Online collaborative learning with audiencefeedback


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Online course quality measures recommend student interaction and group activities, but these can be difficult. This session offers strategies for facilitation of online group work.

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  • Online collaborative learning with audiencefeedback

    1. 1. Online Collaborative Learning: Practical Ways to ImplementGroup Activities in Your Course Andrea Stone Instructional Designer/Curriculum Coordinator Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City Liz Crowell Instructional Designer University of Central Oklahoma
    2. 2. Agenda• Why should you use group projects?• What tools should you use?• Wisdom from group project veteransNOTE: Italicized items havebeen added based on audienceinput.
    3. 3. Why do you use (or want to use)group projects in your classes?
    4. 4. Why use group projects?• Reduce grading• Get better work• Facilitate transformative learning• Foster connections• Positive peer pressure• Increase the tension to facilitate learning• Preparation for future work teams.• Increase competition
    5. 5. What tools should students use?• Screen Sharing – or Google Hangout• Video Chat – FaceTime or Skype• Papers – Wikis, Google Docs, or• Presentations – Google Presentations• Creative – MixBook for Educators• Social Media – Facebook or Twitter• Social Bookmarking - LiveBinders
    6. 6. Screen Sharing
    7. 7. Video Chat
    8. 8. Papers
    9. 9. Presentations
    10. 10. Creative
    11. 11. Social Media
    12. 12. Wisdom from group project veterans:
    13. 13. Assignment Directions
    14. 14. For this project you will meet with your group and present a solution forthe case study in chapter 7. It is due onJuly 10, 2012. Work with your group to complete the project.
    15. 15. Putting Students into Groups
    16. 16. Some ideas…• Geographically (if they will meet)• Online Only or Meet Face to Face• Based on the time they are available to meet• Work style (last minute vs. work ahead)• Topic based• Major based• MBTI Type based (same or complimentary?)• Other ideas?• Astrological signs• Future-career based• Current occupation
    17. 17. Get them talking!• Integrate group communication into your online course. – Communication tools in your LMS – Additional methods described earlier• Remind them to talk.• Provide early, low-credit opportunities to practice collaboration.• Have office hours dedicated to the group project.
    18. 18. Track and Monitor Participation
    19. 19. Track and Monitor Participation• Check on the communication tools you have provided.• Ask to be cc’d on emails.• Use project development formats with tracking like Google Docs, Google Presentations, and Wiki’s with versioning.• Stagger deadlines to boost ongoing participation and interaction.
    20. 20. Have a Group DivorcePolicy in Place…Just in Case• Under what conditions?• By unanimous or majority?• How does the group notify the kickee and the instructor?• How are grades earned by the group and the individual?• Are there penalties for being kicked out?• Is there a deadline?
    21. 21. Group Feedback
    22. 22. Group Feedback• Allow the group to determine part of the grade• Preserve anonymity• Ask behavioral questions• Use survey tool. Example at,.
    23. 23. Visual Knowledge Check
    24. 24. Online Collaborative Learning: Practical Waysto Implement Group Activities in Your Course Andrea Stone Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City 405.945.6798 Liz Crowell – University of Central Oklahoma 405.974.3591