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Ladies Who Launch Brand Map


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Ladies Who Launch Brand Map

  1. 1. YOUR LAUNCH MAP BRAND TEMPLATEUse this template to capture the essentials of your brand in a few power-packed words. You can thenuse these terms when crafting language about your business, especially for use when talking aboutyour brand so as to communicate the essence of your business as succinctly and memorably aspossible. This is a clarifying tool, so if often takes several iterations to complete.If your business idea isnt fully crystallized, this is a good tool to help you navigate what they want tobuild. If you have no clue at all what you want to do, (and even if you do), you can complete thetemplate for your personal brand. A “self map” can give you structure around identifying a businessthat is compatible with your passions and skills.A launch map visually organizes the components of a brand and identifies a logic for its products, benefits, andessence.At the base of a brand is its credibility—why consumers can trust that youll deliver your promise. It is thefoundation for its components and functionality (what it does). This gives permission for the rest of the brand toexist.At the peak of the launch map is what the brand strives for, where it leads, the purpose.By answering key questions such as: What are your core values? Who are you talking to? What needs(emotional and functional) are you fulfilling?, you are being forced to distill the answers in choice words—andaccomplish clarity. The "map" is shaped in a triangle and on one page for a reason—we must be concise anddecisive.The nature and purpose of the words is to gain consensus on the meaning and not to get lost in creatingmarketing copy for this exercise. Whatever lands on a map is used to inspire the creative process.This then can serve as a guide, a filter, not only for messaging, but innovation, partnerships, company culture,and beyond. Its fair for this to evolve, but usually the peak—the essence—is constant.Excerpted from the Ladies Who Launch Incubator Intensive Workshop
  2. 2. Excerpted from the Ladies Who Launch Incubator Intensive Workshop
  3. 3. For more information on resources and workshops available through Ladies Who Launch or email Angela Stalcup We’d love to help you dream it, launch it, live it!Excerpted from the Ladies Who Launch Incubator Intensive Workshop