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The world of leadership is changing!


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The world of leadership is changing!

  1. 1. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd The World of Leadership is Changing Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd
  2. 2. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Who are Keith Stopforth Consultancy Limited? • Led by Keith Stopforth, an experienced HR Leader- who has worked at all levels in various sectors. • Our Philosophy is that everyone has more to give, there is talent and there are talented. People Development is at the heart of helping people to shine in whatever they do. • We have a network of Associates, Business Contacts and Partnerships to enhance our value to existing and new clients • We thrive on working across different sectors, on different challenges and constantly learning • We are commercial in our thinking
  3. 3. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd What do we deliver for our existing clients across the UK? A range of interventions which include: • Leadership Development Programmes in the Private and Public Sector up to and including Director Level • Team Development underpinned by Discovery Insights- a powerful tool to aid self awareness, personal effectiveness and ultimately team performance • Business Consultancy- on Strategy, Performance, Compliance, Change Management, Talent Development and more • Learning and Development Solutions • Executive and Performance Coaching
  4. 4. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Focus • Discussion One- What is Happening in your Leadership World? • Megatrends 2013- What is driving change in the world of work as we know it? • Discussion Two- What is happening to develop leaders in your world? • Leadership Training- Changing Times • The Four Pillars- Leadership Model • Future Leadership Development
  5. 5. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd What is happening in your Leadership World? Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd
  6. 6. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Megatrends- CIPD 2013 • Gen Y- well equipped for the IT/Systems challenge- but very often literacy and numeracy are poor-Asia produces more engineering graduates than the US and Europe • The population is ageing and migration is rising- in 1992 21% of over 50s worked in the UK- now it is 29%. Migrant unskilled workers have doubled between 2004-12 • Under 25s in work has fallen by 800,000 since 1992 • Entrepreneurs in the UK work the lowest hours in Europe • Employee turnover has lowered- but not necessarily in response to the recession-recent CIPD data suggests 20% of all employees will seek to move roles in 2013 • Part Time working has risen dramatically- to almost 27% of the total workforce in 2013 • Homeworkers now account for 3.5m employees • 2011-WERS-Technology requires people to work faster- its not just about fewer people
  7. 7. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd What is happening to develop leaders in your world? Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd
  8. 8. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Leadership Training- Changing Times • 2008 • Training Budget- 1.2m with a team of 11 • Funded LMS at a cost of 70k per annum • Management Development Programmes at all levels • Large expenditure externally alongside internally developed content • Business School Input • 2013 • Training Budget – circa 0.2m with a team of one • Funded LMS at a cost of 70k but team resource is now shared across 5 businesses • No Management Development in place • Drive towards personal development and use of networking/action learning/on job projects • No funded relationship with Business Schools Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd
  9. 9. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd THE FOUR PILLARS OF LEADERSHIP Resilience Authenticity Networked LearningAgility
  10. 10. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Authenticity: “ Edelman Trust Barometer 2013- Only 43% of respondents thought CEOs could be trusted Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd
  11. 11. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Authenticity • With the mass shaming of the Financial Services Industry, the horse meat scandal, tax avoidance and the current events in how the West is dealing with Syria- AUTHENTICITY- is under threat as never before. • Leaders need to recognise that without FOLLOWERS they cannot succeed • VALUES and ETHICS are not just for “green” companies- they are central factors to CONSUMER DECISIONS • AWARENESS of self amongst leaders is critical- it impacts us and our people every day • ENGAGEMENT is not just for employee survey time- its for life!
  12. 12. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Resilience • A buzzword or impossible goal? To some balancing life, work and family demands unrelenting energy but are they resilient? • AMBIGUITY,COMPLEXITY and WORKING in THE GREY are facts for most leaders in these times- not just occasional events • MANAGING CHANGE as a phrase should be banned? CHANGE is all we know now. • SELF AWARENESS- is key to becoming resilient- recognising where you get your energy from and when someone or something is taking it • FITNESS both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY is required- you don’t need to run marathons every month but you need to DO SOMETHING to get rid of that TOXIC BUILD UP • Your TEAM will take it all- if you let them…
  13. 13. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Stress and the Bottom Line Impact… • Presenteeism- is impacting productivity- 2 out of 3 people attended work whilst feeling ill in 2013- Robertson Cooper • 2007-10-Top Cause of Stress- “ Too much change in the workplace” • 2011-13- Top Cause of Stress- “ Not enough time to do the job” • CIPD 2012- 57% rank workload as one of the Top 3 causes of stress • Mcleod- Low engagement scores- 32.7 % lower operating income • High engagement scores-19.2% growth
  14. 14. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Networked • Networks need to be deep and broad- “ Im not always comfortable with networking” - does not work anymore-it’s a NECESSITY • EXTERNAL NETWORKS are critical if you are to have a lifelong career-DON’T CUT YOURSELF OFF • COMPLEXITY, MATRIX WORKING and CHANGING STAKEHOLDERS is happening and will continue to happen- does your LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT focus on this? • COMMERCIAL AWARENESS- be curious about your business, your market, your sector, your competitors-we all need to be COMMERCIAL
  15. 15. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd LEARNING AGILITY • THE HABIT OF LEARNING- is continuous-and it’s not just formal- learning happens in many ways but SELF LIMITING BELIEFS block our way everyday. • JUDGEMENT, DECISION MAKING and RAPID ACTION are qualities needed at every level of LEADERSHIP and FOLLOWERSHIP • LEADERS must learn the habit of anticipating change- waiting for it has only one consequence ultimately • SEEK FORGIVENESS rather than wait to be told? • LEARNING is faster now- you have to work with it • PERFECT is not doable any more - NEARLY will have to do.
  16. 16. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd Future Leadership Development? • Cross Cultural, cross sector, networked, collaborative, part of leadership and management everyday- not singular or timed events • Framed by leaders who have strong facilitation skills, excellent coaching strengths with an ability to connect and challenge • Action Learning becomes the norm-integral to management competencies • Accessible 24/7- online growth will continue but will become increasingly relevant and user friendly in its delivery • Delivery will not necessarily be the sole responsibility of L&D/OD/Mgt Development • Strongest focus on behavioural, self awareness and wellbeing • Formal learning is shorter, more exclusive and targeted at specialisms outside of day to day internal business knowledge