Assyst Clarity PPM Services ( Project Portfolio Management )


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Assyst Clarity PPM Services ( Project Portfolio Management )

  1. 1. The One Point Source Advanced Software Systems, Inc. Maturity Level 3 An Employee Owned Company Capability Document PPM Solution: Bridging the Gap between IT Initiatives and Business Goals Introduction Factors like economic globalization, intense competition in the market place, and an increasingly finicky and fickle customer base that has instant access to multiple alternative options, have led to Why CA Clarity PPM? businesses relying more on Information Technology to gain strategic advantage. Given such a • Gartner PPM MQ Leader – 6 years scenario, failure of IT initiatives in meeting corporate priorities can lead to disastrous in a row (2002 – 2007) consequences. Uncertainty about the success and outcome of IT enabled projects puts organizations in a serious predicament that could lead to stalling of business opportunities and • Among top 3 according to IDC PPM resultant loss of revenue. Market Share Report (2007) Most companies ascribe failure of IT initiatives to the lack of efficient IT governance. A well- • Over 10 years of PPM domain defined IT governance process can infuse predictability, precision and clarity into IT initiatives, knowledge and thought-leadership optimize resource utilization and improve financial planning. Gaining measurable value from IT investments today demands an organized and standardized Project Portfolio Management (PPM) approach. CA’s Clarity™ PPM system is rightly acknowledged as the most reliable solution for ensuring the attainment of envisaged business objectives from IT projects. As an effective IT governance framework, Clarity PPM eliminates the risk of failure and ensures the successful completion of projects within the stipulated budget and timeframe. Clarity PPM efficiently supports IT governance within organizations with its highly evolved functionality modules for project and resource management, portfolio and demand management, budget and cost controls, and risk analysis. Clarity PPM appropriately customized by ASSYST for varied business verticals, offers top-down information on the progress of projects, including high-end overview for executives and drilled-down details for managers. CA Clarity Project Portfolio Management System Clarity PPM Highlights An ideal solution for ensuring the success of IT initiatives within an organization, Clarity PPM • Helps organizations align IT incorporates strong capabilities for resource planning and financial management, enabling real initiatives and resources in line with time portfolio analysis. Besides strong IT Governance, Clarity PPM offers excellent support to corporate goals New Product Development, Professional Resources Automation and Enterprise Project Management Office. Recognized by Gartner and Forrester as a leading solution for portfolio, • Offers analytical insight into entire project, resource, process, finance and demand management, Clarity PPM meets corporate project portfolio priorities and enables proper management of IT initiatives. With extended project visibility, what- • Helps executives and managers to if scenarios, and cost and risk controls, Clarity PPM maximizes productivity and performance. quantify the amount of revenue Clarity PPM has a modular structure that integrates seamlessly to enable judicious IT governance spent on individual projects and management of incoming demand, projects, and resources to ensure the highest potential • Facilitates real time monitoring of return from an IT initiative. Clarity PPM is created in Web services architecture, and its modular project progress structure allows phased implementations as small as 50 users focused or as big as 100,000 users focused. • Helps in making better informed decisions, and in identifying Clarity PPM Modules opportunities for asset reuse The CA Clarity PPM solution comprises of a set of modules that include Project Portfolio • Ensures the establishment of Manager, Resource Manager, Demand Manager, Project Financial Manager, etc., which facilitate consistent processes across projects real-time performance analysis and comparison. These modules act as the tools for managing investments, resource capacity and demand and to monitor the progress of an organization’s IT • Provides tools to predict project enabled business projects. Some of the main modules of the Clarity PPM System are briefly outcomes, and identify inter-project described below: dependencies Project Portfolio Manager: This module offers the tools needed for aligning project investments with corporate goals for achieving the highest return on the use of resources. Using the features in this module, organizations can maintain a structured environment, which is vital for establishing portfolio criteria, developing plans and what-if scenarios and communicating strategic decisions to stakeholders. Having extensive performance analysis and scorecard features, CA Clarity Project Portfolio Manager offers reliable insight into the true costs and benefits of strategic projects, and provides access to real time data to continually improve investment performance and decision ©Advanced Software Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. making. Advanced Software Systems Inc. ♦ 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166 ♦ Phone: 703-230-3100 ♦Fax: 703-230-0640 ♦
  2. 2. The One Point Source Advanced Software Systems, Inc. Maturity Level 3 An Employee Owned Company Resource Manager: Deploying the right professionals in the right teams at the right time is the CA Clarity PPM Benefits most effective way to enhance productivity and performance within an organization. CA Clarity Resource Manager provides sophisticated yet easy to use tools for understanding and assessing the • Monitors project progress skill sets of individuals, tracking their development, experience and interest, and for managing the • Provides access to detailed data and entire process of resource requisitioning, searching and staff assignments. information Demand Manager: This module connects an IT organization’s services to project functions. With • Detects redundant and overlapping the use of complex and highly evolved tools, CA Clarity Demand Manager offers organizations a functions single window view through which all demand can be assessed and managed. The Demand Manager module will help organizations in improving the allocation of resources, systematically • Optimizes resource and services collecting and evaluating ideas, effectively managing unplanned work, and in understanding and • Helps develop better project managing the cost of Demand. strategies Project Financial Manager: This module offers a complete solution for managing the costs and • Ensures better financial revenues associated with critical projects. CA Clarity Project Financial Manager provides the tools management needed to accurately capture expenditures, access historic information and to generate a wide range of financial reports. It provides organizations with reliable foresight to manage costs, and ensures • Adds value to business the optimal utilization of allocated budgets. • Supports organization goals CA Clarity PPM System • Improves IT performance Solutions • CA Clarity Certified Resources IT New Product Professional Enterprise PMO Governance Developments Services Automation PPM Modules ASSYST’s Clarity PPM Services Project Portfolio Manager • Offers Consultancy Services on effective implementation and Project Resource Demand Project Manager Manager Manager Financial Manager deployment • Implements and customizes Clarity Plarform PPM solutions Clarity Studio Process Manager • Offers CA Clarity PPM solution in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format G2000 Architecture • Develops custom features to supplement functionalities of existing Clarity PPM solution CA Clarity PPM Features • Develops interfaces with other • Brings visibility, transparency, accountability and measurement to IT enabled business systems like SAP, PeopleSoft, projects Oracle, etc. • Meets broader business objectives and aligns IT investments with corporate priorities • Migrates from existing or older • Enables access to detailed data that helps to meet Sarbanes Oxley Act compliance versions (Niku) to Clarity 8 requirements • Conducts performance tuning of • Improves IT governance, enhancing project performance existing Clarity PPM installations • Allows real time monitoring of project progress at each level • Offers customized Clarity PPM • Provides effective cost control and risk management, ensuring lower cost of ownership training for end-users. • Improves decision-making and helps more judicious allocation of resources • Integration with third party Clarity PPM @ ASSYST –A Standardized Approach applications According to research done by the Center for Business Practices, organizations are only moderately satisfied with their existing PPM solutions. Reasons cited include limited pertinence of existing solutions and inadequate customization. Vendors doing the implementation must have a thorough knowledge of the tool’s capacity, its technical architecture, and the functional needs and ©Advanced Software Systems, Inc. business requirements of the organization, to ensure success. ASSYST has a team of Clarity trained All Rights Reserved. and certified resources to help organizations align PPM implementation with business goals. Advanced Software Systems Inc. ♦ 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166 ♦ Phone: 703-230-3100 ♦Fax: 703-230-0640 ♦
  3. 3. The One Point Source Advanced Software Systems, Inc. Maturity Level 3 An Employee Owned Company ASSYST’s Clarity PPM implementation staff ensures data integrity and accuracy across disparate The ASSYST Advantage systems and back office applications, anticipating problems before they can occur. They perform the necessary data conversion to enable the Clarity PPM system to pull the required information • Competitive pricing from existing systems. They create various formats for the reports to be generated from the PPM • Simple engagement model system. They help in adding new PPM modules when such additions are found desirable. And they provide customized training to project managers and other end users to help them elicit the best out • Skilled resource pool with cross of the system. platform expertise ASSYST’s approach helps organizations have a stable PPM process in place, and to derive real • Allows frequent technology refresh value from it. By putting ASSYST on the job of implementing Clarity PPM, organizations can and increased knowledge transfer increase productivity, enhance return on investment, improve service execution and ensure • Enhances process efficiencies and reliability. ASSYST’s methodology for implementing, supporting, and upgrading Clarity PPM is improves quality by leveraging based on industry best practices and on our own years of experience in Project and Portfolio CMMI practice Management. ASSYST offers measurable benefits to its clients by way of increased productivity, faster completion of IT initiatives, reduced risk of failure and lower workload on in-house teams. • Allows rapid deployment of new Moreover, ASSYST’s onshore-offshore service delivery model brings in great benefits to its clients applications by offering them the best of both worlds – cost reduction and value addition. • Frees internal resources to focus on By implementing Clarity PPM, ASSYST establishes a single and comprehensive source for all core activities project related information, while also putting in place a robust and reliable tool to carry out multiple project management tasks with ease, speed and efficiency. The customized solution caters to the need for information across an organization’s hierarchy – be it an overview of organizational IT initiatives for the CEO or detailed information on specific projects for a Project Manager. ASSYST’s Clarity PPM Services ASSYST’s Highlights ASSYST’s portfolio of Clarity PPM services includes the following: • Headquartered in Northern VA • Customized implementation of Clarity PPM solutions in accordance with the distinct • Established in 1993 business needs of organizations • Migration from existing or older versions of Clarity (Niku) to Clarity 8.1 • An Employee Owned Company • Upgrading of Clarity 7.5.3 for four different environments: Development, SIT, UAT and • Assessed at CMMI Level 3 Production. • Global provider of information • Post-upgrade maintenance support to ensure improved performance technology services • Performance tuning of already implemented Clarity PPM installations, including • Strong market reputation for timely adaptation and optimization delivery and service quality • Consultancy services on effective implementation and deployment of Clarity PPM assessing pros and cons • Adherence to proven methodologies, standards and • Integration of Clarity with third party applications using XML Open Gateway processes • Allocation of highly skilled resources on and offsite for effective implementation of the solution • Deep industry and process • Providing Clarity PPM in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format, allowing clients to use knowledge the solution as a hosted service that they rent out on a per-month / per-user rental basis • Competent, highly skilled workforce • Developing custom features to supplement functionalities of installed PPM solution • Developing Clarity PPM interfaces with other systems like SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle • Flexible engagement models • Data migration and conversion from existing systems to Clarity and facilitating • Comprehensive project management Customized Reporting using Business Objects and Actuate® and quality assurance procedures • Customized Clarity PPM training for end-users, enabling organizations to get specialized • Robust IT infrastructure knowledge about their Clarity installation About ASSYST ASSYST is a CMMI Level 3 global information technology services company with an enterprise- wide focus on quality, and a deep commitment to continuous process improvement, that enhances the value of its clients' IT investments and facilitates the alignment of their internal information technology with their overall business. ©Advanced Software Systems, Inc. CA Clarity™ is a registered trademark of Computer Associates. All Rights Reserved. All other trade names mentioned are trademarks of the respective organizations. Advanced Software Systems Inc. ♦ 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166 ♦ Phone: 703-230-3100 ♦Fax: 703-230-0640 ♦
  4. 4. The One Point Source Advanced Software Systems, Inc. Maturity Level 3 An Employee Owned Company Clarity Case Study Background Customer Profile Customer was having a large PMO and faced challenges to in the areas of Project and program • Leading Mid Atlantic Health time management (deliverable activity timelines, projects, tasks, assignment, etc.), Project resource Insurance Provider management (allocation of project personnel using a resource profile repository, resource loading, leveling, overhead, etc.) and Cost management (tracks project resource costs, facilities, • Ongoing 18 Month billing/chargeback, etc.). Objectives of this project was also to support industry best practices in Implementation for approximately the areas of Timekeeping, Enterprise Project Management and Enterprise Portfolio Management. 1500 Users Customer evaluated various Project Portfolio Management solutions available in the market and finally decided to adopt Clarity Project Portfolio Management. Customer chose ASSYST to • IT Organization consists of 450+ support Implementation of the solution. C employees, consultants and on & off shore resources Solution Delivered : • Clarity 8.1 PPM Enterprise Program and Portfolio Management Solution (EPPMS) Customer has identified CA Clarity as the tool that will support industry best practices in the areas • Integration with PeopleSoft and of Timekeeping, Project Management and Portfolio Management. Clarity is being implemented to Beeline Vendor Management meet these requirements, and to provide integration with other information systems (e.g., Oracle System Financials, Beeline, and PeopleSoft). ASSYST is responsible for the enterprise wide implementation of the tool. EPPMS objectives include, Project and Program time management (deliverable activity timelines, projects, tasks, assignment, etc.), Project resource management (allocation of project personnel using a resource profile repository, resource loading, leveling, overhead, etc.) and Cost management (tracks project resource costs, facilities, billing/chargeback, etc.) EPPMS is being realized by implementing Clarity over multiple phases. The scope of Phase I is to define and deploy resources and programs/projects in Clarity to initiate, define, and actively manage program/project progress via scheduling and progress tracking. This phase also initiated the building blocks of with automated interface for resource and skill loading from PeopleSoft. ASSYST has successfully completed deployment of Project Management, Resource Management and PPM modules. Project is currently on Phase II and ASSYST is responsible for Integration of Clarity to existing Customer systems and deployment of Demand Manager. Phase III of the project would entail implementation of IT Financial Management, IT Portfolio Management and Business Relationship Management. ASSYST is providing Project management and leadership for Fit Gap Analysis and requirement gathering Technical Architecture. The major responsibilities for ASSYST team include: • Provide program leadership for the project • Development of detailed project workplan • Conduct analysis of requirements • Supervise and assist business requirement mapping and prototyping • Produce solution definition • Assist with test case preparation and execution • Assessment and design of interfaces (e.g. PeopleSoft, Beeline) • EPPMS Architectural Design • Installation of Clarity, accelerator and fixed packs • Cleansing and loading of project schedules • Assist configuration and branding of the application to meet business need • Build knowledge transfer process • On-site education and knowledge transfer Clarity Project and Portfolio Management for Model Office ASSYST is supporting the Clarity 8.1 Implementation for Model Office initiated by Customer PMO. Assyst is providing leadership to develop a Project Management Plan that defines the anticipated tasks and establishes the expected timeframe for completion. Assyst is involving with identifying key managers and staff responsible for administering, managing and maintaining the Customer’s interim PPM environment and processes. One of tasks carried out for this Model Office Clarity implementation was setting up of the Hosted environment and manage access. Advanced Software Systems Inc. ♦ 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166 ♦ Phone: 703-230-3100 ♦Fax: 703-230-0640 ♦
  5. 5. The One Point Source Advanced Software Systems, Inc. Maturity Level 3 An Employee Owned Company ASSYST is tasked with Solution Configuration support for this project. Assyst conducted detailed Fit Gap analysis and mapped Customer’s program management processes to Clarity. The tasks that were successfully executed include loading of Project Schedules into Clarity along with all client resources loaded into Clarity. ASSYST has developed scripts to automate the process of loading resources and roles data from PeopleSoft and Beeline. All project budgets loaded and reconciled into Clarity. All client business units organized in Clarity along with project schedules check-in as initial baseline. Assyst is implementing Resource Manager and Project Manager Modules using Customer project and resource data. Assyst is currently performing responsibilities including, Installation Backup & Configuration Documentation Migration Plan, Conversion of Data and System and user testing. The major responsibilities for ASSYST team include: • Provide program leadership for the project • Provide hosted Clarity environment • Development of detailed project work plan • Analyze and document current process and user requirements • Develop and document new business processes and procedures • Supervise and assist business requirement mapping and prototyping • Cleansing and loading of project schedules • Assist with test case preparation and execution • Loading of resource and role data from PeopleSoft and Beeline • Assist configuration and branding of the application to meet business need • Build knowledge transfer process • Building custom reports and using Business Objects/Crystal and Actuate • On-site education and knowledge transfer Solution Benefits: • Created a single virtual resource pool • Improved on-time, on-budget, on-plan delivery • Defined and achieved PMO targets for resource and project allocation • Centralized demand management • Resource allocation and capacity planning • Consistent portfolio management processes across lines of business Advanced Software Systems Inc. ♦ 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166 ♦ Phone: 703-230-3100 ♦Fax: 703-230-0640 ♦