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There are many good reasons to consider LEAP as your partner for data-driven audience growth and monetization. Here are ten (at least).

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  1. 1. Why LEAP? Ten reasons why it’s time to make the LEAP
  2. 2. Let’sStart with WhatWe Do We don’t really have an elevator speech. Not even the Empire State Building has enough floors to hear the whole LEAP story. LEAP touches every aspect of your business.We make it better – more effective, more efficient and more profitable – by leveraging data, technology and really smart people to grow, activate, engage and monetize audiences. We start by collaborating with you to build the most robust, comprehensive database in your market. And then we deploy it to deliver data-optimized campaigns and marketing solutions that result in audience and revenue growth.
  3. 3. Shared Cost Environment LEAP shares the investments required to grow, engage and monetize audiences across its entire client coalition.That means world class technology – and the expertise to deploy it – are put to work on your behalf for much less than if you go solo. Moreover, the LEAP Client Coalition generates a level of scale that results in significant savings for data, email executions, direct mail production – and virtually all cost elements that are based on volume. SHARED RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is a cornerstone of the LEAP model.What does it mean to you? Better solutions at less cost.
  4. 4. Revenue Follows Audiences At LEAP, we’re committed to this belief. We can’t take credit for those profound words of wisdom.They emanated from a client who spontaneously gave the LEAP model a comprehensive and compelling perspective. It’s not only our mission, but our passion, to grow, activate, engage and monetize audiences. Most importantly, we recognize that audiences are built through CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE.The more you know about a consumer, the more audiences he/she belongs to – and the more relevant you can be in your content and communications.
  5. 5. We’re Marketers & Analysts – Not Developers Sure, we deploy world class technology to your benefit. But that technology isn’t ours.We simply went out and found the best technology components to deliver end-to-end, data-optimized audience solutions for our client community. What really makes LEAP special are the people that put that technology to use.They’re smart marketers – experts that are focused on engineering data-driven marketing processes that achieve your audience goals. Imagine…a skilled team of professionals deploying world class technology – and your data – to build and monetize your audiences. What’s not to like about our MANAGED SERVICES approach?
  6. 6. Better Decisions At LEAP, we believe in transparency.And since we measure almost everything, you have a view into just how well we’re doing together. But the more important reason for our obsession with metrics is the identification of what works and what doesn’t.There is no better source for the identification of proven BEST PRACTICES than the LEAP Client Coalition.Their marketing efforts are engineered around those practices. Moreover, LEAP clients have on-demand access to business critical KPI’s.That not only helps validate our partnership – it helps them make better business decisions.
  7. 7. Digital Transformation We understand that your business is evolving. For our clients, we’re making that evolution a bit more seamless. We’re not only helping to move their customer interactions to the digital realm, we’re consolidating digital data assets in a single environment where they can be deployed to drive engagement, cross-marketing efforts, operational efficiencies and more. Data from DMP’s, web registration systems, e-commerce and contest platforms all come together with customer transactions and consumer demographics to enable the optimal promotion of your print and digital product portfolio.
  8. 8. Optimizing the Customer Journey (akaTheLEAPCurriculum) It’s not just about acquisition and retention. It’s about maximizing customer value.Yes, the longer you keep a customer, the more valuable the relationship. But tenure is only part of the value equation. Other components include engagement, cross-product consumption, price and more. And, like tenure, all of those other components are driven by your ability to be RELEVANT – relevant with your content, your offers, your timing and your channel. LEAP’s Customer Lifecycle ManagementCurriculum is a series of timely, targeted, personalized, channel-optimized and automated communications designed to deliver value to your customer while creating value for you. As our client community will attest, it does just that.
  9. 9. Multichannel Integration Are your multichannel marketing initiatives truly “multichannel?” Or, perhaps more to the point, are those initiatives integrated? Just because you have an email service provider doesn’t mean your marketing efforts are cohesive. True integration can only happen when all of your campaigns are initiated from the same database environment – where the right business rules can be applied to determine which channel is the right channel for each campaign target. That’s the LEAP method. Every campaign is designed to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time using the RIGHT CHANNEL.
  10. 10. Right-Brain AND Left-Brain Do you have a half-brained marketing strategy? LEAP understands that audience marketing is both art and science. Our team includes some of the best creative talent anywhere. But that talent is tempered and honed by analytics. Our clients benefit from both innovative approaches to multi- platform creative strategies, and a test-and-learn methodology that meticulously validates those approaches.As we may have mentioned, we measure almost everything. So we encourage you to use the full spectrum of cranial capacity.
  11. 11. Synchronization Are your marketing campaigns more of a project than a process? Perhaps you often feel like the conductor of the NY Philharmonic Orchestra trying to synchronize the contributions of a diverse group with varying talents. But rather than the strings and the horns, you’re coordinating the efforts of the creative developer, marketing analyst, IT staffer, email service provider, printer, post office, call center, etc. That’s a lot of dependencies – each of which has dependencies of its own.After all, you can’t send the campaign without the most current list – which really can’t be produced until the creative is prepared and approved.And if one component malfunctions, start over. At LEAP, we’ve done the syncing for you.You won’t need that maestro’s baton…or the bottle of Excedrin. Everything is sequenced. Everything is on time.
  12. 12. Revenue Diversification There’s no arguing the fact that survival in the news media is dependent upon your ability to leverage unique assets – content- generation, community relationships and brand integrity among them – to diversify your revenue. Events, digital services, native advertising, e-commerce, video, niche publishing, targeted marketing solutions, etc. represent the revenue initiatives that will secure a future extending beyond traditional subscription and ad revenues. And every one of those initiatives is engineered, promoted and executed through a comprehensive knowledge of your audiences – the kind of intelligence that is a foundational element of the LEAP relationship. In other words, we’re here not only to enable the growth of your audiences – we’re here to help you make money from them.
  13. 13. Results If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll notice that we crashed through the “TopTen” barrier a couple of slides back.That’s because there are just too many reasons to consider LEAP. But of all the reasons discussed to this point, the spotlight shines brightest on one: the RESULTS.  LEAP clients consistently see meaningful improvements in critical audience KPI’s such as growth, attrition, activation, engagement and ROI.  They’re reducing costs by eliminating tasks that LEAP performs more efficiently on their behalf.  And they’re getting paid by their advertisers to create multi- platform solutions that deliver results. We won’t force a long, multi-year contract down your throat.That’s because we’re confident that LEAP will work for you, too.
  14. 14. Learn More If you would like to see some of the detail behind the fluff, please contact LEAP Managing Partner,Tom Ratkovich. Email: Phone: 303.886.0202 Web: