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Advantages and disadvantages of phone gap development tool@mobilepundits


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Mobilepundits is a pocket friendly mobile app development company develop apps using phoneGap app development tools. Apache Cordova is another name of phoneGap which enable developer to create mobile apps and wrap it in the phoneGap framework that can be installed in the native mobile app development across all mobile platforms easily. Developers can apply their existing set of skills with HTML5, CSS3 and JAVA script for developing mobile applications that can be sold on popular apps market places. But PhoneGap development tools contain some advantages and disadvantages that we have explained over here.

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Advantages and disadvantages of phone gap development tool@mobilepundits

  1. 1. Many mobile app development firms using PhoneGapdevelopment tool for cross platform mobile apps. But this toolcontains its own advantages and disadvantages.Advantages And Disadvantages ofPhoneGap Development Tools
  2. 2. • Not required any programming language• Supportive for all major platforms• Support for Various API’sAdvantages of PhoneGap development tools
  3. 3. This tool is based on latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3,JAVA script. Does not required any knowledge of denseprogramming language. Instead the PhoneGap appdevelopment program work as a framework for easily buildmobile apps without the extra process of learning extraprogramming languages.Requirement of programminglanguages
  4. 4. This is the biggest advantage of PhoneGapdevelopment tool that support for all majorplatforms like iOS, Android, Windows, blackberry,symbian etc. such diverse compatibility allowseasy to create apps with a single code and runson different mobile platfroms.Supportive for all major mobileplatforms
  5. 5. PhoneGap app development tool support forvarious application programming interfaces likeAccelerometer, Geo location, media, network,notification, camera, storage etc. With thesesupporting API’s developers are still able to tap inmany of devices build in features.Support for Various API’s
  6. 6.  Conditions Apply Can be inefficient when working for native apps Does not support all the functionalityDisadvantages of PhoneGap tool
  7. 7. The PhoneGap development tool provides open sourcecapability to the developers to create apps only one timeand if you want to create phoneGap app more than onetime than phoneGap will charge you a monthly basis. Thefee may not be a major issue for seasoned app developerhowever, for those looking for a free option to learn theropes; PhoneGap can be a bit misleading.Conditions Apply
  8. 8. This cross platform mobile app development tool does notperform well as compared to other programs based onnative languages. In other word the program allows appsare compatible for cross platform mobile development butif we talk about hybrid app then method aims for vastcompatibility, the created app do not perform well asothers.May be insufficient for nativeapplications
  9. 9. Phonegap development tool does notcappuccino functionality which provides many offeatures to developing online applications. Thisfunctionality gives much facility for app developer likedrag, drop, copy, paste, undo, redo graphics,animation, color, font section etc.Does not support allfunctionality
  10. 10. For more information:about PhoneGap mobile appdevelopment click:Thanks