offers to developer code reusability this is the major benefit that developers write code once and use the same code on different mobile operating system. Using this framework developers feel free to use the once written code while they need on mobile application development.
  5. 5. Cost effectiveness: Development Cost is the major issue for every client, cross platform framework gives more relief to the client about cost factor. This platform gives a perfect solution to the developers that directly effect to the cost. Native mobile app development is complicated processes where developers use dedicated technology this framework allow developers to use latest web technologies and reusability of code makes development fast and cost effective. Drawbacks of cross platform Low performance quality: This is the major drawback of cross platform mobile app development framework that less performance quality with respect to native mobile application development. The apps which are developed using with cross platform are fast and user friendly but these apps faced some issue when compared to native mobile apps. Need an update:
  6. 6. This is another drawback of cross platform since the cross platform apps is designed for multiple mobile operating systems it is not support all the features with every updates of operating system each time operating system gets update you apps also required an update with respect to operating system. Hardware restrictions and requires a connection: Cross platform based apps are restricted with some hardware features as these apps come with multiple mobile operating systems and also required a connection while set ups for cross platform mobile apps but in the case of native mobile apps it doesn’t require connection. Cross platform development tools: Cross platform framework works with certain tools that personally recommended by cross platform mobile app Development Company. According to the many company research the market of cross platform development tool expected to reach $8.5 billion by in the year of 2016. The promise of web technologies such as HTML5 offers write code once and use it anywhere is an illusion but the technology is still necessary for developing cross platform mobile apps. Developers are still taking about number of cross platform approaches but the experienced developer chooses the right cross platform tool and approach according to the requirements. With this scenario of mobile app development continue grow, the cross platform tool vendors ability to reduce the time and development cost. According to me some of the best cross platform tool are below  PhoneGap  Appecelarator  Rho mobile  Sencha touch
  7. 7. PhoneGap The Phone-Gap is a mobile app development tool that work as a backbone for developing a mobile applications. PhoneGap development framework is used as a several mobile application performs such as vizi apps, work-light, convertigo, and app mobi etc. It enables mobile app developers to build cross platform apps with using latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JAVA script. Using this tool developers are free to interact with various API’s such as accelerometer, camera, compass, contacts, file, geo location media, network, notification(sound, alert, vibration) etc. This tool does not support API’s for various operating systems such as compass API’s not supported for iPhone, blackberry operating system and symbian mobile phones. File API not supported for web OS, Symbian and bada mobile phones, compass API is not supported for web operating system. Media is not supported for blackberry, symbian, bada and storage is not supported for symbian and bada. Android is the only platform that supports all the application programming interfaces. Supported features of phoneGap
  8. 8. Appcelerator Titanium Appcelerator titanium is developed by Appcelerator Inc in December 2008, this is another cross platform tool that enables developer to develop mobile app for Smartphone, tablet, desktop etc with web technologies. Before in 2009 this tool cannot support mobile applications it can able to support for developing iPhone and Android based apps added in june 2009. The titanium software development kit provides great environment to the developers with unmatched ability to create native mobile web and hybrid applications to all the mobile operating systems in a single code base using java script. With over more than thousand’s of Titanium API’s deliver to developer immersive user experience. Rho mobile: The rho mobile is formally known as Rhodes framework and it is another open source cross platform development tool developed by Motorola and now owned by Motorola solutions for building native applications for number of operating systems such as Android, iOS, blackberry, symbian, etc. Rho mobile compromised with Rho studio, Rho connects and Rho elements device type operating system, screen size doesn’t matter while developers using this cross platform development tool. Rho mobile applications simply work on your mobile devices which are use in your business with enterprise class devices. Rho mobile based applications are operating system agnostic which are comfortable with all the major mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, symbian etc. This tool gives a complete control over how application behave in different mobile operating systems.
  9. 9. Sencha touch: Sencha touch is a user interface for j query framework specially used for mobile apps this tool is specially used by web developers to develop user interface for mobile applications that react like as a native applications on supporting mobile devices. Sencha touch is based on Java script user interface framework which is specially designed to run on touch based device. The target of sencha touch cross platform development tool is iPad, iPhone, Android based phones. The interesting thing of this tool is that devices are running on web kit. This framework is used all the features of HTML5 and CSS3. A GUI control of sencha touch includes a set of GUI based components for use with in mobile applications. These components are highly used touch devices which are listed below.  Responsible for button specific theme and effects.  Form elements  List of component  Set of icon  Tool bars  Movable tabs  Bottom tool bars THANKS Company information Mobilepundits is a foremost mobile app development company offers cross platform mobile app development services across the globe. You can choose our services for cross platform iOS , Android , Windows development.