Teleseminar Webinar STRATA Meeting Feb 2010


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* Why teleseminar/webinar is critical for business success.
* How to create a successful teleseminar/webinar (for next to nothing)
* How to avoid common mistakes
* Promotion strategies for winning webinars

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Teleseminar Webinar STRATA Meeting Feb 2010

  1. 1. STRATEGIES TO HOLDING SUCCESSFUL TELESEMINARS/WEBINARS Why is teleseminar/webinar marketing critical for your business success? 1. One to Many is better than one-to-one 2. Easier to target audiences or “niches” 3. Establish yourself as an expert quickly – announce events use press releases, etc Steps to Successful Teleseminar Step 1: Identify “niche” market Step 2: Identify which format serves this audience more efficiently Step 3: Identify topic of interest Step 4: Ask for specific questions Step 5: Answer the questions in a teleseminar Step 6: Use the content from the webinar to drive traffic and/or sales Top mistakes people make when doing a teleseminar/webinar - Holding a webinar when a teleseminar will suffice - Having a call without a clear objective and call to action - Hosting a call using a mobile phone - Not practicing the call first - Hosting a call without a marketing plan - Forgetting to record the call - Not following up
  2. 2. Topics for Teleseminars/Webinars - Poll your audience - Ask questions on Social media sites - Interview an expert in the niche - How-tos are big topics Promotion strategies for teleseminars/webinars 1. Social media outlets – create events on Facebook, Linkedin and invite connections 2. Post on fan pages other than your own, use Linkedin groups to get the message out 3. Send out press releases, 4. Partner with someone that has a big list and big social media following 5. Ask bloggers in your niche to write about you 6. Use your blog to announce call Resources for free teleseminar/webinar services: Teleseminar/Phone recording  Instant Conference:  Free Conference:  Blog Talk Radio:  Skype:  Slideshare: (Post documents online) Webinars  GoToMeeting (first month free, up to 15 attendees):  GoToWebinar (first month free, up to 1000 attendees):  Yugma:  Calliflower:  DimDim (free and premium services):  Freebinar:  Camtasia (Record/edit):
  3. 3. Supreme Social Media creates social networking self-study and in-house training programs for niche markets. Build brand awareness and solid communities to get your brand beyond the small talk to become the conversation. Sign up for “Become the Conversation” – Your Free 5-day Social Media Marketing eCourse and stay in the Supreme loop! When you sign up for this FREE eCourse, you will receive an automatic $150 off our FUNdamentals of Social Media Series. This downloadable self-guided series includes 4 guidebooks and 33 videos for mastering the three most popular social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as a tutorial and videos on how to maximize Search Engine Optimization and Using Online Video. Your presenter: Every ship needs a navigator and Kathryn Rose brings her own brand of online navigation to Supreme Social. Kathryn’s wit, humor and ability to keep the company “pointing north” is what makes her our Supreme Navigator. Prior to Supreme Social, Kathryn developed the world’s first mobile autoresponder, MobiReply, a cutting edge mobile marketing product. She is a Certified Social Media Trainer and a founding member of the International Social Media Association, the professional association for Social Media Marketers. Kathryn is a dynamic speaker/trainer specializing in integration of new technologies in marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing to help clients maximize their visibility online. Kathryn is currently working with Ladies Who Launch on webinar strategies. Connect with me on: Email: Twitter @supremekat Facebook