Persuasive Essay Writing


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A Technology Based Unit for Students in Grades 7-9

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Persuasive Essay Writing

  1. 1. Persuasive Essay Writing A Technology Based Unit for Students in Grades 7-9 Aidan Tatar
  2. 2. Technology Integration Rationale Essay writing is a integral skill that every student must master, yet so many students find themselves struggling when sitting down to write an essay. By integrating technology into a persuasive essay writing unit, students can use technology based resources to help themselves stay organized, come up with evidence, and make strong arguments. Students can then keep these helpful websites and use the technology to help them write successful essays in their future courses. Finally, technology can help make this sometime dry topic more fun and interactive. ology_Integration_Rationale_-_20140122_135644_15.html
  3. 3. Technology Integration The following slides will display various technology-based resources that will aid in student understanding of the persuasive essay. • Blogs • Websites • Podcasts • Websites
  4. 4. Use of Blogs This blog is reserved for English teachers and other experts to write how-to guides for everything related to the study of English. This blog provides an excellent outline of a persuasive essay for students to follow including where to place each of their points, counterpoints, and evidence. The blog also provides links to other helpful blogs related to the topic.
  5. 5. Use of Internet Video/YouTube This video used pop culture references such as the Twilight movie series to illustrate the different types of appeals one can make while writing a persuasive essay. This could be helpful in engaging the class as well as getting them thinking about a topic that interests them.
  6. 6. Use of Podcasts This podcast developed by the Tennessee Department of Education really breaks down everything a student may need to know about persuasive writing. It also asks the listener questions which would serve as a great interactive tool as well as an assessment if the teacher were to pause the podcast so the students could answer each question. This podcast is available on iTunes under the Tennessee Department of Education
  7. 7. Use of Websites • • Persuasion is often displayed in advertisements and in the media. This is the American Advertising Federation’s page on ethics in American advertising. This will encourage students to consider ethics and remember to be respectful during their papers. • • This Purdue University run website provides resources that students can use to help improve their writing, overcome writers block, and learn to revise their work. • • The New York Times online version’s opinion page is filled with excellent examples of persuasive writing including editorials and letters to the editor.
  8. 8. Teaching Materials: Persuasion Game for iPad This app helps students practice identifying persuasive language along with coming with a single and multi-player game that allows students to apply their knowledge. This app is available on the app store for under $10.00
  9. 9. Teaching Techniques: Persuasion in Advertising This worksheet helps students to understand the persuasive techniques behind advertising while still being creative. Learning about persuasion in advertising will help them improve their writing. asivewriting_transfertechniques.pdf
  10. 10. Teaching Materials: Persuasion Sample This persuasive writing example paper provides students with an example of what a persuasive paper should look like and what kind of language should be used. Students can use this example as a jumping off point for their own essays. rk_helper/aplus_papers/PersuasiveSampler .pdf
  11. 11. Teaching Materials: Peer Review Sheet This activity is designed for after students finish their persuasive writing essay. Each student will get a sticky note and self evaluate themselves on the effectiveness of their essay. This helps students think about their work and encourages honesty.
  12. 12. Inspiration Graphic Organizer
  13. 13. Subject Specific Internet Resource This website has a variety of resources for teachers. This lesson plan looks at Lincoln’s speech defending the Union. Students can evaluate the effectiveness of this speech and use it to improve the quality of their own writing.
  14. 14. Additional Internet Resources sroom-resources/studentinteractives/persuasion-30034.html This interactive website allows students to plug their main points and supporting evidence into a graphic organizer. This helps students to stay organized and strengthen their arguments. n-plan/game-persuasion This website is an online project that provides a lesson to teach children about persuasion by putting them in groups, giving them time to prepare, and having them argue a point in front of the class. This lesson also focuses on improving vocabulary and working well with others, both of which are important skill sets.
  15. 15. Web 2.0 Internet Resources This website is an excellent teaching resource. Students and teachers can make an account and start a class blog where students can ask questions and teachers can post assignments. When the students finish their persuasive essays they can post them to their blog for their fellow classmates to read and comment on. This not only creates a classroom community, it improves students writing skills as well.
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