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Workshop A: Pragmatic benefits realisation management


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Workshop presented at the APM Benefits Summit on 25th June 2015, by Judge Matharu and Mike Green.

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Workshop A: Pragmatic benefits realisation management

  1. 1. Pragmatic BRM A practical and pragmatic look at benefits realisation management
  2. 2. Pragmatic BRM Part 1: A focus on the process Part 2: A focus on the challenges
  3. 3. 3 Benefits Realisation Management Process & Tools Benefit Map Benefit Realisation Plan Benefit Profile/Register Benefit Tracker Benefit Identification Benefit Analysis & Definition Benefit Planning Benefit Realisation
  4. 4. A benefit is..... an outcome of change which is perceived as positive by a stakeholder A disbenefit is.... an outcome of change which is perceived as negative by a stakeholder (Bradley 2006) So What is a Benefit ?
  5. 5. Benefits Identification Start with End in Mind + Benefit Map Key dependencies Benefit Selection Lead & Lag Benefits
  6. 6. Benefits Analysis & Definition Key Elements Benefit Register 3 Levels Single Measure per benefit Data Driven £ Benefit Categorisation £ Benefits & Budget
  7. 7. Benefits Planning Engagement Priority Elements Benefit Sign- Off v.s. Owner
  8. 8. Benefits Realisation Monitoring Benefit Reviews Insight Emergent Benefits Benefit Maximisation Sign-Off Reporting
  9. 9. Part 2: A focus on the Challenges
  10. 10. The Challenges Governance Senior Management Sponsorship Culture Stakeholder Management Finance Yourself & Others Change Management
  11. 11. And finally...... Steve Jenner “should be studied and applied by all project, program and change professionals” Neil White “probably the most useful book on BRM that I have read” Jo Nurse “ I wish I had read this earlier because I’d have done a few things differently”