Fighting toxicity: Reducing the stress in your life


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Fighting Toxicity: Reducing the Stress in Your Life. You are what you eat and drink! Call: 425-226-7346 or visit:

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Fighting toxicity: Reducing the stress in your life

  1. 1. You Are What You Eat … and DrinkA Lecture by Susan Blackard, R.N., M.S., N.D.c.,A.N.P.c., M.H.A., W.N.P.Fighting Toxicity:Reducing the Stress in Your Life
  2. 2. Reducing the Stressors…that we’re only as healthy as the air we breathe, the foodwe eat, and the water we drink.HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS know…THIS PRESENTATION focuseson ways that toxins affectour health, starting withour weight...
  3. 3. 2 IN 3 AMERICANS AREOVERWEIGHT.That’s 200 million people!Obesity: An American Epidemic?
  4. 4. OBESITY’S COST TONATIONAL HEALTHCARE: $147 BILLIONper year andrising.What Price Obesity?
  5. 5. How much does just being overweight cost?MEN:$8,365per yearWOMEN:$6,618per yearIncluded: food expenses, employee sick days, lost productivity,short-term disability, and emergency room care.Not included: increased cost of clothing, air travel, automobilesize, furniture, and much more.
  6. 6. What’s happened in just 15 Years?OBESITY RATES BY STATE, 1994:
  7. 7. Hint: It’s not genetics…OBESITY RATES BY STATE, 2009:
  8. 8. If only it were “justing an eating problem...”
  9. 9. A Symptom of Something BIGGER…THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC ISIMPACTED BY:•Water Quality•Environmental Toxins•Oxidative Stress•Poor Digestion
  10. 10. THE FIRST STEP in solving ourhealth crisis begins with water.Where to start?
  11. 11. WATER REGULATES ALL BODILY FUNCTIONS.Put simply: parts that don’t receive water don’treceive oxygen. Plus, water energizes the body.If the body is dehydrated, there is insufficientwater to “pull energy” from food.Hydration is the Foundation of HealthA healthy, hydrated adult is made up of 70-75%water —not vitamins, supplements, juices, etc.
  12. 12. •WE LIVE IN A SEA OF WATER for 9 months before birth.•WE ARE OVER 90% WATER when born.•WE ARE 65-75% WATER AS ADULTS (65% if dehydrated,75% if fully hydrated).•WE ARE ONLY 50% WATER at the end of our life andare literally infused with urine.Ask yourself: How does a newborn baby smell?(That is, when wearing a clean diaper!) And howdoes a retirement home smell? (Notice the ammonia?)Our Lifespan Told in Water…
  13. 13. •90% OF DISEASES ARE CAUSED BY STRESS(i.e. dehydration, fast food, sugar, toxins, etc.).•DEHYDRATION CAUSES STRESS in the body.•UP TO 80% OF POPULATION is chronically dehydrated.(Sounds too simple, right?)Dehydration = Bodily Stress
  14. 14. AN AGE-DEPENDANT VARIABLE ON PERCEPTION OFTHIRST/DEHYDRATION: Starting at age 24, thirstmechanism decreases.WARNING SIGNS FOR DEHYDRATION:•“DRY MOUTH” means that cells are alreadybeing damaged, literally “dying of thirst.”•NON-TRAUMA (UNEXPLAINED) BODILY PAIN is a signof acidity and dehydration. Don’t take drugsto hide these symptoms!“Who’s thirsty?”
  15. 15. THE 5TH LUMBAR DISC SUPPORTS THE BODY.If a person is dehydrated, the disc won’t beable to do its job and one’s muscles willovercompensate, causing back pain.Put simply: the disc won’t work if it’sdehydrated!Dehydration also causes inflammation of theheart and vascular system, leading tohypertension.“Lower back pain, anyone?”
  16. 16. IF YOUR CAR’S “CHECK ENGINE” LIGHT COMES ON,do you take it to the mechanic?You’re supposed to!But what if all your mechanic didwas remove the “check engine” sign onyour dashboard? Would that fix your car?Drugs that mask symptoms don’t fix a thing!“Don’t hide from it, fix it!”
  17. 17. 64 OZ. MINIMUM OF WATER is needed dailyto manufacture urine and to breathe.(Asthma, for example, is linked to dehydration.)If your urine is acidic, other parts of your bodywill become more acidic, since there is not enoughwater to remove all the acidity. This increased aciditywill eat into DNA, just as pigeon droppings erode statues.“How much water should I drink?”
  18. 18. DNA Damage: An Effect of Dehydration
  19. 19. THE BODY’S METHOD of “droughtmanagement” is to shut down functions.A constant acidic load can cause osteo-porosis, kidney disease, and musclewasting. Acidosis can lead to symp-toms of lethargy, stupor, andeven coma.(Know anyone who seems always in a stupor?)Dehydration and “Drought Management”
  20. 20. Diuretics = DehydrationSOME DIURETICS TO AVOID:•Caffeine (coffee, tea, regular and diet soda)•Alcohol•Aspartame•MSGEvery cup of caffeinated drink flushes 1.5 cupsof water from your system. Even if made fromKangen Water, coffee and tea will dehydrate you!
  21. 21. “So, you think tap water is safe?”A VAST ARRAY OF PHARMACEUTICALS — includingantibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers,birth control pills, and sex hormones — have beenfound in the drinking water supplies of at least 41million Americans, as reported by the AssociatedPress.Another study found 315 harmful pollutants inthe water of 40 million homes.
  23. 23. “How about bottled water?”A FOUR-YEAR STUDY BY THE NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCILshows that a full 1/3 of the bottled water tested containslevels of contamination that exceed allowable limits.
  24. 24. “How bad can bottled water be?”IT CAN TAKE THREE YEARS from the time water isbottled before it arrives on your store shelf.Ask yourself: How many times have these bottles been heated and cooledfrom tractor trailers to warehouses?Since plastics are petroleum-based, they contained a hidden, rarelydiscussed health hazard: xenoestrogens—a.k.a. foreign “hormonemimickers.” These are released when the container’s plastic is heated.When estrogen is introduced to the body, fat is produced; and whenfat is introduced to the body, estrogen is produced. It’s a viciouscycle!
  25. 25. DISTILLATION AND REVERSE OSMOSIS are thepreferred treatment methods of bottledwater.These two methods remove much-neededminerals, essentially “killing” the natural water.Having no minerals itself, this treated waterwill pull minerals from your own body!“But bottled water is filtered, right?”
  26. 26. Kangen: Best Practice in HydrationTHE BEST WAY TO HYDRATE—outside of an I.V. infusion—is Kangen Water.It’s the only water with thecertifications and science behind it!
  27. 27. Kangen: An Aid to DigestionAN ALKALINITY OF AT LEAST 7.0 PH is required toabsorb nutrients into the small intestine. Also,the average acidic diet is stressfulOn the gall bladder, amongOther organs/functions.Kangen raises drinking water to 8.5, 9, and 9.5 pH.It’s imperative to use a machine that has thecertifications and science proving it is clean water!
  28. 28. There’s more in drinking water than H2O…“CELL SALTS” ARE VITAL TO HEALTH, but Americansoften consume only as many minerals as are intheir source water. The body’s sodium-potassiumpump (vital to nerve-cell messag-ing) depends on water-solubleminerals.PINK HIMALAYAN SEA SALT has84 essential, naturally-occurring minerals.
  29. 29. ALONG WITH CLEAN WATER, people need ahealthy diet and environment. Yet we are attackeddaily by a host of “monsters”—in our homes andworkplaces, in our food and lifestyle choices—that contribute to obesity and thenation’s health epidemic.LET’S MEET OUR MONSTERS…Warning: Monsters Among Us!
  30. 30. Why is the Sugar Monster Our Enemy #1?SUGAR HIDES BEHIND MORE THAN 50 ALIASES!But one form is most prevalent in the United States:A Princeton University study showedthat mice were 50% more likely tobecome obese on high fructose cornsyrup (HFCS) vs. regular sugar, evenwhen their overall caloric intake wasthe same. Americans consume over60 pounds of HFCS a year!
  31. 31. UNDER ITS VARIOUS ALIASES,many of us eat our weight insugar annually: the averageAmerican consumes morethan 156 pounds of sugara year!Beware the Sugar Monster!
  32. 32. SOME SURE WARNING SIGNS YOU’VEENCOUNTERED THE SUGAR MONSTER:• Weakened immune system• Yeast infections• Insulin resistance• Joint deterioration• Agitation & anxiety• Depression• Constipation• CravingsThe Sugar Monster on a Rampage…
  33. 33. CONSUMPTION of twosweetened sodas a weekincreases a man’s chance forpancreatic cancer by over87%.University of Minnesota study published in the journalCancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.Sugar and Cancer?
  34. 34. EATING 100 GRAMS OF SIMPLECARBOHYDRATES can reducethe effectiveness of whiteblood cells by 50%for several hours.Don Colbert M.D., Eat This and Live.Sugar and the Immune System?
  35. 35. Can processed sugar be toxic?sharing the samesymptomatology asethanol. Source: Robert H.Lustig M.D, headendocrinologist of theUniversity of CaliforniaHospital System.SUGAR IS LITERALLY A POISON
  36. 36. IN A RECENT STUDY, Dr. Serge Ahmed ofBordeaux, France, gave rats a choicebetween cocaine and sugar. Guesswhich wins, time and again? Thatsright, sugar. The sweet taste of sugarproved more addictive than the highof cocaine.The Sugar Monster: Addictive and Hard to Kill!Now, let’s meetour secondmonster…
  37. 37. AMERICANS SPEND MORE MONEYON FAST FOOD than on personalcomputers, software, new cars, andhigher education combined.In 1970, we spent approximately$6 billion on fast food; in 2000, wespent $110 billion.Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation.Fast Food: An American Addiction
  38. 38. THE AMERICAN FOODINDUSTRY USES MORE THAN3,000 ADDITIVES inprocessing food.Gillian McKeith M.D., You Are What You Eat.What’s lurking in your food?
  39. 39. How do you spell that additive?A TYPICAL ARTIFICIAL STRAWBERRY FLAVOR(found in a fast food chain’s strawberry shake)contains the following additives: amyl acetate, amylbuterate, amyl valerate, anethol, anisyl formate, benzyl acetate,benzyl isobutyrate, butyric acid, cinnamyl isobutyrate, diacetyl,cognac essential oil, dipropyl ketone, ethyl acetate, ethyl amylketone, ethyl heptynolate, ethyl heptylate, ethyl methylphenyl-glycidate, ethyl nitrate, ethyl propionate, hydroxypheny-1-2butonone (10% solution in alcohol), a-ionone, isobutyl anthran-ilate, methyl benzoate, methyl heptine carbonate, methylnapthyl ketone, methyl salycilate, mint essential oil, nerolin,neryl isobutyrate, phenythol alcohol, rum ether, vanillin andsolvent.WHERE’S THE STRAWBERRY?
  40. 40. But fast food “tastes so good…”New Scientist Magazine states, “fats andsimple sugars can act on the brain in thesame way as nicotine and heroin.”With its love of deep-frying, Southerncuisine is often called “comfort food.”Any correlation with the obesity map?INGESTING LARGE AMOUNTS OF FATS AND SUGARSproduces the chemical dopamine in the brain, makingthe consumer feel happy following a fast-food meal.
  41. 41. An Obesity Map of the United StatesAnd now, let’s meet ourthird monster…
  42. 42. Common Toxins We Ingest Every Day• Antibiotics• Pharmaceuticalsin water• Chlorine• Copper• Hormones• Percolate(rocket fuel)• Bromide• Xenoestrogens• Processed sugar• Toxic food additives,preservatives, dyes• Indoor and outdoorpollutants• Medications, bothprescription and OTC• Excitotoxins: MSG,aspartame, neotame• Chemical pesticides• Laundry detergents
  43. 43. FACTS about Pesticides…WATER-RESISTANT INSECTICIDES, HERBICIDES,FUNGICIDES, FERTILIZERS, and other substancesare sprayed onto fruits and vegetables.These pesticides can damage yourorgans and endocrine system. Ifchemicals can kill resilient insectsand weeds, imagine what they doto your body…
  44. 44. Buy a filter or Be a filter!KANGEN WATER is“clean water.”The Kangenwater system filtersas well as ionizes andde-acidifies your tap water.
  45. 45. Kangen Water: 11.5 pH and 2.5 pHWASHING CLOTHES AND COUNTER TOPS WITH2.5 PH WATER is the best substitute forharsh toxic chemicals meant tosanitize and disinfect.WASHING PRODUCE WITH 11.5 PH KANGEN WATER is thebest way to break down these water-resistantPesticides and insecticides to ensure theyaren’t doing more harm than good.
  46. 46. FACTS about Bromide…BROMIDES ARE A COMMON ENDOCRINE DISRUPTOR,inhibiting thyroid hormone production and resulting in anentire host of symptoms.BROMIDE CAN BE FOUND IN SEVERAL FORMS:•Methyl bromide is a pesticide used mainlyon strawberries.•Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is added tocitrus drinks (heard of Mountain Dew andGatorade?) to help suspend the flavoringIn liquid.Bromide is bad for the thyroid!
  47. 47. FACTS about Excitotoxins…ONCOLOGISTS are telling theirbreast cancer patients thataspartame (now also calledneotame) is fertilizer forcancer.Newest name: “AminoSweet.”
  48. 48. MORE FACTS about Excitotoxins…AN EIGHT-YEAR STUDY showed therisk of becoming overweight bydrinking one to two cans of“sugared” soda per day is 32.8%,but the risk increases 54.5% bydrinking one to two cans of dietsoda instead.Daniel DeNoon. “Drink more Diet Soda. Gain more Weight?”WebMD Medical News. June 13, 2005.
  49. 49. FACTS about Xenoestrogens…Xenoestrogens are blamed for girlsstarting menstruation early. They arealso blamed for estrogen dominancein both men and women. Estrogendominance can lead to headaches,miscarriages, and endometriosis.“HIDDEN” ESTROGEN CAN BE FOUND IN: milk,cheese, meat, soy, detergents and plastics.
  50. 50. ASPARTAME WAS DENIED 12 TIMES BY THE FDAbefore 1980 for causing tumors, seizures, anddeath in mice that consumed it.Aspartame (an artificial sweetener)turns into formaldehyde at 85°Farenheit. What is your bodytemperature?It’s in most zero sugar/zerocalorie foods and drinks.Read your labels!“Would you drink or eat formaldehyde?”
  51. 51. But Splenda is healthy, right?”A RECENT DUKE UNIVERSITY STUDY haslinked Splenda (another artificialsweetener) to weight gain andother health problems.And our fourth monster is…
  52. 52. Estrogen DominanceIN THE PAST 40 YEARS, we haveseen a dramatic rise in female-related illnesses never seenbefore in history.Example:Women’s Health Initiative
  53. 53. Estrogen and Menopause…CURRENTLY, 90% OF AMERICANWOMEN have estrogendominance duringmenopause.
  54. 54. A Vicious Cycle…WHEN THE BODY RESPONDS TOESTROGEN, fat is produced.And when the bodyencounters fatty foods,estrogen is increased!
  55. 55. WHY DOES THIS GENERATION STRUGGLEwith estrogen dominance?What is its cause?Xenoestrogens: Chemicalsthat can imitate the femalehormones.Xenoestrogens…
  56. 56. MOST XENOESTROGENS AREPETROLEUM DERIVATIVES. Somecommon sources:• Plastic-wrapped food, especially whenheated in a microwave oven.• Plastic bottles left in the heat.• Laundry Detergent.Soy also acts as a xenoestrogen.“Where do xenoestrogens come from?”
  57. 57. DECREASED THYROID FUNCTION:Think of your thyroid as a factory. TraditionalTSH tests find out if the “materials” (hormones)have arrived at the “factory.” Temperature tellsif the “factory” (thyroid) has converted the“material” hormones into energy.ADRENAL FATIGUE:Your adrenal glands set on top of your kidneys andact like the “battery of your body.” If the adrenalsare overworked, overstressed, or not nourishedproperly, the adrenal fatigue/hormone monstercan take over.Other Hormonal ImbalancesAnd the fifth monsteris…
  58. 58. Have you ever tried…After a Life of Dieting…
  59. 59. HOW DID IT WORK FOR YOU?Fact: 90% of peoplewho go on “fad diets”gain back more weightthan they lost.…A Fact About Fad Diets
  60. 60. BEING OVERWEIGHT OR OBESEis a symptom of anunbalanced andstressed body.“Obesity does not equal overeating.”
  61. 61. Digestion and Protein90% OF WOMEN AND 70% OF MEN DO NOTDIGEST PROTEIN EFFICIENTLY. Some Protein facts:•Protein is broken down into amino acids.•Protein carries hormones and vital components such as calciumthroughout your body, so without protein digestion, your bodystarts malfunctioning.•Master amino-acid pattern (MAP) is a collection of all essential aminoacids and is, in effect, predigested protein. 99% is digested andutilized within 25 minutes, compared to only 32% withmeat/fish/eggs. (That’s assuming you can even digest animalproteins.)Note: A hiatal hernia can seriously obstructthe Absorption of vital nutrients as well as of water.
  62. 62. Probiotics Vs. AntibioticsPROBIOTICS are a live microbial foodsupplement that improves our intestinalmicrobial balance.ANTIBIOTICS kill “the good, the bad andthe ugly” bacteria indiscriminantly. Aftertaking antibiotics, you must replenishyour intestinal flora with probiotics.
  63. 63. PROBIOTICS CAN HELP:•Treat diarrhea, especially following treatment withcertain antibiotics.•Prevent and treat vaginal yeast infections andurinary tract infections.•Treat irritable bowel syndrome.•Reduce bladder cancer recurrence.•Speed treatment of certain intestinal infections.•Prevent and treat eczema in children.•Prevent or reduce the severity of colds and flu.www.mayoclinic.comProbiotics and Health
  64. 64. Probiotics: Some FactsOVER 50 STRAINS of probiotics exist,most of which are anaerobic bacteriarequiring negatively-charged water.You should incorporate “the top three”into your diet.
  65. 65. “Where can I find the right probiotics?”A RECENT STUDY OF PROBIOTICS MANUFACTURERSfound that only 13% of their products had everythingclaimed while 33% were completely useless!Pasteurized yogurt has been heated, which severelydiminishes and even kills the bacterial strains originallypresent.We recommend Acidophilus Pearls, which are sold atmany health food and nutrition stores.
  66. 66. Digestive EnzymesThe enzymes in your mouth help to break down food.The main digestive gland in our body is the pancreas, whichsecretes gastric enzymes into the stomach.ENZYMES ARE THE “SPARK OF LIFE.”Think of all the materials it takes to build a house. If a truckdrops off all these materials onto a plot of land, enzymes wouldbe the workers that put them all together.Water carries enzymes and delivers them into your cells.
  67. 67. Types of Digestive EnzymesTHERE ARE OVER 500 DIFFERENT ENZYMES.•Do you need to repair your stomach lining?•Do you need digestive enzymes to break downproteins, sugars, or fats?•Do you need an anti-inflammatory enzyme foryour vascular system?The body’s main antioxidant is an enzyme calledsuperoxide dismutase.
  68. 68. An Invasion of “Free Radicals”“FREE RADICALS” (FRS)INVADE OUR CELLS throughcontaminants in our air, water,and processed foods. When FRsbind with cell components, thebody begins to attack itself,leading to premature agingand 200+ diseases, includinghypertension, arthritis, andfibromyalgia.(
  69. 69. Free Radicals and Oxidative StressLIKE A CAT’S NINE LIVES, our cells can replicate so many times only.To live healthily and longer, we need to increase the lifespan of our cells;and that means winning the war against free radicals.The single most potent weapon against the invasion of FRs lies withinus, in the form of naturally-produced antioxidant enzymes. Traditionalvitamins and supplements act in the place of these enzymes, whereas ourgoal should be to stimulate our bodies’ production of these health-giving,life-extending enzymes.In the fight against free radicals, we recommendProtandim by LifeVantage.Protandim stimulates the body’s natural production of NRf2 antioxidant enzymeswhile massively increasing the production of glutathione (a vital anti-agingcompound).
  70. 70. Your Prescription for Health: The Do’sTO MAXIMIZE YOUR HEALTH,DO the following:•Hydrate yourself with lots of filtered, ionized,alkaline water.•Replenish your cell minerals with Himalayansea salts.•Improve your protein digestion with a masteramino-acid pattern (MAP) supplement.•Restore your intestinal flora with a reliableprobiotic supplement.•Fight free radical damage with a natural enzymeproduction (NRf2) supplement.•Restore your faith in life and health.
  71. 71. Your Prescription for Health: The Don’tsTO MAXIMIZE YOUR HEALTH,AVOID the following stressors:•Unfiltered tap water (and most bottled water).•Processed foods and “fast foods.”•Processed sugar in all its forms.•Artificial sweetener in all its forms.•Soda (sugared or artificially sweetened).•Fad diets.•Poor attitude.
  72. 72. But above all……REMEMBERTO DRINKWATER!
  73. 73. Notes on the Lecture and the AuthorTHE PRECEDING LECTURE/PRESENTATION draws together insights from severaltreatment protocols developed by Susan Blackard; these include her “NineSteps to Wellness” (stressing hydration through Kangen water systems) andher proprietary “WeightTamers” weight-loss protocol. Both takedetoxification and cellular cleansing as a central focus.Note: Any use of information set forth in this lecture is entirely at theaudience’s discretion. Please do not use this material if you are not willingto assume the risk.Susan Blackard served as Vice President at a major U.S. Hospital, where shehelped design, develop, implement, and supervise over 44 programs andclinics. Retiring from this position in 2007, she became founder and CEO ofRejuvenation, an Alternative Healthcare and Weight Loss Clinic in Springfield,Missouri.
  74. 74. Contact information:Alex TanasescuPhone: 425.226.7346Susan Blackard - Rejuvenation ClinicVisit: