Polish presidency priorities presentation


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Polish presidency priorities presentation

  1. 1. The PolishPresidency of theEuropean Union Council<br />Przemysław Biliński, MD PhD<br />Chief SanitaryInspector<br />Republic of Poland<br />
  2. 2. Mainpriorities of thePolishPresidencyin public health<br />Closingthe health gap betweenEuropean Union, (EU), MemberStates.<br />Prevention of brain and neuro-degenerativedisease, (includingAlzheimer’sdisease).<br />
  3. 3. Closingthe health gap between EU MemberStates<br /> The mainaimis to attractattention of EU memberstates on the public health disparitiesstillexistingwithinthe union.<br />Thispriority will focusaction on threemainissues:<br />Addressingthe determinants of health inequalitiesby promoting & supportingmeasures for improving public health; particularlyan appropriatediet and an activelifestyle.<br />Prevention and monitoring of respiratory system diseaseinchildren.<br />Prevention and treatment of communicationdisordersinchildren, especiallythroughusinge-health and otherinnovativetechnologies.<br />
  4. 4. Problemsof obesity and overweight<br />Thisissueis one one of theprimetargets for action of thePolishPresidencywhichrequiresurgentattention to be drawn to by EU memberstates.<br />Surveyfindingsindicatethat 30-70% of the EU adultpopulationisendangered by overweight and10-30% by obesity.<br />In 2007, the State SanitaryInspectionin Poland inpartnershipwiththePolishFederation of Food Industry launchedthe‘KeepFit!’ programme as a remedialmeasure.<br />
  5. 5. ‘The Keep Fit!’ programme<br />The programmeobjectivesare to:<br /><ul><li>raisepublic awareness on theimportance of a well-balanced diet and physicalactivityfor thewell-being of thehumanbody.
  6. 6. promotehealthylifestylebehaviourthroughhealthydiets, adequate food quality and encouragingphysicalactivity.
  7. 7. providethe public withtheknowledgeand skillsvital for understanding food packageinformation (ie. reading/interpretinglabels).
  8. 8. To date, theprogrammeisbeingsuccessfullyimplemented and isinitsfourthedition; itbeingthebiggest of thiskindinthe EU – with>2 millionparticipants, (pupilsand parents).
  9. 9. Ourgoalis to alsoencouragetheintroductionof suchprogrammesinall EU MemberStates.</li></li></ul><li>Prevention of brainand neurodegenerativedisease, includingAlzheimer’sdisease<br />To fullfillthispriority, thePolishPresidency will focus on thefollowingissues: <br />thesignificance of an increasingageingof the EU population, preventing and monitoring the most commondiseases of elderlypeople, eg. Alzheimer disease, and increasingsocialawarenessof thesevitalproblems.<br />Implementationof thisprioritywill therebyassistthe EU inmeetingtherequirements of global public health and socialpoliciesarisingfrom the‘Europa 2020’ Strategy.<br />
  10. 10. Solidarityin Health - Closingthegap between EU MemberStates<br />One of theprincipal eventsduringthePolishPresidency will be theHealth Ministers‘ meetinginPoznań – ‘Solidarityin Health - Closingthe Gap beetwentheEuropean Union States’ ; (7-8thNovember).<br />Thisconferencebeinga continuation of theinitiativecommencedon 26thNovember 2007 whenthe Warsaw Declaration was signed.<br />The conferenceaimis to prepare a draft conclusionconcerningthe‘solidarityinhealth’ matterthat will later be adopted by theEuropeanCouncil for furtherendorsement on theimportance of public health issues.<br />
  11. 11. The Warsaw Declaration<br />The Warsaw Declarationaims at reducing andeliminatinghealth disparities across Europe by means of:<br /><ul><li>Increasingknowledge onthe risk factors for premature death particularlychronic disease,(cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc.),in countriesof Centraland Eastern Europe.
  12. 12. Developmentof a monitoring system for changes in biomarkers of health and health determinants.
  13. 13. Undertakingcapacity building in many areas of health science throughout Europe.</li></li></ul><li>Solidarityin Health - Closingthe Gap between EU MemberStates<br />In addition to theConferencein Poznań, thePolishPresidency will organiseapproximately30 events/conferenceson public health – includingthe‘InformalOpeningMeeting of Health Ministers’ to be heldin Sopot on 5-6thJuly2011. <br />
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention!<br />