Genetic disorder brochure


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Genetic disorder brochure

  1. 1. Facts about CF Genetic Disorder Genetic disorder, people Brochure are born with cystic fi- brosis Cystic Fibrosis Life expectancy is based on how long and severe the disease is for By: Nic Vreede each individual “In 2009, the median predicted age of surviv- al was in the mid Symptoms 30’s” ( 4). The median age keeps going up with new There are many symptoms but here treatments being found some of the most common and serious: all the time. People can live a nor-  Sticky mucus builds up in the lungs mal life as long as they which makes it difficult to breath. eat good food, take their medication and follow  Mucus can also build up in the pancreas. the doctors orders care- When this happens the body has a hard fully. time digesting things and the pancreas cannot regulate the body’s blood sugar.  Salty tasting skin  Poor health and growth despite a normal food intake,  Coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.  Lung infections
  2. 2. Cystic FibrosisCystic Fibrosis is a very Treatmentsdeadly disease which will Causes and Inheritance Cystic Fibrosis has no officialshorten the lives of over The only way of getting cure, but there are some treat-30,000 Americans. The pro- this disease is from both ments to help slow down thecess begins when part of the parents having the attack of this disease. ThetRNA strand is deleted and it heterozygous recessive goals of these treatments is tocauses the ribosome to mis- gene. The likely hood of prevent and control lung infec-read the strand and create the inheriting Cystic Fibrosis is tions.wrong protein; which is una- about 25%. Both parentsble to break down the mucus. Current treatments can be heterozygousMucus builds up and travels  Airway Clearance Tech- recessive and not bethroughout the body, settling niques (ACT). In this pro- symptomatic of the places such as the lungs cess the people have to sit The recessive pedigreeand the pancreas. This dis- or stand and have their back chart details the possibilityease usually affects the Cau- pounded to release the mu- of a parent passing thecasian population but it can cus. Cystic Fibrosis gene tohappen to any ethnicity. This  Inhaled Medications. The their children.devastating disease causes a patient would use an inhalerperson to have trouble breath- or a breathing and difficulty digesting  Antibiotics. Antibiotics arefood. used to fight infections.  Good nutrition. Scientists found that as long as the person maintains a healthy weight, eating fruits and vegetables can help control Cystic Fibrosis.