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Point of Sale

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Point of Sale

  1. 1. POS Integration POS Portal BenefitsThe Smart Button Loyalty Platform (SBLP) provides retail clients with theability to provide seamless POS integration, offering ease of use, flexibility • Enroll customers via POS. Quick, user-and convenience. friendly screen allows sales associates to enter information with ease.The POS (or Point-of-Sale) portal is a fully integrated web site that can • Real-time messaging.facilitate transactions within a browser window at any POS terminal that • Account Lookup - Improved customerhas an Internet connection.   service. Access a customer’s account at the register.Much of your data collection can take place at check out very easily. • Deliver personalized points accrualSBLP provides you with the technical know-how to make that happen. It’s information/points directly at easy one screen that allows you to collect pertinent information fromyour customers. CRM and loyalty start at the point of sale. If you don’t • Customized messaging - Ability to customizehave a system that captures customer information at the point of sale, receipts with customer welcome message atyou’ve lost an easy way to gain insight customer behavior, value and enrollment.loyalty. • Display purchased points earned and points balance.As part of SBLP, the POS portal, along with related web services supports • Custom coupons - Deliver targeted offers tomember enrollments, interaction and transaction issuance, reward issuance customers at POS.and offerings (via POS promotions, forced and recurring rewards), coupon • Redeem rewards instantly on site.issuance and offerings (via POS promotions), member information andmaintenance pages and much more. • Vital data collection takes seconds with our user-friendly interface. SAMPLE PORTAL POS SCREEN Optional POS Portal Settings Available. See Page 2 for Details.
  2. 2. POS Portal Setting OptionsMinimum Age - The minimum accepted age of a new Issue Interaction of Type - Upon admission processing (ifenrollee via the POS portal. enabled), the loyalty program will issue this interaction to the Patron.Enroll Into Club - The club that new enrollees areautomatically placed into. Enable Do Not Call Option - System users can alter the status of the Do Not Call preference for Patrons via the POSTransaction Type for Purchase - The transaction type that associated with a purchase transaction at the POS source.  Enable Do Not Mail Option - System users can alter theHide Point Details - Enabling this would obscure all point- status of the Do Not Mail preference for Patrons via the POSrelated details from view at the POS portal.  Examples include portal.points available, and points earned. Enable Do Not Email Option - System users can alter theRequire Phone Number - Enabling this option will require all status of the Do Not Email preference for Patrons via theenrollees to provide their phone number upon enrolling via the POS portal.POS portal. Enable Do Not Text Option - If enabled, system users canRequire Email Address - Enabling this option will require all alter the status of the Do Not Text preference for Patrons viaenrollees to provide their email address upon enrolling via the the POS portal.POS portal. Allow Override of Id Validation - Allows the POS systemRequire Postal Address - Enabling this option will require all user to bypass any ID-specific validations when entering aenrollees to provide their address upon enrolling via the POS new account Id for a Patron.portal. Address Type - The selected address type is the type thatRequire Zip Code - Enabling this option will require all will be viewable and editable for Patrons being accessed viaenrollees to provide their zip code upon enrolling. the POS portal.Show System Id Types - Enabling this option will display Email Type - The selected email type is the type that will bedetails about Id types in the POS portal.  This option will viewable and editable for Patrons being accessed via theaffect the details displayed when working with a Patrons POS portal.account Ids. Primary Phone Number Type - The selectedAllow Initial Setting of Employee Flag - Enabling this phone number type is the primary type that will be viewableoption allows the POS operator to set the employee flag upon and editable for Patrons being accessed via the POS enrollment. Alternate Phone Number Type - The selected phoneAllow Editing of Employee Flag - Enabling this option number type is the alternate type that will be viewable andallows the POS operator to set the employee flag after editable for Patrons being accessed via the POS portal.enrollment (Edit Account).Perform Admission Swipe - If enabled, admission swipeprocessing will start when a patron is retrieved on the POSportal.  This processing will mirror what takes place on thekiosk and will award all qualifying admission transactions andpoints.