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Royal Brides Noivas 1950-2008 Research Gogn Helga design
Princess Grace bridal party
Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier formal portrait in color
1953 Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte wedding
1960 Queen Fabiola
1959  Farah Diba  (Persia) wedding
1960 Princess Margaret wedding group
1960  Princess Margaret
Anne Marie of Denmark married Konstantinos of Greece 1964
1961  Princess Birgitta of Sweden
1982 Marie Astrid of Luxembourg
1993 Baroness  Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza winter wedding
1993 Clothilde d'Orleans
1993 Clothilde d'Orleans
1993 Rania of Jordan's wedding gown
1993 Serena Linley
1997 Infanta Cristina 2004  Letizia Ortiz y Rocasolano
1994 Sarah Chatto
Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding, 1981
Camila  &  Charles
Crown Princess of Denmark,  this Tasman girl married  Crown Prince Frederik.2004
Princess Maxima(Holland) wedding portrait
Muslim brides
Corean Bride
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Royal Brides


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