Female Condom


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Female Condom

  1. 1. Female Condom, Neglected Weapon on War against HIV/AIDS<br />In December we have two MDGs due date reminder. That is world’s AIDS day and Indonesian mother’s day. Both are related to three MDGs article, women’s equality on gender, mother’s health and fighting AIDS spread. Our government signed the commitment to be fulfilled on 2015. But as we speak right now, the journey to meet the expectation still far while 2015 approaching.<br />Discussing about AIDS’ spread in Indonesia seemed that we can’t figure out why it spread really fast. Our country has the fastest AIDS’ spread throughout Asia. While the government is busy finding ways to slow the spreading, the disease has infecting mothers and housewives.<br />100% condom use program on sex localization area weren’t successful for many reasons. One of it is that our sex workers didn’t have enough bargaining power to ask their client to use condom all the time. They have low self esteem for doing what they do, their employer didn’t encourage them to use condom and there’s no protection from the boss if the client refuse to use condom. So as the peer group, they don’t have one voice that is to ask for condom use all the time.<br />The wives also didn’t have equal position to ask their husband to use condom. If the husbands refuse, they can’t negotiate. While their husbands or lovers just having sex with sex workers and bring HIV home. This is one of many reasons why AIDS program didn’t work quite well.<br />Why women have to be in the lower position? Why can’t they have their own choice to protect them self? One weapon they can use is female condoms.<br />Female condom has been exist for years but yet hasn’t been popular until today in Indonesia. If we talk about condom, it always refers to male condoms. Condom manufacturers usually also produced protection for women. It has the same effectiveness with the male one but it last longer. Female condom can be used until five hours.<br />It protects women’s inner and outer genital mucus membrane from direct contact during intercourse. So it really is a useful weapon to use. So why don’t the government start to socialize it more and distribute not only cheap male condom but also female condoms.<br />When women are armed with the right weapon like female condoms all the time, they can protect them self. It gives more power to women and makes them realize their position in sexual relationship. In a way finally helps slowing down the AIDS spreading in Indonesia.<br />