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The Bristol MetroBus - A view from the customer & supplier, 28 February 2017


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Presentation to the SWWE branch by Richard Gillingham and Adam Rome on 28 February 2017 in Leicester.

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The Bristol MetroBus - A view from the customer & supplier, 28 February 2017

  1. 1. A smarter way to travel North Fringe to Hengrove Package (NFHP) Presentation to APM February 2017
  2. 2. Presenters Adam Rome BSc Hons MAPM MRICS Faithful+Gould: Head of Highways and Infrastructure – Wales and South West Experience: Telecommunications, infrastructure, highways, civil engineering, leisure and residential sectors Richard Gillingham MSc, CMILT South Gloucestershire Council, Major Projects Senior Responsible Officer, Deputy to the Project Sponsor for the NFHP MetroBus Project Experience: Logistics and supply chain research, Transport Planning, Project Management and Team Management in Local Government and Consultancies.
  3. 3. Why we’re building MetroBus 1m+ people across sub-region 85% of journeys are within the sub-region Economy worth £25.5bn per year 90,000 new homes and 70,000 new jobs by 2030 Links housing, employment and education facilities
  4. 4. Objectives of MetroBus  Support a buoyant economy, improve quality of life for sub-regional residents and improved local and national travel.  Encourage the shift to new forms of public transport and realise the associated environmental, climate change, safety and health benefits.  Tackle congestion and therefore the economic, environmental and health damage associated with it.  Enhance the opportunities for regeneration and sustainable growth through the linking of areas of economic and housing expansion.  Promote equality of opportunity and security through improved connectivity to education, employment, leisure, health and retail facilities.
  5. 5. MetroBus Three Projects • North Fringe to Hengrove • Ashton Vale to Temple Meads • South Bristol Link
  6. 6. New Buses Environmentally friendly with EuroVI emission standards Twin door and fully accessible Spacious leather seating and Wi-Fi Next stop screens and announcements MetroBus branding
  7. 7. MetroBus Aztec West Patchway Brook Willow Brook Webbs Wood Great StokeBristol Parkway Harry Stoke UWE Stoke Park Frenchay Park Rd Cabot Circus Broadmead Centre Emerson’s Green District Centre P&R SPark Emerald Park Bromley Heath Hambrook Arnolfini Bedminster East Street Malago Road Parson Street Vale Lane Novers Lane Inns Court Knowle West Hengrove Park X90 (10 mins) X91 (20 mins) Rapid Transit Routes (frequency) Parkway North Cribbs Causeway Patchway Rbt Charlton Hayes X93 (20 mins) X93 direct via M32 Bamfield Frequencies shown are for 0700-1900 Mon-Sat. Reduced frequencies outside these hours. Wick Wick Bradley Stoke South Whitchurch Lane
  8. 8. Ticketing and stops Ticketing Smart ticketing Stops Strong visual identity Real time information iPoint Interactive touch screen Travel and geographic information
  9. 9. Gaining Funding and Consents Project history South Gloucestershire Council is Lead Authority Best and Final Bid – Programme Entry 2011 Planning Applications/Approvals: 2012 - Summer 2014 Tender process through summer 2014 Funding Full Approval granted: March 2015 Financial overview Project Budget (£m) 2015 DfT contribution (£m) Local Authority Contribution (£m) % Local Authority Contribution Project Local Authority Promoters NFHP 101.8 51.1 50.7 BCC – 39% SGC – 61% SGC BCC
  10. 10. NFHP: route & facts • Approximately 40 miles in length • 2 new bridges • 2 bridges replaced • 1 new road • 18 construction contracts across 7 contractors • Operational Sept 2017 • 64 bus stops (including 24 new locations)
  11. 11. Construction Overview September 2015 Start of construction Phased opening of various sections related to contract completion Delivery via 18 different contracts across South Gloucestershire and Bristol Weekend Network Rail track possessions and the first time the M32 has ever been closed for a weekend Only second bus lane to be introduced on the motorway network Autumn 2017 Completion of construction
  12. 12. NFHP: contractors ETM North Midland MJ Church John Graham Network Rail Dawnus Alun Griffiths
  13. 13. M32 Bus Only Junction
  14. 14. Stoke Gifford Transport Link and new bridge over the railway
  15. 15. Bradley Stoke Way (south of Patchway Brook Roundabout
  16. 16. MetroBus NFHP AVTM SBL
  17. 17. Project Life Cycle Stage Concept Complete Definition Complete Delivery In progress Handover & Closure Starting
  18. 18. MetroBus Governance
  19. 19. Contract Management Approach and Project Governance
  20. 20. Management Approach Project Sub-Programme Programme North Fringe to Hengrove Major Projects Programme Structures (D&B) [3] Highways (Trad.) [6] Minor Projects Programme Regenerati on [9] Network Rail Curtis Lane Bridge [1] ITS
  21. 21. Management Approach Key points • Requirement for significant assurance and governance roles • Integration of sub-programmes and project interfaces required detailed planning • Layered stakeholder engagement and management approach • Interface management both internally and externally • Bespoke contract administration systems
  22. 22. Project Governance Bristol City Council South Gloucestershire Council MetroBus Board
  23. 23. Project Governance Project-led stakeholder engagement Embedded users in project teams Clear project vision and value principles Collaborative, open-book risk management approaches Flexible, proactive communications
  24. 24. Risk & Budget Management Strategy
  25. 25. Value Management Principles • Value management of the construction • Cost within budget • Minimal disruption to public and local communities • Minimal disruption to BAU activities • Efficiency in the management of the project • Best use of the end product • Lean integration with asset management and bus mobilisation
  26. 26. Risk Infrastructure Project Risk Profile Utilities procurement Utilities apparatus Ground abnormalities Public engagement Stakeholder management Site constraints
  27. 27. Risk Risks Opportunities Prices Change
  28. 28. The Issue Forecast Cost Risk Change Prices NEC3 Early Warning Notices Compensation Events
  29. 29. Quantitative Risk Assessments Prices Change EWN (EMV) QRA (Monte Carlo) Forecast Outturn Cost
  30. 30. Quantitative Risk Assessments Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 QRA Output 60 40 35 35 15 5 0 Early Warning Notice 25 20 15 10 5 0 Compensation Events; In Discussion 5 10 20 0 0 Compensation Events; Implemented 5 15 35 35 Prices 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 ForecastPrice
  31. 31. • Protestor action and increased security • Additional design, planning and project management requirements • Stakeholder and political management • Unforseen utility diversions • Changes to traffic management arrangements may cause delay • Further design changes • Weather Materialised Risks Ongoing Risks
  32. 32. Gateway Reviews Gateway 1 – July 2011 NFHP Business Justification Gateway 2 – October 2013 MetroBus Programme Review Gateway 3 – October 2014 Delivery Confidence check Confirmation of business case and benefits plan
  33. 33. BAU Governance Structure 1 WECA +1 Infrastructure Board (Not decision making) Joint Heads of Transport & Engineering Responsible for strategic direction of joint working/ overview of performance. Joint MetroBus Operations Groups Officers responsible for contract management / operational issues QPS/VPA Performance Review Group Independent Chair, operators & UAs (Senior Managers) Monitoring performance of MetroBus operation; recommend remedial action by parities if objectives not met; oversight of development of ticketing strategy. Reports into public domain Project Groups Supervision of works in local authority areas / ensure obligations discharged DRAFT METROBUS BAU GOVERNANCE Joint MetroBus Board Suite of MetroBus Inter Authority Agreements for contract management and Service Level Agreement’s for other work packages Traffic Commissioner Bus Operators Operators report to own internal boards. WECA + 1 Board Lead Members & Metro Mayor (Decision Making)
  34. 34. Lessons Learned • Delivery Structure? – too many construction contracts? • – too many interfaces? • Type of Contract? Design & build or traditional • Communications? • Resourcing? • Risk and issue Management (escalations)
  35. 35. NFHP MetroBus Summary • Works started in summer 2015. Due to complete in Autumn 2017 • Majority of bridges now in place. M32 bus lane now started. A number of sections now complete. • Gearing up for transfer to Business as Usual • Communications focus changing from construction and traffic management to completion and service launch • Launch of bus services Autumn 2017
  36. 36. Any Questions? More Information