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Specific Traits Regarding The Golden Retriever


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Undeniably, the Golden Retriever is a very popular dog. They are named retriever because of their un...

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Specific Traits Regarding The Golden Retriever

  1. 1. Specific Traits Regarding The Golden Retriever Undeniably, the Golden Retriever is a very popular dog. They are named retriever because of their unusual capability in retrieving a shot game without any damages. These dogs adore playing in waters. They are quite obedient and highly trainable. In executing search and rescue missions, this dog is a part of it because they can identify things quickly due to their intelligence. The following are additional information about Golden Retrievers that must be remembered all the time. There are various regional variations of Golden Retriever that is why they may vary slightly in a few attributes. But as far as characteristics are concerned, they are directly similar. The shade of their coat could be golden or cream. This medium-large dog has a thick inner coat that gave them enough warmth when they are outdoors. With a water resistant outer coat, this allows the dog to play in the water whenever they would like. The ears of the Golden Retriever are relatively short and their head is wide. Their muzzle has well-defined stop. Their nose are typically brownish black and black in color. This dog is good-natured, patient and sweet and they are normally playful particularly with kids. They can easily adjust to environment. They can interact with other dogs and people too. In order to be happy, their caregiver must display authority. As a matter of fact, ill-behaviors can be prevented to develop as long as you are a leader who is firm, calm and positive. Providing regular physical and mental exercises to the Golden Retriever is vital. This dog tends to become hyperactive and destructive if they are just indoors doing nothing that can promote their mental and physical capabilities. Golden Retriever seldom attacks other people because they are good-natured, but they can be excellent watch dogs because they can bark loudly. They tend to shed copiously, but they are simple to groom. The regularity of giving them a bath could be every two months, depending if it is really necessary. Regular dry shampoo will do wonders on their coat. Whenever possible, their coat should be brushed with a firm bristle brush alone. Since they have thick undercoat, you need to take time in brushing their fur. If there are bald patches, then that signifies that your dog is sick or stressed. Golden Retrievers have to live in a place where there is open space where they can perform their exercises. Your backyard must have gates though since these dogs like to explore around. For as long as daily exercise needs are met, you can let your Golden Retriever live with you in your apartment. If you have an active lifestyle, then this dog breed is perfect for you. In fact, the Golden Retriever likes to heel beside or behind you when you jog, run, or get a brisk walk. Retrievers are likely to have skin allergies, hence it is essential that you The Absolute Golden Retriever Guide drive them to a veterinarian regularly and be sure not to overfeed for them not to become overweight.