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The future of audiences

Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. Future of Audiences Wendy Hurwitz VP/Audience Development Sightline Media Group
  2. 2. Twenty years ago, it was inconceivable to think:  Telephone lines would deliver TV programs  Cable lines would deliver phone service  The $15 billion newspaper classified ad business would die  Few people would buy music CDs anymore  Nearly 2/3 of the US population would own a smart phone  Cell phones would transmit more texts than phone calls
  3. 3. Ten years ago, it is inconceivable now to think:  The most trafficked site on the Internet, beating Google, was MySpace  YouTube and Facebook were just getting started  The iPhone and Android hadn’t even been invented
  4. 4. The online world has changed:  In mid-2014, social media passed search engines as the biggest driver of referral traffic for publishers  More than 50% of web traffic in US is on mobile devices  Now there’s a larger and more diverse selection of content online
  5. 5. Mobile dominates in military and defense: Mobile  14.1 million page views  5.1 million unique visitors Desktop  8.9 million page views  2.1 million UVs
  6. 6. The online world has changed “In this new fragmented ecosystem, distribution is just as important as the publishers’ core traditional business of content creation.” Adam Singolda, founder and CEO, Taboola
  7. 7. Media consumption is fragmented Source: Scribble Live, Visually
  8. 8. Why would you build for another platform?  Follow attention of users  Stay engaged with customers regardless of where they are  Spend more time elsewhere Why not throw everything you have into your website, app and print product?
  9. 9. Video audiences are desirable People who watch professionally produced Internet video have a median household income of $76,300, up 9% from a year ago. Younger adults (18-34) are twice as likely as adults 35-plus to watch made-for-digital content. Source: IAB 2016 Original Digital Video Study, March 15–24, 2016
  10. 10. Video growth is explosive 2016 (Jan-Aug)  2.9 million video views  8.4 million video impressions  4.1 million viewed minutes 2015 (All)  1.9 million video views  10.1 million video impressions  3.4 million viewed minutes
  11. 11. Distributed content: Facebook 119k views 709 likes 1,000 shares MRE Magic: 187k views 750 likes
  12. 12. Facebook Livestream test 29k views 1,700 likes 350 shares Service Member of the Year
  13. 13. Fully Resourced Under Resourced
  14. 14. Content is more than news  Distributed content  Prioritization  Repurposing  Extending shelf life
  15. 15. Use technology to assist  CMS and ESP drive personalized, 1:1 content  CMS largely drives content prioritization  Email programs are largely automated (news, circ, adv)  CRM drives large part of advertising sales communications  VDP drives personalized direct mail  Geofencing for newsstand (future)
  16. 16. Sponsored content  Industry experts +  Sponsor =  Added value  Revenue stream  Email collection  Reinforces our expertise in key content areas  Content repurposed for white papers, webcasts, social media posts, etc.
  17. 17. Sponsored content, locally  Experts: Staff contacts, (HARO), etc.  Sponsor targets:  Targeted businesses that don’t want/need standard offerings (ex: chambers of commerce, economic development groups, associations)  Businesses that don’t spend enough on standard offerings (e.g., real estate developers, financial advisors, attorneys)  Businesses that want something new
  18. 18. Sponsored content, locally  Most pubs offer breaking news updates. Are you selling it?  Covering a local trade show? Sell print, digital & video 32 videos filmed
  19. 19. Repurposing: more views, less work Email lead gen Website content LinkedIn posts Print article E-book
  20. 20. Extending shelf life
  21. 21. Drive audience growth and revenue opportunities using a broader definition of content